05.09.2017 08:19 PM

Former prosecutor and CNN analyst: “a grotesque abuse of power by the President”


  1. Lance says:

    Those blathering the loudest that Comey intefered with Hillary’s election campaign will now scream loudest that he is an exemplary and scrupulously impartial public servant being persecuted by evil President Trump. It is to laugh LOL

    • Matt says:

      Well, that’s politics.

      The opposition here screamed for Harper to remove Helena Geurgis from cabinet over her airport incident and he didn’t. Then all the stuff with Jaffer hit the news and he booted her right out of caucus. The ones defending her the loudest over that were those same opposition members who wanted her turfed.

      Obviously not on the same scale as firing the guy who heads the organization investigating your associates and maybe even you for ties to Russian hacking of the US election…….

    • jay says:

      Since you’re so above it all, Lance, explain how arguing that Comey shouldn’t have interfered with the election somehow rules out arguing that he shouldn’t have been fired for investigating the Trump campaign.

      • Lance says:

        The premise of your statement is nonsense, because you can’t prove that was exactly why he was shit-canned, so your laughable demand that I should try to meet your “burden” of proof is laughable.

  2. Sean Cummngs says:

    He is seizing power. Just watch.

  3. Kelly says:

    Prepare for some devastating leaks in the coming weeks and months.

    Grotesque abuse of power, yes, but kinda dumb, too.

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