05.05.2017 07:06 AM

Trump and GOP get their Kill Bill: assholes

When you take health care away from 24 million people, it means people are going to die. Donald Trump is an asshole: sing it.


  1. MississaugaPeter says:

    Bannon pulled it off and now gets to fly on Air Force One to the Vatican, Israel, and NATO meetings.

    Trump has had a good week, so no need of fearing a nuclear war this weekend.

    Not sure what is going on with Pope Francis, but something is happening. Maybe he is getting divine intervention or finally feeling the significance of next Saturday (the 13th).

  2. Robert Frindt says:

    Old narrative: Trump is an incompetent Russian stooge who will be gone by Labor Day

    New narrative: Trump is an evil genius building a thousand year Reich on the bodies of the poor.

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