06.20.2017 10:07 AM

Trump’s worst enemy: his own mouth

Now in HuffPo!


  1. James Smith says:

    Odd that the only people on the planet who now believes anything the President of the United States says are prosecutors. This means as long as this person is in the White House the United States will become more weak and more like the UK; a hollow shell.

  2. Aongasha says:

    Yet he keeps winning. Doesn’t look good for Dems with mid-terms.
    MSM looked sick last night. Supposed to be a referendum on Trump? If it was he whupped them big time.

  3. Robert Frindt says:

    Trump barely wins the district (one percent) against Clinton.

    The district is affluent, well-educated suburban.

    Trump is supposedly a disaster as President with an alleged approval rating below 40 percent.

    In the campaign, Democrats outspend Repubs by $31 to $23 million.

    The candidates are unexceptional, with no extreme strengths or weaknesses.

    National Democrats and outside groups attempts to make the election a referendum on Trump.

    The Republican wins by 4.

    This result is not consistent with a “disaster” Presidency with a thirty-something approval rating.

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