08.05.2017 09:12 PM



  1. Sean McLaughlin says:

    Anywhere t-shirts are sold in China, obviously! I’ve got a sweet ObaMao black t with Chinese characters that’s read, wrongly, by the Confederates here as a diss on POTUS 44. Dumb and sad!

  2. Kevin says:

    No question. The Hollywood boardwalk just north of Miami.

  3. Ted H says:

    Hey why not sell ourselves to the world as a cool, attractive, funky place.

  4. JH says:

    I seem to remember you saying one time Warren that when they start to mock & laugh at you, you’re in trouble.
    Is he getting there yet?

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:


      Got to agree but would put it another way: when you become all sizzle and no steak in the minds of the great unvoted, then yes, you could be in trouble. Fortunately, for Justin, he has the tremendous fortune that Andrew is coming off so far as mostly a no-sell in the minds of progressive voters, like yours truly.

    • jay says:

      How soon we forget Stephen Harper’s cover band–Hey Jude. . . .

      • Pedant says:

        What was wrong with that? Harper is a talented pianist and can actually carry a tune. Wasn’t embarrassing at all. Maybe Sophie could ask him to teach her how to sing.

        I think something more along the lines of what you’re going for would be that unfortunate outfit (and resulting photo) at the Stampede, either early in his Prime Ministership or just prior.

  5. Matt says:

    Given you wrote your headline like a 12 year old girl would, I can only hope you are being sarcastic.

  6. Ann Jun says:

    These are the manufacturers. Here’s a 20% off coupon. The women’s shirts are sized to American proportions (i.e. larger sizes), so you may want to size downwards. Also, they are quite thin, so undershirts are advised.


    I bought one for my husband and me. Normally I’m generally a medium, or for Old navy/Gap/Banana Republic, small. Their medium was bulky on me, so I’m going to order a size down and see if that works out better. It’s definitely a big hit down here in Seattle.

  7. Wolfer says:

    If I see anyone ever wearing that shirt I am joining the Nazi Party of America.

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