08.17.2017 11:54 AM

Rebel, rebel, you’ve got CRA in a whirl

You all make us want to hurl.


  1. Miles Lunn says:

    That would be sweet if the CRA puts them out of business. Ironically back in the 40s the IRS put the KKK under, unfortunately the KKK in 1947 restarted as separate independent chapters, but anything to make things miserable for hate groups is worth it.

  2. PJH says:

    “Freedom of the press belongs to those who own one”……dunno who the quote is from, but I think it might apply here…..

  3. P. Brenn says:

    ouch ..that leaves a big mark

  4. Tim says:

    Haha, you must be loving this. I sure am.

  5. Kevin says:


  6. Charlie says:

    Jesus Christ.

    This. Is. Amazing

    Ezra’s big mouth fucks him, once again.

    This video is probably the best exposé on the greed, sensationalism and instinct exploitation that is the bedrock of the Rebel, from an internal source. Ezra is going to get boned by the CRA all because he couldn’t keep friends. So much of the renaissance of the Rebel; these d-bags are done.

  7. Sean says:

    And now Faith has been fired because she thought it would be a good idea to do a podcast with the Daily Stormer over the weekend.

    Pretty soon it’s just going to be videos Ezra and Sheila Gunn Reid yelling at wind turbines.

    • Adam says:

      Hi, while I also agree one should never speak with the Daily Stormer, Faith Goldy also believes that there is something called the JQ concerning which there may be “robust” statements. It may be that it was the interview with the Daily Stormer that did her in, but on the whole, thinking that there is a “Jewish Question” (and I feel ill just typing that) for which an answer may be found should be enough.

      • Matt says:

        Levant apparently explicitly told Goldy not to go to the rally in Charlottesville. She went anyway.

        • Adam says:

          Yes, I also watched his podcast. Did he post anything of that sort before he fired her, by the way? Forgive me for being suspicious, but I don’t take Ezra Levant at his word.

          I also note he doesn’t mention her truly disturbing view that there is a “Jewish Question,” only that she disobeyed his instructions in two respects. Has he posted views on that elsewhere.

          Of course, she peddled hateful comments before against other people also, but then so did EL. So I wasn’t a fan of either before, but I would have thought “the Jewish Question” would be too much even for anyone who isn’t actually a Neo-Nazi.

  8. Patrick says:

    They still promote policies that tank economies for real people. It’s nice that they divorce from the racists, but still haven;t found that fiscal progress enriches society – hard to pay for health care and education when you cut all the taxes for rich people and they open factories somewhere else. Hard to grow the economy when only a few can afford to go to university unless they want debt out of their ass – two tier health care is a great fix when you want to jump the q, and starve the public system, but it does very little for people waiting for a surgery or an mri – they don;t work for working people and try to drag them in with jingoism that will starve all the services that make this country a great society, and then they’ll try robbing you of your charter rights too; lowering the bar again so that working people, minorities, and women and men too – so that they aren;t protected from irrational populism, and aren’t equal – and the society won;t be great anymore because of it –

  9. Eric Weiss says:

    Rumours are going around McInnes has bailed too. Rats leaving a sinking ship.

  10. Patrick says:

    so sure we can all scorn rebel, and rightfully so, but money never trickles down, and the double speak that rationalizes that kind of economic backwardness is still their policy centerpiece. They’re still bullshit.

  11. Matt says:

    Faith Goldy was fired be Levant today, and apparently also today Gavin McInnes left The Rebel. Levant says he tried to keep McInnes but a “major competitor” outbid Rebel and McInnes walked.

    When she was on Sun News, I found Goldy to be rather over the top in the way she reported. I thought it was just because she was young and inexperienced. I think she was only 19 or 20 at the time.

    As time passed I realized, no, she’s just an idiot who twists stories to fit her agenda.

    Like earlier this year she had a big story about Muslims getting their PAL (firearms licence). The card requires the holder to have his/her picture taken and put on the card. She went on to claim that Justin Trudeau was allowing Muslims to get their PAL without the requirement to have the photo taken. She went on to say they could pass the card around an by guns to commit terrorist acts in Canada.

    The problems with that of course are 1) Not all Muslims qualify for the exemption 2) the law allowing religious exemption from having the photo on the PAL long predates Justin Trudeau and 3) includes those of other religions such as Old Order Mennonites and Hutterites. And you have to apply/renew in person with a letter from your religious leader confirming you follow the practice and 4) due to a SCC ruling regarding Hutterites and photos being required on drivers licences, if you have a drivers licence with a photo, you can’t claim an exemption for your PAL.

  12. Bill Templeman says:

    So Rachel Notely was right in her initial assessment of the Rebel? She didn’t grant them press accreditation because she felt they were not journalists but propagandists, right? Many real journalists across Canada supported Levant as he fought to have this decision reversed. He won. Now how does that look? Notely must be be smiling today. Whatever else people may say about the Alberta NDP and the current gov’t, at least they run open books and don’t hand out hush money.

  13. Pedant says:

    If indeed Rebel was defrauding its donors, it must be investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent and perhaps shut down for good.

    It’s a shame though. Canada badly needs a counter-voice to the CBC/Globe/Star cultural marxist trifecta (quadri-fecta if you include Macleans). The Post is okay but not sufficiently hard-hitting.

    But it needs to be honest and intellectually-driven, and Rebel appears to be neither.

    • Matthew says:

      don’t be dense. There are many hundreds of media organisations large and small saying pretty much everything. I see no need for a pulpit for extreme racists and haters, none whatsoever. Let them chat at the kitchen table if their families can stomach it.

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