08.19.2017 10:14 AM

We are just outside Boston, where a racist rally is happening today, and this thought has occurred to me yet again


  1. Eastern Rebellion says:

    Stay safe….and be careful.

  2. Terence Quinn says:

    The old expression that “everyone puts on their pants one leg at a time” regardless of race or colour still holds

  3. Miles Lunn says:

    Exactly. Many people in Europe have Middle Eastern blood as do many people in Middle East have European blood, the Romans traded heavily along the Mediterranean so it is silly. Likewise Arabs intermingled heavily in parts of Africa. In Europe, many groups have Asiatic origins such as the Huns, Magyars, Avars, Bulgars, even Finns and Estonians although the exact location they came from and exact appearance is unknown. Otherwise race is a social construct not a scientific one and all humans have a common ancestor despite what the bigots claim.

  4. Pat W. says:

    There are breeds of humans – many of them dangerously inbred through consanguinity.


  5. rww says:

    The white supremacists seem to think somebody is forcing them to breed with non-whites.

  6. Matthew says:

    lol, I have been keeping up with findings on ancient DNA, you are more or less correct. Less correct because you are thinking that stuff like skin colour makes races. People make them up mostly. More correct because even across branches of our species (hominids) we have been ‘intermingling’ (sapiens, neandertal, denisovan, plus ?) Out of all the literally billions of permutations to settle on, why in God’s name would it be pigmentation, or morphology that we mis-identify as a marker of significance? Just bizarre really, every person is born with a comparable template, with innumerable small differences. Only a fool assumes any human is not competent and complete on such a basis.

  7. merrill smith says:

    I recall someone saying, about Nat King Cole I believe, that he was a credit to his race, and his race was all humanity.

  8. cynical says:

    Look at the DNA of and compare it to the DNA of .
    Indistinguishable difference.
    Race is a social construct, based on phenotype alone. Has no scientific definition.

  9. Patrick says:

    Status is manufactured by humans, and racism is the most abhorrent form of an attempt at status, or a class system. People have for a long time tried to find a rational for the disparities in privilege, control of resources – and explanations as to why one group abuses the other, or wields influence over resources – or monopolizes quality of life – racism is the most obnoxious form of this, but not the only one. Regionalism, stereotypes, anti-immigrant attitudes in general – explanations as to why one group exists in poverty and the other doesn’t – Racism is an obnoxious form of a more general downside of human behavior.

  10. merrill smith says:

    Correction to my earlier comment. Apparently it was said about Joe Louis by Jimmy Cannon that he was a credit to his race, the human race.

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