08.16.2017 12:25 PM

X: Recipe for Hate news

You may be shocked to hear this, but the subject-matter of X: Recipe for Hate Left-Right clashes in the streets, surging hate groups, and bigots in positions of great power – is in the news, these days.  So I’m told.

As such, my publisher, Dundurn, has now got a huge push on for the book in the U.S.  They think that the subject-matter is timely, and I think they just might be right.

You can pre-order it here and here.  And thanks, in advance, if you do!



  1. david ray says:

    fine but when are you gonna be on with Rachel on MSNBC????

  2. Tom says:

    Warren – any chance you’re doing a book tour?

  3. Eric Weiss says:

    Please do an audio version. I work 2 jobs and 70 hrs per week and consume most of my books in the car. About the only way I get a chance to get through a novel.

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