09.29.2017 02:29 PM

And people ask me if I’m still with her


And she is the real president. Always. 


  1. Luke says:

    I preferred Bernie. However, she was of course the correct choice for President on voting day. Americans agreed. Just the wrong Americans.

    Every minute that passes since that day, Hillary Clinton seems increasingly like a shining, golden, brilliant reminder of exactly how fucked things have become. I never expected to have more faith in Kim Jong Un than the president of the US. And yet here we are. I’m not even being hyperbolic.

  2. gord gemmell says:

    Trump has turned out to be,as most of us suspected,an unfit president Hilary had already
    proven that she would have been a terrible president. She was in favour of the Iraq invasion,
    the continuation of the war in Afghaniston,the destruction of Syria,for starters.She was the main voice
    in the unprovoked ,bloody invasion of Libya.She also threatened to “obliterate” Iran if elected president.
    And there are otherwise reasonable people who think she would be a good president ??

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:


      Unlike the current WH occupant, HRC (and it’s thankfully back to HRC) is a trained and seasoned diplomat. That leaves me with a far higher level of confidence in her, when she goes a bridge too far, rhetorically speaking. She actually weighs things, and sees the big-picture implications of possible or probable actions and outcomes.

      We can debate Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Libya until the cows come home but at least she had the guts to be proactive. Canada took the same view on all but Iraq. However, strangely enough, none of us seem to miss Saddam Hussein.

    • doconnor says:

      How could anyone imagine that Hilary would be worse the Trump, even before the election?

      “She also threatened to “obliterate” Iran if elected president.”

      In 2008 she said she would obliterate Iran if they attacked Israel, which never came close to happening. Instead she negotiated a historic agreement with them.

  3. Dork in East York says:

    Clinton’s campaign might go down as the worst election campaign in U.S. history. The Democrats should have crushed Trump. The beltway insiders anointed the wrong candidate and completely misread the American electorate.

  4. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Hillary wasn’t the wrong candidate. The popular vote proved that.

    She had the wrong campaign manager. Mook, rightly so, gets to wear this loss big-time. When you’re driving the strategic bus, you get the blame. Period. He was way out of his league.

  5. Eric Weiss says:

    Donald Trump was lucky they the Dems chose the one candidate he could have defeated. She was better than Trump, but the Dems underestimated how much she was hated by large swaths of the electorate, and her own party’s supporters.

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:


      I wonder if the exit polling hasn’t proven you right as far as Bernie & Company are concerned. Hillary talks of Comey — I view Bernie as a far bigger landmine. He grudgingly did the right thing. His true believers, seemingly, not so much. Did THAT cost her the electoral college? Maybe.

  6. Tod Cowen says:

    I think there’s a tendency (in Canada) to underestimate the power of the eight-year cycle in American politics. The only time since FDR that a party has held the White House for twelve years was Bush 1, who succeeded a very popular president (by the numbers, not in my view however.) Obama was popular, but I’m sure he wasn’t at Reagan’s levels.

    So, when one combines the power of the cycle with the in-power party fielding the least popular nominee since George McGovern (again, the numbers and not my view), the Republicans could have nominated an atrocious candidate and still won. They did both, sadly.

    And to make things worse, Americans are generally loathe to turf an incumbent after one term. It took the the Iran hostage crisis, extremely high oil prices, and even more extreme interest rates to defeat Jimmy Carter; I’m not sure he loses if two of the three aren’t in place. Bush 1 had to fight the headwinds of three consecutive Republican terms; once the afterglow of the Gipper wore off, he was beatable. Trump certainly shows the potential for the making the mistakes that lead to loss at the re-elect, but it’s no lock.

    However, the diversion of highly qualified international students from US universities to Canada does improve my son’s odds at MIT. There’s that.

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