09.21.2017 06:55 AM

Your Ward News Nazis watch

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  1. Tom Markowitz says:

    Today, “Your Ward News” appeared in my mailbox. I do not know whether Canada Post delivered it as part of my daily mail, or whether someone else placed it in my mailbox.
    It’s the Fall, 2017 edition.
    Any advice on how to remove this threat?
    Please reply.

    • Warren says:

      We are doing three things:

      1. We are suing them for defamation.
      2. We have brought criminal charges against them for uttering death threats.
      3. We have successfully urged Canada Post to stop delivering them.

      But we need help. If you and others can assist, contact lisa@daisygroup.ca and we will be back to you!

  2. NorthBelle says:

    So what’s the story here … slap on the wrist and a fine for causing “mischief”? Or what they truly deserve … no sex, three bland squares a day, a hard bed and a crapper.

  3. NorthBelle says:

    … December 20, 2017 has come and gone …

    I thought they were due back in court on the 20th of December — and all there has been is radio silence on this matter …

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