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When the place is open and no one is there to serve you, should you wait or walk out?

So. About this. Nick Kouvalis is in the news.

Nick Kouvalis has been advised to have no comment. As a lawyer, I don’t disagree with that.

But Canada’s Best-Loved Political Web Site™️ hears things.

Three months ago, we’ve heard, Nick went to a bar with some political friends. It was late. No one was there to serve them.

Four drinks (or less) were poured, we’ve been told. The political folks intended to pay when the server showed up.

But police showed up instead. Charges were laid – for breaking and entering.


It’s a thing you do in university. It’s stupid. It’s dumb.

But it ain’t break and enter, I’d say. The charges seem to be far out of proportion to what actually happened, I’d say, too.

As a lawyer, I’d also say that you can’t break into a place that’s already open. As a lawyer, I’d say you therefore can’t be found guilty of it either.

Anyway. I’d bet Nick Kouvalis will have a lot to say about this at the right time.

Something about this doesn’t add up.


  1. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Yeah, how can you break and enter if all you did was enter an unlocked door? And no one told them to leave the premises.

    Not the Crown’s finest moment — when this charge was laid…

  2. the salamander horde says:

    .. though shalt not trespass ..

    Cannot speak for friends of Nick Kouvalis.. but the guy himself has a strange & distorted ‘ethics’ chip jacked into that thing resting above his shoulders. Maybe its the truly partisan folks he tends to work for.. have rubbed off or into him.. leading to poor decision making.

    But a 911 call to report an unlocked commercial premises would have sufficed.. and been the smart move.. and earned a big thank you from the owner & the cops

    • Jennifer says:

      An unlocked door is not a 911 emergency. I honestly don’t think the police would be happy to learn they are now responsible for ensuring commercial properties lock their doors behind them. Seriously there is not enough information here. They went late but were the bars still open elsewhere, were the lights, on chairs up or down? I just can’t see myself walking into a bar late at night and exclaiming OMG call 911 the door is open and no one will serve me!!

      • the salamander horde says:

        .. could you get us the ph # direct to the local precinct desk sergeant ? Thanks ! Otherwise, 911 might be the right move.
        Also.. do you know if the bar manager was being robbed downstairs while counting the $$ & whether all bar staff had departed safely for home?

        With pretty extensive experience.. closing bars and restaurants across Canada.. I can tell you, these are ‘on the moment’ decisions.. If you doubt my word, I can back it up. Have you ever been stocking a bar Fter closing time and had a guy in a balaclava tap on a door frame with a sawed off shotgun? I have.. he was looking for the managers office.. gee.. I wonder why?

        Of course there is backstory or even truly laughable circumstance involved.. Kinsella points to this.. and Globe & Mail is more specific.. It will all come ojt im the wash.. or there will be . .. the ‘split’ ..
        between the delusional
        and the coherent Americans
        will be key.. going forward

        Its probably what determines the extent
        or depth of the coming civil unrest

        After all, that’s what Bannon is pimping
        and Trump is just a useful, albiet loud, useful A-hole

        Bannon probably absorbed every single US state secret
        not to mention Israel’s dirty laundry
        and all n sundry other nations dirt or factional genocides

        Feebs like D Bank Ruptus tRumph who can barely read
        or his feeb son in law Kushner or idiot elder sons
        are hardly in Bannon’s league

        I envision Bannon stoking the pus sack president, GOP
        and other delusional dangerous creeps like Alex Jones
        with international, top secret gossip
        or fantastical conspiracy crap.
        aided by former 4 Star generals & financial CEO’s
        with long & short game – high reward agendas

        This is ‘the trough time’ for all the Trumps
        No matter how laughable, stupid or cruel..
        they’re already in there wallowing & bellowing..
        and dragging away bags of money or favors..

        Just selling out the Environment
        to Big Energy has an astonishing payoff
        Stephen Harper realized this
        and so does every House or Senate GOP..
        .. ‘an arrangement.. or accomodation.. a pleading, sl tl speak..

        • Fred from BC says:

          “. could you get us the ph # direct to the local precinct desk sergeant ? Thanks ! Otherwise, 911 might be the right move.”

          No, it’s not. Jennifer is correct.

          Every police department served by a 911 system also has a “non-emergency” number as well. They’ve even started advertising that fact to cut down on the number of nuisance calls.

  3. Jay says:


    The Grope and Flail story says,
    – the Restaurant was closed,
    – they broke in,
    – Police were responding to the alarm system going off,
    – the suspects were drunk.

  4. Kevin says:

    Unlocked bar? No staff on hand to mind the place? And yet someone is on hand to call police about intruders? Curious.

  5. Karen says:

    This “set up” is TRANSPARENT folks…..unbelievable!

  6. the salamander horde says:

    .. my mistake Warren..
    I failed to check a copy paste backup..

    As a result.. my comment included
    part of an earlier response
    to another well regarded blog
    (though I recall you saying..
    you are not a blog..)

    Delete the whole thing at will
    .. my mistake.. & apologies !

  7. David Harvey says:

    So the two of them poured at most 4 drinks, yet were “visibly intoxicated” when police arrived, and were taken to the station to sober up. Suggests to me they were drunk when they got there, which would also explain why they made the stupid decision to serve themselves in a deserted bar. But that leaves open the question: how did two intoxicated people get to the bar in the first place? Burlington is not known for its extensive late night public transit. Who was driving? Kouvalis has been in at least one accident (that we know of ) caused by his drunk driving. Fortunately in that one, no one was hurt. But if he was driving around drunk (again) in my town, I’m glad he got busted. My guess? They probably can’t pin drunk driving on him because of the intervening drinking & the fact he wasn’t caught in a vehicle, so they’ll try to make the other charges stick instead. He has a drinking problem – that’s his business. When he drives drunk, that’s everybody’s business.

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