01.10.2018 01:25 PM

Justin Trudeau, up close and personal


  1. Matt says:

    Doesn’t show guts to deliver the same scripted talking points and non answer answers he does everywhere else.

    Showing up in front of the ethics committee and answering questions under oath, that would take guts. But it’s not to be as the Liberal dominated committee killed the motion requesting he appear. (And yes, I know the other parties probably would have done the same if it was their leader and they had the majority, but I doubt their leaders would have broken 4 ethics laws or met with Boyle)

    Maybe the opposition should try and call Butts and Telford.

  2. Miles Lunn says:

    I have to agree as much as I dislike him. That being said I would be interested to see how he answers the tough questions. If he comes by Vancouver and I am not too busy will give him some very hard ones.

  3. merrill smith says:

    Maybe Warren is saying it takes guts to defend Trudeau. Seriously though, do the names Harper, Wright and Duffy ring a bell? Seems to me the Tories made sure Harper never had to answer any questions on the payment to the Senator for Kanata.

  4. Cath says:

    It’s political theatre.
    The guts involved require learning a script and sticking to it.

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