, 01.30.2018 10:01 AM

#MeToo bits and pieces, this and that

Apropos of nothing, here’s what I and others are hearing:


  • Hearing Patrick Brown was dragging down the PCs among women.  With him out of the picture, there is more gettable vote for the provincial Tories – but only if they pick someone modern, centrist and new, like Ms. Mulroney or Mr. Phillips…
  • Ms. Mulroney has half the party right now – but what is their party?  Hearing that more half of those much-trumpeted 200,000 memberships are paper memberships.  The real figure is closer to 60,000!
  • What does that mean?  That means the PCs are ripe for a SoCon or Doug Ford takeover – the party is simply not as broad-based as claimed.  But can DoFo do the political mechanics of selling lots of memberships in a very short time frame? Doubt it.
  • Mr. Fideli does well in the North, Ford is the dominant one in the GTA, Mulroney does well in Eastern Ontario – but, again, there is a lot of undecided out there because politics is moving so fast!
  • Criminal charges are coming.  Stay tuned!


  • A major PMO charm offensive is underway.  Your guess is as good as mine as to why – but one can only presume that (as we saw last week with Mr. Hehr) the #MeToo juggernaut is claiming Liberals as well as Tories…
  • Hearing CTV, the Star and the Globe are working the #MeToo stuff hard – as well as enterprising folks at Global TV.  Not sure what, if anything, CBC or Postmedia are doing…
  • The Scheer Tories are in a state of turmoil – because the (smart) women wanted to jettison Mr. Dykstra, and the (stupid) men didn’t.  When/if charges are laid, the women will look even smarter…
  • Hearing at least one more Tory MP is in big trouble – and that he, along with various Liberals (elected and otherwise) are very, very nervous…

That’s what we’re hearing. How about you?  Comments are open, but not for libel.



  1. Matt says:

    Re Postmedia:

    Some time ago, a journalist from the National Post was allegedly fired because of a story he was working on regarding a well known TV news presenter and the “epic” number of women the news organization he worked for paid off to keep quiet about his sexual misconduct and harassment.

    I guess the news organization threatened to sue, so NP killed the story and fired him.

    As for the number of politicians this takes down, so be it. Don’t harass, assault or act inappropriately and you won’t have anything to worry about.

    And it’s not just men shitting bricks. Heard some whoppers about female politicians too.

    • Rashid Haddad says:

      It’s not just sexual. As a retired civil servant, I can attest to the abuse coming down the pipe from on high. And it comes from both sexes.

  2. Pedant says:

    Only thing I want to say is that I hope the media are being even-handed with these allegations and investigate suspect Liberals with as much drive as they investigate suspect Conservatives.

    (Apologize if sent a few times. Captcha kept rejecting my correct entries?)

  3. This is so frickin’ awesome to see. Equal Rights and no BS about it. May all the assholes who have victimized women behind a veil of bogus privilege get EXACTLY what’s finally coming to them.

  4. Gord says:

    Interesting that the Official Organs of the Liberal Party of Canada and the Conservative Party of Canada (CBC and Postmedia, respectively) are the ones who seem to have the least to say on this…

  5. Pedant says:

    Re: DoFo.

    Why is everyone so convinced that a guy who got 34% of the vote in the 416 would be such a disaster? He’s a populist, not a social conservative. He’s everything people liked (initially) about Rob Ford but without the self-immolating tendencies.

    I actually think the hyper-partisan nature of provincial politics would be a better fit for him than the more congenial world of municipal politics. This is assuming of course that the vetting process doesn’t reveal anything Brown-like.

    • Sean says:

      Did we, as a society, ever reach a consensus on whether Doug did better or worse than Rob would have in the 2014 election?

      And people were much more comfortable with a Ford in office as part of Toronto’s weak mayor system – he was one vote (although he had his loyalists in the beginning). Doug would be setting policies for an entire Provincial party.

      • Pedant says:

        Impossible to say. As we all know, campaigns matter. And Rob Ford, simply by virtue of being a different person, would have run a somewhat different campaign than his brother.

        What we do know, and what I recall clearly from election night in 2014, is that most people were surprised (some very much so) that Doug placed as well as he did. Nobody was projecting a 40-34 finish for the top two.

    • Ivriniel says:

      He’s really not everything people liked about Rob though. Doug is completely lacking in charisma.
      Doug didn’t do the “return every phonecall” thing that Rob did as a councillor.
      Doug doesn’t play nice with others and would try to bully his own caucus.
      Then there are the persistent rumours that Doug was a drug dealer. This party can ill afford another scandal right now.

      • doconnor says:

        I suspect now that Doug is out of his brother’s shadow he will become a rather conventional right-wing politian. His populist supports will drop away, replaced by noone.

      • Pedant says:

        Well as I said, there needs to be some sort of vetting process. Difficult to do in a one-member/one-vote system, granted. If the drug rumours are true, clearly he is not suitable. Although if the alleged “drug dealing” consisted of, say, selling marijuana to fellow students while in university….who cares?

        Being a bully is certainly not a detriment to a successful political career in Canada.

        • doconnor says:

          Here is the Globe and Mail story: https://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/toronto/globe-investigation-the-ford-familys-history-with-drug-dealing/article12153014/

          The accusation is that he was a mid level hash dealer who sold to the people who sold to individual users.

          • McB says:

            The accusations stem from the 80’s in James Gardens from anonymous sources. Whether he did it or didn’t it doesn’t really matter as the Federal Liberals are moving to legalize marijuana. Kind of hypocritical don’t you think.. Commenting on him dealing drugs when the Liberal Government is about to become the largest benefactor in the distribution of pot.

            This is a nothing burger and will not affect him. I find the comments odd that he would not be suitable as a Premier as we have a Prime Minister who openly admits doing drugs. Of course the MSM never really investigated PM Trudeau on this issue and virtually gave him a pass.

            I have met Doug Ford and he is a very nice man. He is out in the public and talks to everyone who approaches him. The bully comment is truly out of touch with reality and based purely on nasty press.

            I think he will siphon votes off the provincial liberals in the GTA and I believe he has more of a chance becoming Premier then Mayor.. If he can transfer those votes to the Progressive Conservatives then it will be a huge victory. Ford Nation is very much alive. My guess is that his simple talk on helping the taxpayer will result in a huge majority. People are tired of the Wynne antics and over taxation and they want a fresh face..

            Remember what happened to Bob Rae back in 93 to an inexperienced Mike Harris.. History does repeat itself.

  6. whyshouldIsellyourwheat says:

    1) The Trudeau government is about to dole out hundreds of millions of dollars to news and media organizations.
    2) The CBC has already received a massive injection of new money from the Trudeau government.
    3) Major Chinese government investments in Canadian companies receive no national security reviews by the Trudeau government.

    • Norm Dill says:

      I think it is pretty clear they are going after both with a without verifiable facts. I am just waiting for an accusation against Trudeau.

      Ps captcha is not working properly

  7. Matt says:


    Mercedes Stephenson with CTV reporting cabinet ministers have been ordered not to talk to the media as they arrived for their cabinet meeting this morning.

  8. Matt says:

    Reporters noticed your piece yesterday Warren:

    Mercedes Stephenson

    I asked PM @JustinTrudeau if he knows who the “very, very powerful man” with affidavits against him in the @kinsellawarren blog piece is. He said “no.” #cdnpoli
    10:22 AM – 30 Jan 2018

    As an aside, Fedeli announced today he will not be seeking the permanent OPC leadership.

    Says he wants to focus his time as interm leader on “clearing the rot” out on the party.

  9. doconnor says:

    With Fideli out this is turning to the UK Conservative leadership race after the Brexit vote where all the leading male candidates dropped out before the end.

  10. Ted H says:

    Love it, anything that messes up the Conservative agenda is a win for the human race.

  11. P. Brenn says:

    everyone noticed your piece…I am out of any loop but there is a lot of nervous folks around scrambling …

    Feel bad for any victims and pressure they must be feeling regardless of what they eventually do – really no win for them

  12. Zach says:

    I understand we’re not allowed to know yet who the “very, very powerful” person is, but is there a time frame? Are we talking days or weeks here? Months??

  13. Matt says:

    Andrew Krystal

    Intern scandal brewing in Ottawa as the #metoo movement meets Justin Trudeau. Story soon.
    12:46 PM – 30 Jan 2018

  14. Andrew says:

    Questions from Chris Hall today sounded like he was trying to get the PM on record regarding past dealings with women.

  15. Luke says:

    The tension I’m experiencing ahead of this is palpable. I do not want to hear what I gather will be coming, based on this website (that’s right, not a blog) and its commenters. Yet I must hear it, everybody must hear it, whomever is He Who Must Not Be Named.

    All this MeToo stuff is overdue, clearly, but it’s going to be an awful reckoning that will be hard to stomach. My faith in society will fall apart and rebuild at once.

    This moment does feel like something special. It’s good, necessary, overdue, overdue, overdue, and it is just so so disappointing and illuminating to a person with no such predatory inclinations. What is wrong with people? Treat others the way you want to be treated. Goddamn, it isn’t that difficult.

  16. Brendan Kane says:

    Q: How is Justin Trudeau handing this fallout?

    A: He has got to be pretty unhappy. This is his second cabinet minister who has been lost to inappropriate behaviour-type scandal. He’s lost two MPs to that. He’s lost a senior member of his staff.

    I’ve known him for a long time, it’s not why he came into office. That’s the kind of stuff he wanted to get rid of, so I would imagine he’s pretty ticked off.


  17. Y45W says:

    Suddenly all my bros are just thrilled about the me too thingy… So what are the Vegas odds on Bill Blair?

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