, 01.24.2018 09:58 PM

The Ontario bombshell

I know these three guys. I admire them. I trust them and their judgment.

This says it all. It’s true. .

And my weeks-ago prediction that the #MeToo movement would hit political Canada, here?

It did.


  1. Matt says:

    Just caught a piece of the interview of one of the women.

    Sounds like she was a summer intern when he was an MP. She is accusing him of sexual misconduct, but went back to work for him the following summer?

  2. Charlie says:


    Just read the story on CTV.

    Whatever credibility of denial he might have had walked out the door with his three most senior staffers. His political career just expired.

    There’s about a million other things that could be said here, but most importantly: kudos to these women for coming forward.

  3. Matt says:

    Given pretty much his entire staff have resigned, even if the allegations are not true, he has to step aside for the good of the party. I’ve seen so far PC MPP’s Randy Hillier and Lisa MacLeod have called for his resignation. Can they party force him out if he doesn’t?

    Problem is who replaces him less than 6 months from the election.

    Caroline Mulroney?

    I half expect Wynne to drop the writ asap forcing the PC’s to go into the campaign with Brown as leader. if she doesn’t and Brown does resign or is forced out a new more popular leader may emerge and get a honeymoon bump Wynne can’t afford. But then if she does force an election asap, that could backfire on her too making her look like an opportunistic so and so.

    • Miles Lunn says:

      She won’t call one early, Jim Prentice, David Peterson, and Theresa May tried this stunt and it would reek of political opportunism and blow up in her face. The election will happen on June 7th. As for the next leader, I think either Lisa McLeod or Vic Fidelli are the best choices.

  4. David says:

    Brown should have just issued a statement tonight and taken the night to think about things before going before the cameras, especially since multiple advisers were resigning. He looked alone, without support, and on the run. Having the media follow you down halls and stairs and all the way to your van looks terrible.

  5. Craig McKie says:

    The admonition to Smite the Right has been taken in hand by many citizens it would appear. There will be more I would hazard a wild guess.

    Today was a twofer. Two direct iceberg hits in one day. Mr. Baillie was also driven from Tory leadership office and indeed resigned his seat in Nova Scotia if I am not mistaken.

    As to the reinforcements, Kellie Leech is newly available in Ontario and as always well self-financed.

  6. David Ray says:

    Mr Brown, you’ve just been Frankensteined. If it could happen to Al Franken who I really miss then it can happen to you who I won’t. Sad.

  7. libraman says:

    DO you think Andre Marin is still looking for work?

  8. Sean says:

    The SoCons (McVety and his slimy ilk) are dancing a jig over this. Let’s see them put a hard-right wingding at the helm and we can enjoy (well, not really) 4 more years of Wynne.

    Or, if we’re lucky enough, they’ll nominate Doug Ford and we’ll have a Liberal Government in power for the rest of our lives.

  9. Ian says:

    I think it is time for Lisa Raitt to contemplate what she can accomplish in Ottawa over what would probably be the next 6 years.

  10. William R Morrison says:

    God must have a special place in Her heart for the Ontario Liberal party.

  11. rock hudson says:

    I don’t expect UCP Alberta’s Jason Kenney to be accused of anything by any women ever, except maybe being ignored. 😉

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