02.22.2018 08:25 AM

Birds a feather, etc.

Judge Patrick Brown by his friends.  Says plenty.


  1. Robert White says:

    I was a Progressive Conservative since 1999, and I attended numerous PC Party community meetings since then. At no time did I ever see one person of colour, and to be frank about it the entire PC Party cohort of members is white, and male.
    Inclusivity is not a big aspect of PC Party motivation, and given that most members are white men over the age of 50 I, for one, can conclude that the PC Party of Ontario is the least inclusive of all the political parties that occupy the legislature.

    Clearly, Senator Don Meredith is lying though his teeth, and he knows that the PC Party of Ontario is stacked to the roof with misogynists, closet racists, and xenophobes with too much time on their hands. Not one PC Party candidate in this upcoming election is a person of colour.

    Not one, Senator Meredith, and you should know better than to offer an endorsement of support to a bunch of xenophobes, misogynists, and all round misanthropes that occupy the roster of the Ontario PC Party.

    I was there for 20 years, and my conscience has forced me over to the Liberal Party simply out of necessity to survive without social/political regret.


    • G. McRae says:

      “Not one PC Party candidate in this upcoming election is a person of colour.”

      Fact check please…

      Literally the third candidate in alphabetical order by first name:

      A few more down.

      • Robert White says:

        A person of colour means African Canadian and not Asian, or East Indian. Like I said, the PC Party has no candidates that can be characterized as persons of colour like Senator Meredith, G. McRae.


        • Pedant says:

          G. McRae is right. Robert White is wrong.


          Definition of person of colour in English:

          person of colour
          A person who is not white or of European parentage.

          This jives with my interpretation of the term given the context in which I have heard it countless times in the media or in person over the past few decades. Not sure from where you get your info, Robert.

    • Pedant says:

      Cool story bro. Far-left blowhard joins centre-right party in 1999, at the height of the Mike Harris era. Very believable.

      …bunch of xenophobes, misogynists, and all round misanthropes that occupy the roster of the Ontario PC Party

      For the good of the province, why don’t you test WK’s slander filter and and name/shame all these xenophobes and misogynists among PC politicians and powerbrokers with whom you claim to have acquaintance. Legend in your own mind, Robert?

      • Robert White says:

        I joined the PC Party in 1999 due to the Sponsorship Scandal, and I thought the Liberal Party of CANADA was finished for decades. I was never a Mike Harris supporter, and I called the Major Crimes Unit of the RCMP on Harper & MacKay when they went against David Orchard’s signed agreement and fucked the Federal Progressive Conservative Party of CANADA out of existence.

        Is that the best you have, Pedant?


        • Pedant says:

          I could ask you the same thing.

          First of all, the sponsorship scandal did not yet exist in 1999! It emerged from a preliminary report by Sheila Fraser in 2002, and then exploded in 2004 when she released her full report and PM Martin made his “mad as hell” declaration. In 1999, Jean Chretien was in the middle of his second mandate and well on track for a third, which he won in November 2000. So either you were remarkably clairvoyant in 1999, or you were employed as Chuck Guité’s errand boy and saw the alleged fraud firsthand before anyone else (on the outside) did. Or, you’re just making stuff up and getting sloppy with your chronology; is that it?

          Sorry but there’s no law prohibiting parties from merging. McKay did go back on his silly napkin contract with Orchard but he put the merger to a PC member vote, and it won with 90% approval. Get over it. There are already THREE left-wing dominated parties (yes, I’m including the Greens) on the federal scene. Actually four, since the Bloc rump leans left. You don’t need another one.

          • Robert White says:

            Mea Culpa on the incorrect date I cited, Pedant. You are correct, and I was incorrect. As I recall, I joined the God damned federal PC Party in 1999, and then the slime I refer to as ‘Fat Bastard’ finessed the neocon coup against Orchard whilst the slime in the Liberal Party were engaged in the Sponsorship Scandal. Clearly, you are much better at the historiography than myself, as I was not interested in fed level politics until JT managed to turf Fat Bastard into the slop trough where pigs like Harper spend their days in obscurity whilst his betters take center stage.

            You get points for being a knowledgeable prick, Pedant.


          • Warren says:

            Hey Robert and Pedant: cool it or you will both be banned. One warning.

          • Pedant says:

            I apologize for the overly combative response to RW. I’ll leave him be going forward.

  2. Charlie says:

    Don Meredith’s opinions are about as credible as his doctorate.

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