02.14.2018 08:38 PM

CTV tells Patrick Brown to get stuffed

…and I suspect his former staff, caucus colleagues, many journalists and many, many women applaud CTV for doing so.


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    Mike Blake says:

    CTV News continues to stand by it’s reporting unless we retract the parts that don’t fit. We’ll keep you posted on how that goes. Stay Tuned for Updates!!!

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    Matt says:

    It would seem Brown and his team are strategically releasing new information after CTV releases their statements about standing behind their reporting.

    The time in the photo you posted shows Wednesday February 14th, 8:08pm

    Then we get this from the CBC’s website Wednesday February 14th, 8:57pm


    “New information raises questions about allegations against Patrick Brown
    People connected to the 2 alleged incidents contradict elements of the accusers’ stories”

    Somehow this needs to end up in court with the accusers, CTV and Brown under oath.

    How long does someone have after allegedly being libeled (is that the word?) to act?

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      Ian says:

      Indeed. I think Warren is overstating how important the libel finding would be to Brown, though it is probably a secondary objective. For this to be really worthwhile to Brown, he needs just vindication but also some real destruction visited on CTV and the reporters in question. There is not much gain in kicking the accusers, and the modern press toss around apologies without consequence.

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    Debbie Lindenas says:

    That interview on Global was a well-rehearsed load of BS. I’ve deleted a couple of paragraphs because my 1st sentence tells it all.

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