, 03.22.2018 10:33 AM

Dear Mr. Sousa:

Take it from the guy who made the dumb, dumb joke about “baking cookies,” and still (deservedly) hears about it more than a decade later: just apologize.

It’ll only get worse if you don’t.


  1. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    You know that hard electoral times are ahead when your mouth will no longer go Liberal.

  2. Ned Ludd says:

    If only he had only substituted “talented, dedicated, and hard working group behind me” instead of “eye candy”.
    We’ve all made faux pas, but “eye candy”(unless judging a baking exhibit) is extremely patronizing for any group, especially a group of health professionals.
    I hope Mr. Sousa takes your sage advice.

  3. Peter says:

    My goodness. You know you’ve really put your foot in it when your most credible apology is probably “Sorry, I was drunk.”

  4. doconnor says:

    He is just making fun of the ridiculous situation the government PR people put them in.

    • Matt says:

      That government PR people them in? The “them” being the premier and cabinet ministers?

      Yesterday Wynne stood to make a mental health funding announcemet. Behind her were rows of CAMH employees.

      CAMH employees who literally hisded and booed a Toronto Star reporter who dared asked a question everyone else in the province is thinking – Is this funding just a campaign promise?

      Robert Benzie
      Mar 21
      Unimpressed by stakeholders hissing me when I asked @Kathleen_Wynne if the mental health funding was merely a campaign promise. Journalists are here to work; stakeholders are decorative and should be seen and not heard when we are asking questions. #onpoli

      • doconnor says:

        If you where on the front lines of mental health and saw the terrible effects of under funding on a daily basis, you might be tempted to express disappointment in those who question the badly needed funding.

        • matt says:

          And the last 15 years?

          Where was the Liberal concern for the under funding?

          As they only seem to show concern for these thins when an election is right around the corner, the question was 100% legitimate.

  5. the salamander horde says:

    .. hopefully (for him)
    No hard copy or digital file
    exists of his remarks.. or script
    no teleprompt remainders

    .. sometimes referred to
    as talking points..

  6. Matt says:

    Today in QP at Queens Park, dipshit Steven del Duca had to apologize to OPC MPP Lisa MacLeod for using demeaning, dismissive language whe responging to her question


    Two Ontario cabinet ministers are under fire for “sexist” and “shameful” comments made Thursday morning.

    By the afternoon, Economic Development and Growth Minister Steven Del Duca had apologized three times to Progressive Conservative MPP Lisa MacLeod for calling her “adorable” during question period.

    The comment was made in response to MacLeod when she referenced her party’s new leader Doug Ford in a question.

    “Doug Ford has said he will reduce hydro rates even further, why won’t this government do what Doug Ford wants,” Lisa MacLeod asked during question period on Thursday. 

    In response, Del Duca said “it’s adorable to watch the member across talk about Doug Ford and the crowd that showed up to see him.”

  7. p bre says:

    omg …he defended the comment at queens park …I am not sure whats worse – using it as the insult it is OR based on his defense not knowing apparently how offensive it is …this guy is in charge of the books ..yikes

  8. Fred from BC says:

    This situation is puzzling. If there was a cheerleader squad behind him, or a group of firefighters, or strippers (male or female), or Miss America contestants…then fine, I get it. But looking behind him all I see is a group of men and women of different races, ages, sizes and shapes – so what “eye candy” does he think he is referring to, exactly? Clearly it was a joke he was trying to make, but it really makes no sense at all, does it?

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