03.02.2018 04:33 PM

On this day in 1974

…in yesterday walks tomorrow, you sausage-fingered, sphincter-mouthed human Cheezie.


  1. Gord says:

    More #FakeNews from the Failing New York Times!

    (Adding /s just in case)

    • The Doctor says:

      Of course, Watergate all went down when the right-wing Americans thought the FBI was a respectable law enforcement organization. Now they’re convinced by Breitbart, Trump et al. that the FBI is some left-wing Deep State menace working on behalf of the DNC, or something like that. It’s truly depressing how much the American right has completely lost its collective mind.

      And of course if Trump does go down, the Goobers who support Trump will blame Hillary. Or Obama. Or Soros, the Evil Puppetmaster Who Controls Everything.

  2. David Ray says:

    The white house is now grad school for grifters.

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