, 03.01.2018 10:13 AM

Survey says: Elliott won the debate

But you can still vote now, vote often!

(If I were Ms. Mulroney, I would be a bit worried that I’m getting clocked by Ms. Windmill Sex Corrupt Patrick Brown Crazypants.  But that’s just me.)

As my wife predicted four years ago, the next election is going to be Ms. Elliott vs. Ms. Wynne vs. Ms. Horwath.


  1. Ronald O'Dowd says:

    Why Warren, such an easy call: ANYONE who didn’t watch it. LOL.

  2. Robert White says:

    I majored in Personality Theory for my B.A. Honours in Experimental Psychology, and after studying Depth Psychology for many years, and Psychoanlytic Theory in particular, I came to the conclusion that Professor Emeritus Sigmund Freud might have a point in terms of his theories on the Psychosexual development of individuals that tend to be very rigid in their views about sexuality. Freud’s hydraulic theories on sexual development were revolutionary when he first proposed them, but today many of his ideas are viewed as backward with respect to his theory on Penis Envy, Floating Womb theory of Hysteria, et cetera. His theory of Psychosexual Development was one of the first to systematize the thinking at the time so we can thank his legacy for starting to systematize the research that was being bandied about at that juncture in time.

    I have to really wonder what old Professor Freud would say about Ms. T.G. Allen and her hysterical reaction to school curriculum teaching students about ‘anal sex’. Freud would liken such a reaction to be somewhat of a fixation for the individuals that display anxiety about the mere words, or discussion of that nature. And this leads me to really wonder what Ms. Windmill sex corrupt Patrick Brown Crazypants is really referring to when she gets anxious about ‘anal sex’ being taught to developmentally naïve students in our public school system.

    Freud might wonder if she might be engaging in wish fulfillment if that sort of language upsets her so much.

    just a thought?


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