04.16.2018 08:11 AM

Rebel Media are scumbags

Check this out. They are using the Humboldt Broncos tragedy to fundraise.


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    Willie P says:

    So, I hope all the people who have been angrily tweeting about Nora Loreto are 100 times more angry about Ezra and his gang.

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    Ned Ludd says:

    If they donated the discount to the “Go fund me” campaign for the Humboldt survivors and their families, I might feel a little different. Still tacky, but at least the survivors receive some benefit.
    This borders on the furniture store having the 9-11 sale, where employees crashed into piled up cushions.
    I honestly thought the man had more class than that.
    I was wrong.

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    Pipes says:

    Warning: The following comment may not be suitable for younger or sensitive readers.The words contained within the following statement are of a graphic nature and some readers may find them disturbing, and alarming and may be too strong for such a delicate website.

    Rebel Media is a fucking douche bag.

    Thank you.

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    Miles Lunn says:

    If they want to donate personally fine, but for such a toxic site, they should stay away from this. Sun News Network was a bit too right wing for me, but at least they were within the political limits of reasonable. Over the past year Rebel media has gone from a conservative to alt right media. When they hired Tommy Robinson (British hate convict), I know this was no longer a mainstream conservative outlet, but an extreme right wing one. People like Brian Lilley who is a staunch conservative, but at least not a bigot left while they still have Gavin McInness and only got rid of Lauren Southern and Faith Goldy when they were called out even though it was obvious to me both of them were white supremacists long before being fired.

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    Patrick says:

    Is a anybody surprised?

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