04.20.2018 02:34 PM

Sometimes, you don’t get what you pay for

$70,000 a month, for example.


  1. Matt says:

    And here I thought we would have to worry about Ford saying stupid shit.

    Writ hasn’t even dropped yet and the Liberals are already throwing the personal insults around. How long before they start calling Ford’s supporters “deplorables”.

    That Forum prediction of the Liberals only getting 7 seats might just turn out to be too high.

  2. ML says:

    I’ll gladly accept 1/7 that rate for the same quality of consulting

  3. Miles Lunn says:

    Same guys who did beer and popcorn, soldiers in our streets and other stupid stuff to help lose in 2006. Wonder when the OLP will run its version of the 1993 Chretien ad or 2006 soldiers in our streets ads? Both over the top ads that parties do when desperate and both which did more damage than good.

  4. Matt says:

    LOL at the Liberals “apology”

    David Hains
    Replying to @DavidHains
    Herle apologizes “without qualification” for name-calling. Four minutes later the Liberals send out an email detailing Doug Ford’s partial history of name-calling.

  5. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    I know it’s early days but here’s my wish for Santa: please, pretty please, send the predictable Liberal braintrust to Washington, D.C. to work for Trump’s re-election. Ha, ha, ha!

  6. Rich W says:

    Slimiest non-apology and comments ever.
    And Wynne bails on dealing with it in my view.
    Herle needs to be hurled out.

  7. Ron Benn says:

    In fairness, David Hains did qualify his insult by saying that he thought Doug Ford was only a “bit” of a dick. Not a complete one, just a bit of one. Apparently that leaves Doug Ford some room for improvement. The only question is in which direction.

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