06.13.2018 04:16 AM

Justin Trudeau is the luckiest politician alive, part 629


  1. Gyor says:

    I don’t like Trudeau and I don’t think he’s a good Prime Minister, but vis Trump I’m a 100% behind him and nailing the Americans with Tarriffs.

  2. Jim Keegan says:

    My thoughts exactly. It’s almost as if Trudeau and Trump actually do have an excellent relationship and the Donald decided he wanted to do Trudeau a big favour.

  3. Neal Vincent Peale says:

    A bit premature to say Trudeau is minted for a second term.

    Yes, assuming that the tariffs are rescinded (when bilateral or NAFTA is reset), Trump will indeed have helped Trudeau, be relieving the anxiety that Trump engineers on a regular basis.

    However, the bilateral or NAFTA trade deal may hurt Quebec dairy producers and the auto-sector. Some Canadians will be thrown under the bus to secure critical win-able Liberal ridings, as usual.

    Also, a year n-a-bit from now is a long time…blah blah, depends on how Scheer and Singh perform as viable alternatives.

    A certainty: Election ’19 will not be about electoral reform or climate change.

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