06.23.2018 07:00 AM

There is no statute of limitations on #MeToo

The headline is ridiculous, but the story is actually well-done, here.

The revelation that the victim wrote the editorial was news to me, and it puts the whole matter in an entirely new light, I think.


  1. Jeff says:

    I read that. The headline says it isn’t a #metoo moment but doesn’t ever really make that argument. Overall it seemed like a fair rundown of what happened, which seems very much like a #metoo moment before its time.

  2. terence quinn says:

    It should not be a story unless the person offended comes forward. There is no way a person can accept or deny something that is not openly debated or challenged.

    • Fred from BC says:

      “It should not be a story unless the person offended comes forward”

      That’s what I said during the Patrick Brown incident. Wanna destroy someone’s reputation and career? Fair enough…just don’t try to do it anonymously.

  3. Don Johnson says:

    Warren, I’d be interested in a bit more of what you are thinking about this. What is the upshot of the “entirely new light” in your opinion? I’d guess it makes it less objective and perhaps turns the whole story into nothing. Just wondering what you think about it.

  4. Walter says:

    Is that not the old way of thinking?
    If the victim can be intimidated enough to not come forward then it is not a story.

    Interesting that still not 1 reporter has asked Trudeau directly about the incident. Not whether Trudeau thought it was a negative encounter – but whether he did it.

  5. Gyor says:

    Trudeau is going to lose the 2019 election, this #Me too scandal is just one dangerous issue among many, many issues. The provinces are unfortunately revolting against the Carbon Tax, the Pipeline file is a mess and both sides are mad at him, he can’t seem to keep Trump in check, Quebec and artists are unhappy about how Google and Netflix are getting a free pass on Canadian taxes, #Metoo scandals are killing the left and centre from the inside out, his finance minister is a liability, he has personal ethical scandals hanging over his head, BC is likely to largely polarized between the NDP and the Tories over the pipeline, Singh may eat his lunch in the GTA, and the Tories are starting to become popular in Quebec with appeals to nationalists, and that just the issues I see coming, who knows what will happen that we aren’t expecting, Trudeau needs a miracle.

    • Ian says:

      I am not sure that Singh will make it to the next election. With the NDP in freefall in Quebec and lurching toward financial crisis everywhere, I don’t his next leadership review will go nearly as well.

  6. Tanya J. says:

    Proving once again that Canada is a soft totalitarian society…

    “This particular unremitting wave grabbed up anyone at all at any moment. But when it came to outstanding intellectuals in the thirties, they sometimes considered it cleverer to fabricate a case based on some conspicuously shameful violation like pederasty; or, in the case of Professor Pletnev, the allegation that, left alone with a woman patient, he bit her breast. A national newspaper reports such an incident — and just try to deny it!.”

    Solzhenitsyn, Gulag Archipelago

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