08.25.2018 06:23 AM

Klingons writing headlines at CNN

[h/t Prof. Seth Masket]


  1. James Smith says:


  2. pierre lawayne says:

    my fantasy is one day there will a giant weekend gathering where all the Con freedom strippers, pearl clutching evangelicals, climate change deniers and assorted living grifters will gather and apologize and recant for all the damage they’ve done. It will be called REPENTICON and then we order in a drone strike.

    • Derek Pearce says:

      Hmmm the drone strike comment actually isn’t cool. I know you probably tossed it off as a throwaway line but, sigh, in democracies we don’t make change through violence, or strive not to at least. It’s kind of the point of living in a democracy.

      Also you don’t turn your political enemies into martyrs no matter how good it might feel in the short term. Let them be assholes and eventually wither– premature death only mythologizes them and gives them a legacy. Don’t let that happen.

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