09.27.2018 12:01 PM

Take that, She-wolf of the Clueless

And congrats to Bernie, Richard, Evan et al. This is major. And wonderful.


  1. Matt says:

    Can her campaign even afford to run ads on TV or radio?

  2. Peter says:

    Good. I consider myself con or con-leaning, but I am disgusted by the frothing bigotry of soi-disant free speech warriors, alt-right activists, or Blogging Tories or whatever other dysfunctional misfits are trying to promote racial and ethnic discord under the banner of conservatism. Immigrants? Anyone who has visited a Canadian hospital recently should have noticed how, from surgeons to technicians to nurses to support staff, they would come to a dead halt without new Canadians. The same can obviously said to about lots of other professions and occupations. Trust your lyin’ eyes people, we’re damn lucky to have them. Frankly, I wish progressive Canadians would stop boasting about their blessed tolerance and love of diversity and focus more on what immigrants have given the country, which is a lot.

    If, in response, I were challenged that this doesn’t mean an unlimited number of immigrants of any kind from anywhere is desirable, I would agree. If it were suggested to me not everyone who is discomforted by the adjustments of immigration is a racist, I would also agree. Immigration is a process that takes at least a generation to work out on both sides. If it were further suggested to me that many progressives are making serious debate about immigration impossible by their virtue-signalling and drive-by racism accusations, I would also agree. I take comfort in my belief a good number of immigrants and new Canadians would agree with me.

    In the meantime, fie on Faith.

  3. DT 905er says:

    Did a whole bunch of non Toronto people just call and email and interfere in the Toronto democratic process? Sounds exactly like Saudi and Chinese money interfering in Canadian elections. And Russians interfering in US elections.

    • doconnor says:

      The difference the people are doing it because they believe it is right, rather the being paid to do it because the current regime wants it that way.

    • DT 905er says:

      Yes, I asked a very relevant question – should non Toronto people have a say in Toronto’s election? Yes or no? Because they just did – a large number of them acted to suppress a legitimately registered candidate’s advertising. You think that is left field and ditsy? Imagine if had happened to Keesmat.

  4. Dave H. says:

    Who is Faith Goldy, really? Ukrainian, darling of Sun News (defunct), Greek a la Golden Dawn, tits-in-tight-tops at Rebel Media (almost defunct), white nationalist, Trump operative. Goldy joined such luminaries as David Duke (or Dr Duke as he prefers, his doctorate from Ukraine) at Unite the Right. Goldy is fickle, feckless, mercenary, that dangerous mix of tenacious and idiotic.

    Lot of this about. Chrystia Freeland: Ukrainian ultranationalist, lover of tight dresses, hell-bent on scuttling US-Canada trade and plunging Canada into Great Depression conditions. Jennifer Keesmaat, as Goldy, feels entitled to be mayor, even toying with the idea of transforming Toronto into her own personal fiefdom via succession. Julie Payette finds her role as Governor General already “too confining” – if she quits, she will still receive a $150,000 yearly stipend – for life. That Versailles vibe.

    The dark side of unqualified multiculturalism – every ethnic movement, no matter how wicked or bizarre, is tolerated. Unqualified Canadian feminism – spoiled, coddled, indulged, entitled, never really having to be held accountable for their actions. Faith Goldy is a glorified prostitute. At the end of World War II, women who collaborated and whored themselves out to the Nazis had their heads shaved and were marched through the streets. Elena Ceaușescu lived long and wicked years in luxury and splendour while her country was destroyed; the end came quickly: she was put up against the wall and shot. History is a great teacher. These women, forever learning and never coming to a knowledge of basic truths, have learned nothing. It will not end well.

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