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Brampton mayoral candidate Patrick Brown in pictures

The collage is worth a thousand words, as they say.

There’s more of this sort of thing out there, I’m told.

After revelations like that blockbuster Globe and Mail story – which suggested he had schemed to get a big payment from a man who would get a coveted PC nomination shortly thereafter – I don’t know why he persists in running for anything. It makes no sense.

Brampton, I would expect, is about to remind him why.


  1. Lynn says:

    New day, new allegations and new denial. This is just Trumpian in the crazy that emerges daily.

    Patrick Brown would be right at home in Trump’s WH. I hear that there are many unfilled jobs there ;-).
    Warren, will the party turn things over to the OPP to start investigating this mess?

    Can the PCs just throw him out as being unfit to run as more sketchy business comes to light?

    • Matt says:

      PC’s have kicked him out of caucus. The Provincial Nominating Committee for the OPC can block his candidacy for leader. If they do, he could appeal to the party executive.

      Kicking him right out of the legislature? only voters in his home riding can do that.

  2. Eastern Rebellion says:

    Thank you so very much Warren. Please keep up the pressure. You are doing the Lord’s work to help defeat this sociopath. To paraphrase Joe Bowen “Down Goes Brown”.

    • Obvious Sock-puppet #12 says:

      There’s an irony here, then: by revealing all these (cough) details about Patrick Brown, our gracious host is actually **helping** the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario (not completely immolate itself).

      • doconnor says:

        That’s because a lot of people thought he was a slime ball even before this was uncovered. The Conservatives are greatly boasted by being rid of him.

        Right now people are imagining thier idea candidate as Conservative leader. Once one is selected some will be disappointed and thier polling will drop.

  3. Douglas Musk says:

    I agree with Lynn, the PCPO needs to stop this man’s run immediately. This campaign appears to be just pure sociopathy at this point, and may well have been an attempt to get in and just sweep all this stuff under the rug.

    The PC party(and federal CPC) should be VERY wary of any candidate or current legislator that continues to endorse Brown at this point. In fact I think all should face nomination challenges or be expelled should they no renounce their support in the next 48 hours or so.

    Alex Nuttall should be the first to go, Brown’s campaign co-chair, who stated that Brown was his “political idol” and made an unhinged press conference rant about “Toronto Elites” has himself been accused of membership fraud….twice.


    The Bernier campaign was also investigated by the CPC for this kind of stuff and many names pulled off the lists, many of the same names that have come out in the PCPO membership schemes were present there.

  4. Pedant says:

    You describe two photos, but only show one.

    What’s the other one?

    At this point it feels like piling on, locating every remotely objectionable statement or picture of Brown’s long-distant past. It’s pretty that he doesn’t easily grasp the concept of boundaries and is quite socially awkward, in a creepy way. This is not to tar all those with poor social skills. I’m socially awkward too, but contrary to Brown my awkwardness is at the other extreme. I’m mildly misanthropic and so personal space-obsessed that I’d be fine if I never get within 10 meters of another human for the rest of my life. Very suitable for the #MeToo era actually!

    • Warren says:

      Scroll down, you lazy bastard

      • Matt says:

        To be fair to Pendant, all the photos aren’t showing up on the device I’m using at the moment. I only see the photo of the tweet.

        I know there is another photo but it’s just a red x. But that’s an issue on my end. This device is a POS.

      • Pedant says:

        Yeah, what Matt said. The collage didn’t load earlier. I’m a bit of a bastard but not (usually) quite so lazy.

    • Charlie says:

      “I’m socially awkward too, but contrary to Brown my awkwardness is at the other extreme. I’m mildly misanthropic and so personal space-obsessed that I’d be fine if I never get within 10 meters of another human for the rest of my life.”

      This explains so much about your comments on this site, but is simultaneously not the least bit surprising. It was always evident that you needed to get out more.

      • Pedant says:

        You’re only saying that because I lean right of centre, Charlie. If I agreed with your Trudeau-fawning but had the exact same demeanour, and posted with identical frequency, your assessment would be different.

        I think one’s requirement to “get out” differs from one person to the next, depending on how much validation one requires from others. In any case, I did get out…way out. I left Canada to live in France. Parisians are a grumpy lot (though not at all rude, there is a difference) so I fit in well here. Intellectually it is far freer here compared to SJW-stifling Toronto.

        I think the #MeToo era is requiring more and more people to be frigid just like me, and isn’t that the ultimate compliment? Apparently I was ahead of my time.

        Now, back to Brown….

  5. Dave says:

    It’s strange to us that Mr. Brown is continuing with his leadership bid but I imagine that he has made a lot of promises to a lot of people and he has no choice but to try to make it look like he’s trying to hold up his end of the deal (and get himself into a position to “pay back” those who is beholden to).

  6. Mohamed Mahdi says:

    I really do not know what will happen next at this point. Will this eventually reach the point were the OPP has to get involved? Even though Brown is awful I do not know how the Ontario PC’s will be able to get him off of their backs without pissing off his fanbase. The next three months or so will be hectic politically in Ontario.

    • Matt says:

      OPC MPP Randy Hillier said he will be filing a complaint against Brown with the integrity commissioner today. He also supposedly told CTV Toronto News at Noon he will be calling in the police. I only say supposedly because I didn’t see it.

    • Douglas Musk says:

      This is about ripping off the band-aid. They need to toss Brown and his supporters NOW and get it over with. His fanbase really isn’t that large it’s just vocal and well organized, the PC’s can still win an election if they sit at home.

      Apparently Hillier is contacting the OPP.

  7. billg says:

    Finally, a Conservative who looks like he knows how to have a good time. He’s unbelievably unelectable now, and, would have a hard time winning a shop stewards election at any IBEW local, but, hey, the guy definitely gets a lot of pictures taken with good looking girls at bars with drinks in their hands. Tim Hudak could never do that.

  8. Tod Cowen says:

    Perspective, people. This election (the one in June) will be a “change” election, and the PC leader will have the benefit of not being Kathleen Wynne. At this point, Joe and Jane Frontporch have tuned out, and just want Brown to go away. (Heck, I want him to go away, and I live in Massachusetts.)

    Once he’s gone, the new leader will have another three months to remind everyone that she or he is really, really not Wynne. I have no perspective on her as Premier, but her numbers have been awful.

    Although you really have to admire the Liberals’ discipline on this. When you opponents are setting themselves on fire, just move away and keep quiet.

  9. Mark Roseman says:

    I hope there’s a benign explanation for the “88”…

  10. kelly says:

    And what the Hill Times story did NOT include about the Alex Nuttal fake-membership debacle in Barrie was that when the four potential nominees were called to a meeting to be advised by a Toronto lawyer about how to handle that mess, Patrick Brown was present -even though he was an MP and this was a provincial con blunder. Alex & Patrick have shared in a multitude of scandalous behaviors, some leading back to the original allegations.

  11. ABB says:

    One of the women looks like Faith Goldy.

  12. Doug Brown says:

    Yet fellow good time boy Jusrin Trudeau is PM.

  13. Peter Seville says:

    The OPCs may have dumped the slime-ball, but they replace him with a semi-literate knuckle dragger.

  14. John Mraz says:

    Well, at least he seems gender fluid . . . that’s something.

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