10.03.2018 08:11 AM

Patrick Brown “liked” this photo on March 21, 2015

…just before he won his party’s leadership.

You can’t make this stuff up.

But, by all means, let him run for mayor of Brampton.


  1. Douglas Musk says:

    Sadly he’s probably stacked enough of his loyalists into these committees that he’ll be approved (along with a few types not bold enough to bar him from the race).

    I still think the most potentially damning story is the G & M house one. It’s entirely plausible that money laundering was the objective of that deal.

    To anyone supporting him still at this point, do you see the potential for this man to actually be CHARGED with something during the campaign?

    This whole candidacy is unprecedented in Canadian politics, it’s basically a sociopathic campaign based on nothing other than spite.

    Spite for the PC party, spite for the other candidates, spite for Wynne, spite for the Media.

    It’s a completely nihilistic endeavour for power’s sake.

    • Warren says:

      FINTRAC: “A large cash transaction report is submitted to FINTRAC when a reporting entity receives $10,000 or more in cash in the course of a single transaction, or when it receives two or more cash amounts totalling $10,000 or more made within 24 consecutive hours by or on behalf of the same individual or entity.”

      • Don MacNeil says:

        It may be nothing but I recall Patrick, during the 2004 federal election, paying himself a salary out of his campaign contributions. It was a small amount, around $1275, and it is not against the law, as I understand. Two days later he put it back into his campaign as a donation. I asked an accountant and lawyer why he do that. They both said it was for the 75% tax break. Illegal? No, but even Al Capone got his start somewhere

      • Don MacNeil says:

        It may be nothing, but in the 2004 for federal election Patrick made a donation to his own campaign from his own campaign. He drew $1275 or so from his campaign contributions as a salary then two days later put it back into the campaign as a donation. I asked an accountant and lawyer why he would do that. They both said it may have been for the 75% tax break. I believe $1275 was the maximum you could donate in 2004. None of that is illegal, but even Al Capone got his start somewhere…

  2. Ted H says:

    Oh I love it! Anything that creates a stumbling block for the Conservative agenda is a win (Wynne ?) for the people of Ontarion

    • Ted H says:

      Meant to say Ontario of course.

    • Matt says:

      Except two polls out this week have:

      A) OPC still beating Wynne Liberals despite all the OPC drama

      B) OPC support GROWING since the Brown drama began.

      It may just be people have decided they want a change in government and don’t care about the noise.

      • Warren says:

        Maybe. But the Patrick Clown Show is unlikely to end when the next leader is picked. And if he wins, I am reliably told that more than half the caucus has already decided to abandon ship and start a new party.

        • Matt says:

          Let’s assume that’s true and let’s also assume Brown wins leadership. Half of caucus is what, 14 people? 15 maybe?

          Leadership winner will be announced March 10th. Election is set for June 7th.

          I think it would be a hell of a lot easier for Brown to find 14 or 15 new people to run under the OPC banner in those ridings (assuming of course other candidates did follow them) than it would be for that new party to fundraise and set up their own campaign infrastructure in three months.

      • Adam says:

        I found the recent Ipsos Reid poll pretty telling; the PCs led in every leadership outcome that IR polled, and even when they substituted a complete unknown placeholder for the PC leadership, the plurality of the vote hopped to the NDP rather than default to the Liberals.

        Just goes to show how mad Ontario voters finally are after being lied to and taken for granted for close on fifteen years.

  3. Sam White says:

    In all seriousness, what red blooded man wouldn’t “like” a scene like that..

    But putting it on social media? That is dumbassery on a massive scale.

  4. 58Zh says:

    You’re as giddy as a schoolgirl with a new pair of Mary Janes… Haven’t seen you this feverish since André Marin had his hat and ass handed to him.

  5. James says:

    He’s Canada’s Hillary Clinton. Believes in no policy other than do or say whatever to get elected and risks an indictment during an election campaign party and supporters be damned.

    But it’s not about just one person

  6. oldretiredbutstillactive says:

    We should all appreciate the hard work Warren has been doing the past few weeks on this. Warren’s site is the 1st place I come to look for developments on this (and Warren has the best comments section around!)

    This is why I hear.

    1. They had to let Playboy Brown run or the lawsuits would be flying.

    2. Those in the know wonder why the mainstream media (accept Warren) are not asking: WHERE THE F**** IS THE LAWSUIT AGAINST CTV?

    This looks like distraction and the media is letting Playboy get away with it.

    3. Christine and Doug are coming together to stop Playboy Brown.

    People seem to forget what a clear headed adult Christine is and she would be a great Premier ala Bill Davis (for those of us old enough to remember!) Low energy? No, it’s call maturity.

    Doug has matured as well. He will get a nice cabinet job.

    Ask anyone in the know and they are impressed by this guy. Looks like he finally grew up.

    4. Caroline has impressed. Smart as a tack and warm. But can she accept a cabinet position and the leadership in 8 years?

    Great job by Warren. The anger at Wynne is intense.

    Homeowners who have lost so much equity after Wynne’s 15% tax etc. are FURIOUS, hence the latest polls.

  7. oldretiredbutstillactive says:

    What I hear, not why I hear. Not at that point I have to turn the TV up to the top yet! LOL!

  8. Derek Pearce says:

    That “homeowners are mad about the 15% tax” thing is pulled out of your keester. Perhaps the odd person or two is huffy about it but you better believe the PCs will never ever repeal it because the vast majority of people in the GTHA are happy about it.

    • oldretiredbutstillactive says:

      Nice little snappy and punchy reply you pulled out of YOUR KEESTER. The policy was ham handed and poorly executed and it’s why whoever leads the PC’s will win the 905 and other areas.

      Oh, and 50,000+ out of work realtors.

      Now pay your rent on time.

      • Adam says:

        I seriously doubt that the millions of Ontarians struggling to pay the rent and feed their families and themselves have much of any sympathy for wealthy real estate investors and brokers who have been living large off of the wildly overinflated property market in the GTA and elsewhere.

        Any measures to make the market more affordable are welcomed among the broader population, even if they inconvenience the few who have had it so easy for so long.

        The PCs have always had the support of the wealthy and of business owners. If anything, Wynne’s faux-progressive policies seem to be suckering a few more voters back into the Liberal fold rather than scaring them away.

        • oldretiredbutstillactive says:

          Except houses are NOT affordable now.

          And rents are higher than ever, and the vacancy rate is at an all time low.

          The policy was a complete failure.

          Developers are moving out. Yet more people arriving. Guess what that will mean for rents and the vacancy rate?

          The housing market was the true economic engine for Ontario. Look at the land transfer taxes.

          As for the working class, ask all those realtors, drywallers, electricians, plumbers, painters, accountants who are now sitting at home instead of being busy and earning a lot of money.

          It’s difficult to explain as so many people in Ontario are caught in some simplistic “mind trap” when it comes to economics.

          Wynne lost the 905 (and a lot of other areas) by destroying equity and killing the market (and just wait for the TO condo market to crash).

          This is my point: no matter who the PCs have as leader they will win seats.

          And if it’s Caroline, Christine or Doug it will be a wipe out.

          You will see.

          • Derek Pearce says:

            Well I see all these months later and the issue of the foreign buyer’s tax never once came up in the election and never once has been mentioed ny Ford since his win. And commercial and residetial developers have not at all “moved out” as you claimed. Construction is still booming. It seems you really were the only person in the entire province mad about it after all.

  9. Tod Cowen says:

    PCs are going up to eleven. Somewhere, Spinal Tap is reuniting to provide their campaign soundtrack.

  10. James Bow says:

    I do have to ask: is he even a resident of Brampton and, if so, how long has he been there? I’m not usually sympathetic to the criticism that somebody who is dropped into a riding has no place there, but municipal politics is another matter. He’s supposed to be the mayor of BRAMPTON. What indication do we have that he knows about or cares about Brampton’s issues? Without such a statement, it feels like a vanity exercise, and the residents of Brampton deserve much better.

    I assume you’ve seen this little gaffe: https://twitter.com/jamesbow/status/1046398492174741504

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