, 10.18.2018 12:24 PM

Patrick Brown spent $300,000 on “expenses” in just a few weeks

…far eclipsing anyone else.  By a long shot.

Take note, Brampton.  This isn’t just outrageous: it’s a legitimate scandal.


  1. p bre says:

    do they not have budgets they must stay within…farce

  2. Matt says:

    He’s claiming it was from severence he had the “moral obligation” to pay his Queens Park office staff after getting booted from the OPCP and deciding not to run in the provincial election.

  3. Lucille Martin says:

    7 of his 10 staff at the end of June had only worked for him 3 months or less. They would not be entitled to severance. That means he paid pretty hefty “severance” (wink) to three members of his staff. This guy makes his own rules as he goes, ethics standards be dammed.

  4. Matt says:

    New Mainstreet poll puts Brown ahead of Jeffery 44 – 39.

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