, 10.10.2018 04:47 AM

The Patrick Clown Show, plus bonus caucus resignation phone call tape!

ABOVE: Brown says he didn’t resign – but here’s the tape proving that he did!

Good people of Brampton, take note.  Let’s recap the events that led to Mr. Brown being dumped at your doorstep.


Follow all that?  I don’t either.

Bottom line: this guy is a political train wreck. He shouldn’t be dog-catcher, let alone mayor of something.




  1. Matt says:

    From the debate yesterday:

    Paikin: Would you sign Patrick Brown’s nomination papers to run for a seat if he can clear his name:

    Elliott – Yes

    Mulroney – Yes

    Ford – No. This whole storey keeps changing hour by hour, minute by minute.

    • Jerry says:

      The funny thing is, that’s EXACTLY what happened with Ford and his late brother as they tried to explain away the skeletons in Rob’s closet.

    • KmmF says:

      Clarification: asking someone to draft a document that states “I am hereby resigning” is not resigning but it’s pretty darn close.

      Just an odd situation, really. Important to note how nasty politics really is. Not for the faint-at-heart

  2. Robert White says:

    Patrick Brown is responsible for the 70,000 fake memberships that Fedeli unearthed after he examined the membership roster. Brown is also responsible for the 12 ballot box stuffing incidents that occurred in the nomination process of those ridings. Ms. Granic Alan stated that Brown is responsible for destroying the party via systemic corruption that the grass roots were complaining about en masse pre-leadership round 2.

    I, for one, have key inside information on the veracity of statements that Brown has made in media, but jumping into the fray of Canadian political chaos via media is not my cup of tea. If Brown actually launches a lawsuit against the women that have stepped forward I will assist CTV Legal by informing them of what I know. Bottom line is that there is more information on Brown that can be disclosed if Brown goes full Bozo the Clown and initiates litigation.


    • Matt says:

      He’s not suing the women, he’s suing CTV.

      I have been given information this week that Glen McGregor never conducted the interview that was aired in CTV’s initial report.

      A certain National news anchor is alleged to have conducted the interview and done some very creative editing. McGregor is trying to get out from under this. Only this week contacting the man one of the accusers said drove her to Brown’s place. The man denies he drove her there. McGregor took that to CTV and they didn’t report it.

      That certain National news anchor has now, I’m told hired independent outside legal representation. And despite what they say, CTV is doing everything they can behind the scenes to stop this Brown lawsuit.

      • Warren says:

        Um, given that his credibility has been shredded with the video on my site and over on the Star, I don’t think it matters much anymore.

      • Matt says:

        All that said, that doesn’t mean Brown doesn’t have a “zipper problem” just perhaps these two accusers may not be what CTV claimed. CTV has from day one been hiding information about one of the accusers relationship to CTV journalist Rachel Aiello.

      • Robert White says:

        Brown has had his goose cooked today on talk radio CFRA. Ms. Allen’s remarks about Brown being corrupt at the core have resonated with radio listeners. Brown is officially anathema in Ontario politics no matter which way he pivots going forward.
        In addition, if he launches a lawsuit against CTV I will step up to the plate and assist CTV Legal with the information I know, and am 100% certain of. Brown knows that party insiders have plotted against him, but he fails to understand that the insider involvement in his takedown is part and parcel of the inherent corruption he brought to the province when he initiated the 12 riding takeovers with systemic ballot box stuffing & mass membership fraud that is evidenced in the record books.

        I have to agree with Warren’s view that Brown is political toast now. Expectation on any successfully launched lawsuit is nil. Brown’s litigators will tell him that he has no chance due to the forces that are arrayed against him. Under those circumstances Brown will concede the proposed fight, and possibility of litigating the whole matter.

        Don’t forget that Brown is a lawyer, and he knows the costs of litigating and losing his money as well as further damaging his reputation.

        I was raised by a CA, and there is no way that Brown can afford the costs of litigating given the potential for loss.


  3. Mark says:

    On one hand you have one of the leadership contenders talking about anal sex during a debate.

    On the other you have Patrick Brown’s break-neck denial/contradiction cycle.

    What a lovely, lovely party the PCs are turning out to be.

  4. Steve says:

    I watched the debate last night and I thought Caroline and Christine both did very well. But the subtle difference was that Caroline was politically savvy enough to publicly state that she will not review the sex-ed curriculum whereas Elliott said that she will put it up for review.
    So not only does Elliott as the Leader of the Party automatically invite the Liberals to open their playbook and campaign against Stephen Harper and Mike Harris via her late husband Jim Flaherty. She is inviting criticisms of being a prudish, knuckle dragging anti-gay Conservative. Although these claims would be untrue, part of the election would be fighting these statements so they don’t stick taking attention away from their core message. Why would the Progressive Conservatives choose this road?
    For someone who has made like 5 political speeches in her life, Caroline did well in yesterday’s debate and she will get better and better each day. Let the Liberals claim she has no experience, she has accomplished more in her first 43 years than most people could dream of, and more importantly the Liberals will have no credibility on that attack as they made a Drama Teacher our Prime Minister.

  5. salamander hordes says:

    ‘the trouble with normal is it always gets worse..’ I wonder what poor Patrick can do next.. @ 500 hun or so an hour when does he fold his cards.. go to Florida for a year

  6. Miles Lunn says:

    Looks like the party booted him from caucus. If he is an independent still harmful, but at least that was the right step. Even better he should just resign as MPP and if he is innocent, fight this in a court of law. The truth will get out eventually. While I don’t like being judge, from what I’ve heard he sounds like a creep even though he probably didn’t do anything illegal, just creepy.

  7. David White says:

    I watched the debate.

    Very disappointed with Doug Ford’s cliche ridden performance. He seemed desperate to make the same ludicrous claims of budget savings that his brother made, while trying to avoid saying his name. I am rooting for Doug to make a better impression because I admire his doggedness in defending his baby bro and I think he is definitely what you see is what you get.

    Christine E. and Caroline M. both came off as thoughtful and competent but also needing to immerse themselves more in the facts of the current problems facing Ontario. They did not hurt their chances but not sure they helped much either.

    Mrs Granic Allen scares me. She is the part of the PC party I trust the least. She claims to represent the grassroots but I think she only represents the religious right, social conservative grass roots. I am sure she is angry with Patrick Brown because he had the good sense to try to keep those voices from speaking on behalf of the PC party knowing they could easily turn off voters like me.

    It does seem that Patrick Brown showed more good sense on the night of his resignation than he has shown since. But you cannot fault a man for trying to defend himself against a story that he says is false. If people have more information on his behaviour they need to step up. This whole resign/did not resign /still leader stuff is just nonsense and not sure who is pushing this story line.

    • Robert White says:

      Insiders like myself that have information germane to the issue are waiting for Brown to instigate litigation. Based on what I know about Brown, and his untoward behaviour, he is merely bluffing and has no leg to stand on in this fight for what is right. Moreover, I’m sure the taxpayers of Ontario would like to know as much as they can about Brown’s behaviour, but it will take Brown to walk into the Zero Sum Game of a court challenge, and that is something he will not opt to do based on the fact that he is lying about the behaviour he is attempting to not disclose.

      Brown is a calculated individual that has mistakenly always thought that he could act with impunity given the insular lifestyle he has enjoyed as a sitting backbench MP, and frontbench MPP. The security apparatus will no longer insulate him given the fall from grace. Thrown to the wolves would be the common phrase to apply here.

      Ergo, no need to step up to the plate unless Brown launches a lawsuit.


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