, 11.15.2018 05:51 PM

Victory! Neo-Nazi rag barred from postal system

After many years – and after lots of hard work by a lot of people in the Jewish, Muslim, LGBTQ communities, as well as women and people of colour – victory at last!

The Minister responsible for Canada Post has barred Your Ward News from using the postal system. This is a huge victory for tolerance, diversity and community action.

Congrats to all.


  1. Eric Weiss says:

    Great news! But ridiculous that it took this long.

  2. Derek Pearce says:

    I said this on FB but well done to you, Lisa and your coalition. I hope your court case turns out with as positive a result.

  3. James Smith says:


    As the late Great Stan Lee may have added:

    Nuff Said

  4. Nasty Bob says:

    Now you can change the name to STOMP –
    Stopped Those Odious Mailing Pukes !
    Good on ya

  5. Wayne McDonald III says:

    If you look at the Charter, and liberal democratic tradition, we are supposed to tolerate the intolerant.

    But it think we also ought to make an exception! Or at least increase the friction for distributing the rag.


  6. Robert James says:

    Naturally James Sears being the Putin-sucking media Wh*re he is thinks by changing the name of Your Fake News to something else will bypass the act against him. Time for the MOSSAD to do what they do best with a**holes like Dimitri the C**ksucker. BTW I would love to take the job and help my Jewish friends, FYI I am that Robert James!!!

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