12.10.2018 08:06 AM

Mr. Smock, meme us up


  1. Daryl Gordon says:

    If you are looking for a smocking (sic) gun, here is a $10 million one. DNC campaign funds were used and concealed to start the Russia narrative.
    (As Kimberly Strassel of the Wall Street Journal noted in August:

    The Clinton campaign paid Fusion GPS to compile a dossier against Mr. Trump, a document that became the basis of the Russia narrative Mr. Mueller now investigates. But the campaign funneled the money to law firm Perkins Coie, which in turn paid Fusion. The campaign falsely described the money as payment for “legal services.” The Democratic National Committee did the same.

    Prosecutors can claim all they want that they are applying the law equally, but if they only apply it to half the suspects, justice is not served. Mr. Mueller seems blind to the national need for—the basic expectation of—a thorough look into all parties.)

    Trump is no statesman, his morals, ethics and the slippery associates around him don’t fit the politics as usual mold.

    BUT, he has definitely turned the narrative worldwide. Riots in France over energy poverty and overregulation, growing backlash towards illegal immigration like Denmark banishing unwanted migrants to a remote island, Merkel is on the way out in Germany, several major nations nixing the latest UN migrant agenda, healthy and growing skepticism at the Poland climate conference.

    Here at home Quebec places limits on immigration, pushes bans on religious symbols (Islamic headgear etc). Ontario and Quebec go after Trudeau for social costs of illegals dumped on provinces. In snowy, cold Alberta the former pipeline foe , social activist Notley now is a want to be champion for the oil industry. Funny how you change your attitudes when you have 5 months of winter and you can’t pay the bill’s.

    All this political shade provided by the disrupter currently residing in the White House. For all those gleefully awaiting his political demise, don’t forget he can declassify and release all the information showing Obama DoJ, FBI, and DNC misconduct. When that card is played watch the rats scurrying around and Trump’s legal problems start to diminish. He won’t go down without taking a lot of the high and mighty with him.

    • pierre lawayne says:

      back of the line Igor.
      no borscht for you.

      • Daryl Gordon says:

        Sorry 3/4Irish , 1/4Norwegian British. Traced back several generations. Living in rural Alberta as I do, I definitely enjoy the delicious cuisine of my fine Ukrainian friends.

        • The Doctor says:

          Re: your final paragraph: We’ve been waiting for this miraculous Trump card to be played for ages, Daryl. It’s getting a bit old. Actually it got old a long time ago.

          What next, are you going to tell us that the Storm is coming too, like your QAnon fellow-travellers keep predicting? Despite your predicted dates coming and passing constantly with no miracle?

          • Fred from BC says:

            “Re: your final paragraph: We’ve been waiting for this miraculous Trump card to be played for ages, Daryl. It’s getting a bit old. Actually it got old a long time ago.”

            Just like the Trump/Russian Collusion story line, right?

            “What next, are you going to tell us that the Storm is coming too, like your QAnon fellow-travellers keep predicting? Despite your predicted dates coming and passing constantly with no miracle?”

            Yup…EXACTLY like the Trump/Russian Collusion story line.

          • doconnor says:

            There has been a steady stream of new information on Trump/Russia. We found out about the Trump Tower meeting which was initially denied, but they now openly admit Trump’s closest family and advisors where there.

            Recently we found out that Trump was trying to business in Russia during the campaign when they denied until two weeks ago.

            (Got the dancing girls background for the CAPTCHA.)

          • The Doctor says:

            Fred, I wasn’t aware that Mueller had delivered his final report. Who knew? I guess Q gave you an advance copy? Please share.

    • The Doctor says:

      I love how you claim that the riots in France are over “overregulation”. Aside from the fuel tax issue, the other main demand of the protestors was a hike in the minimum wage. On the planet that I come from, asking to hike the minimum wage is asking for, umm, more regulation.

    • Steve T says:

      Do you really think Trump wouldn’t have declassified incriminating information already, if he actually had it? Does he strike you as someone who is restrained, contemplative, and pragmatic?

      • Daryl Gordon says:

        I understand that POTUS can declassify documents anytime he chooses. My guess is this will come when it is most advantageous to his case. With control of the house changing soon, the window is rapidly closing.

        Also of interest, indictment or impeachment arising from the Cohen testimony is questionable at best.

      • Fred from BC says:

        He strikes me as being spiteful and vindictive…so much so that he would easily recognize the clear advantage to waiting for the Robert Mueller distraction to be removed from the news cycle.

        Funniest thing about this thread so far is that no one has even attempted to deny the initial facts about Fusions GPS, the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton’s campaign, the illegal funneling of money and the utter worthlessness of the so-called ‘report’ that resulted. Lots of insults and sneering directed at Donald Trump, his supporters and even Americans in general, but no attempt whatsoever to deny the facts. You really think this is the end of this? That no official investigation will ever be initiated? No intrepid reporters are working on this even as we speak?

        Wow… and you guys call Trump supporters deluded…

        • doconnor says:

          The dossier was initially funded by Republicans who opposed Trump in the primary. Some of the dossier has been found to be true and none of it has been proven to be untrue.

          • Daryl Gordon says:

            The conspiracy to take down Trump will go down as the worst scandal in the history of US politics as it implicates the highest levels of the Obama administration and justice department.

            They don’t care how, it’s just get Trump, legality and ethics be damnde.

            I don’t like Trudeau or Notley but I would never support using law enforcement, CRA or CSIS to remove them from office. I certainly would not support concocting a bogus espionage campaign involving a foreign government.

            Meanwhile here’s the Mueller investigation:

          • doconnor says:

            Have you not noticed that Trump is a blithering idiot that by his own changing stories repeatedly lied about his contacts with Russia?

          • The Doctor says:

            Funny that the Republican-controlled Senate Intelligence Committee does not share your view that this espionage campaign was “bogus”. Not to mention the CIA, which is run by a hand-picked favourite of Trump, etc. etc.

          • doconnor,


            Read: The Washington Free Beacon. But that inconvenient fact makes some conservatives positively go ape-shit.

          • Obama fired Miller.

    • The Doctor says:

      Hey Daryl, I can’t wait to come back here in 6 months, or a year from now, or whatever, to see if you’re still claiming that Trump’s Great Super-Awesome Declassification is going to blow the lid off the insidious NWO Globalist Anti-Trump Conspiracy:


      My guess is that will happen when those alien spacecraft pick up all of those other apocalyptic cult members who have been predicting imminent arrival.

  2. Jack says:

    …omg he’s so fucking illiterate – its embarrassing.

    This is the guy ~35% of Americans see as their messiah? What a dumb country.

  3. pierre lawayne says:

    I wrote this elsewhere but thought you’d like…

    While standing on the deck of the Titanic fleeing reporters asked President Trump about the icebergs looming in the distance.

    The President replied “NO COLLISION, NO COLLISION.” 🙂

  4. Trump speaks for himself.

  5. Steve T says:

    It’s pretty Freudian that he accidentally uses the word “smock”, which is a piece of clothing used to cover something up.

  6. handsignals4theblind says:

    I’m a creep and I’m into spam. Send me some: cgreene2525@msn.com

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