12.17.2018 03:59 PM

Trudeau is the luckiest guy ever

As I responded to a commenter this aft:

Trudeau’s the luckiest guy I’ve ever run across in politics.

Just when you think he’s weak internationally (India, etc.), along comes Trump et al. to make him look like a genius.

Just when you think he’s weak domestically (no pipeline, no electoral reform, no First Nation empowerment, no big legislative achievements), along comes Messrs. Scheer and Singh to make him look like a Parliamentary giant.

Just when you think he’s weak ethically (Aga Khan, the grope thing, etc.), along comes serial scandals elsewhere – mainly from the U.S. – that make him look like a saint.

Luckiest guy, ever.


  1. Ted says:

    Maybe it’s because he’s an ok guy.
    Like one of us, eh?

  2. Pedant says:

    I believe you also said Wynne was the luckiest politician in Canada.

    • Warren says:

      Try and keep up. I said it at the time that the PCs were mired in the biggest #MeToo scandal Canada has ever seen.

      They dealt with that, effectively, and won.

  3. Robert White says:

    Anyone that makes it to Parliament is technically lucky IMO.
    Additional luck must be there not to have 24 Sussex as a principal residence too. Getting invited to holiday with Aga Khan is also a factor of luck.

    “Only the little people pay taxes” Queen of Mean-LH


  4. The Doctor says:

    He could certainly be considered lucky in the sense that he is up against a couple of not-terribly-impressive (so far) opposition leaders. Much like his charismatic Dad got to feast on Bob Stanfield and Joe Clark.

    Plus in 2015 JT was up against Harper when Harper was way beyond his best-before date and was intensely loathed by huge swaths of the Canadian electorate.

    And I agree re: the Trump Factor: there are Trump fans in Canada, but still Trump is widely and deeply disliked overall, and that puts JT’s main opponent in a bit of a bind. Conservative politicians in Canada find right-wing populism to be very tempting, because there’s always a chunk of the electorate that eagerly responds to it. Preston Manning was in a similar situation, and you could argue that he was really the father of modern right-wing populism in Canada.

    But the problem with going full right-wing populist in Canada is that you in turn invite the obvious comparisons to Trump and Trumpism, and that means that a big chunk of the electorate is going to automatically be unreceptive to your message and/or approach. But still Scheer & Company are attracted to it, because you get this sort of immediate gratification and payoff in having certain people rabidly and positively respond to you — witness the recent stuff regarding immigration.

  5. The Doctor says:

    Alberta is turning into a tire fire Art.

  6. Lyn says:

    Trudeau is lucky for now…with signing Canadians up for the UN Global Compact for Migration without a Referendum which is in the document. This UN Global Pack will take away Canada’s sovereignty. I just hope this is his last STAND!

  7. Chris says:

    Quiet and steady is not how alot of us see things. The economy is sending many onimous rumblings, investment is fleeing the nation, Alberta is near revolt (this is the angriest I’ve seen my Edmonton neighbours and friends in 26 years), the bond yield-curve is inverting (almost always portends that a recession is near). This stuff will start being reported by Statistics Canada et al in Spring & Summer 2019. Trudeau will be very lucky for the election to arrive before the coming economic storm.

    • Fred from BC says:

      Yeah, his failure to respond to US tax law changes is going to be a big factor in the coming economic downturn, as well.

  8. Whenever I used to foam at the mouth about Trudeau’s flip-flop on electoral reform, or his lack of leadership on global warming, my friends living in the US, Hong Kong & Singapore would regularly remind me that 90% of the world’s democracies would gladly adopt JT as their leader. While this may be Trump’s last Christmas in the White House, my bet is Trudeau will have many more Christmases in office.

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