01.10.2019 10:12 AM

Scott Brison

I am and have always been a big, big fan: he was a huge help to me, personally, when one of my kids was at Dal.  

Very sad too see him go.  Huge loss for Trudeau. 



  1. the salamander says:

    .. good on Scott !
    Hate to see a fine Maritimer MP head off to new ventures, but who could begrudge an upstanding family man with such young children.. props to him !

  2. Doug Brown says:

    Is this a sign of an ominous development in the Mark Norman / Irving Shipyard scandal?

  3. Luke says:

    Phew, I thought he died when I read this post, and was surprised given he isn’t so old and has a young child (or more)?

  4. Robert White says:

    Brison was always professional in approach and well spoken too. A principled individual that actually voted with his feet when he crossed the floor to join the Liberals as an adversary to Harper’s totalitarianism. I’m pleased that Brison outlasted all the HarpyCONs.

    His departure caps off a good run at politics in CANADA for his generation of politicians.

    What I will take from his retirement is that he was never vengeful in approach and always was a gentleman that walked the walk and talked the talk for the ethics he espoused.

    I give him an A+.


  5. Gord says:

    Too bad. One of the more competent ministers, and we could use more true Red Tories in our public life (whatever party colours they run under).

    I guess now the big questions are:
    1) Does Trudeau use this is an opportunity to do a major cabinet refresh in the run-up to the election?
    2) Who from Nova Scotia will get the Cabinet nod?

    My guess is there will be a pretty minor shuffle – one of the existing Ministers will get moved to Treasury Board, someone junior will get promoted to that Ministry, and the newcomer from Nova Scotia gets appointed to the junior ministry (or something like that).

  6. Steve says:

    He knows he will be called to testify and will be front & center in the trial of Vice Admiral Mark Norman. Brison was slyly working behind the scenes to make sure the work that had already been awarded to another shipyard was diverted to his buddies – the Irving’s – no doubt for a large bonus from his buddies. The Liberals claim Mark Norman leaked classified info which exposed Brisons unethical efforts on behalf of the Irving’s. The trial is going to take place around the same time as the election this fall and the Liberals know this will hurt them. Brison is trying to put some distance between himself and the party as the Liberal penchant for sleaze and corruption is likely to be exposed at a most inopportune time. Not sure this strategy is going to work but the Liberals are clearly worried, and thinking the long game.

    • B Marcille says:

      Definitely connected to the Irving case – why else do it now?

      Warren, don’t you have a rule regarding politicians saying they are leaving to spend time with their family? Something along the lines of, it’s never the reason?

    • Steve,

      I would be more comfortable if allegedly appeared several times in this paragraph.

  7. RKJ says:

    The Irving ship building contract connection is very plausible. Politicians stating they want to “spend more time with family” is usually a method for bailing from an untenable situation.

  8. What I’m waiting for is MacKay’s reaction to Brison’s impending retirement. Now, that should be interesting, to say the least.

  9. Fred from BC says:

    “Very sad (to) see him go”…

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