02.18.2019 04:29 PM

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  1. Matt says:

    So, by the looks of it, Gerry hit #3 and #5 in his letter.

  2. JamesHalifax says:

    Well, with Gerry out of the way, that leaves our young Trudeau only one more option to decide policy with the same level of acumen and accuracy as his (Gerald) Butt buddy.

    Magic 8-Ball. Still available at AMAZON for an amazing low price.

  3. JamesHalifax says:

    Sorry, Warren….

    I can’t help myself.

  4. William R Morrison says:

    All these points are obvious, and he’s certainly no fool. So why did he say this? What’s up?

  5. Shawn says:

    You know, as a long time reader and admirer (although with a common sense leaning conservative bent) that may be the most accurate yet funny thing (unless your in the Trudeau cabal) I’ve read in a while. Keep on poking at all sides of the political spectrum where it makes the most sense. Eventually I hope we get the government we pay for, although i suspect only the masochistic will ever apply given the environment they live in.

  6. Max says:

    Mr. Butts, why write soooo many paragraphs to explain why taking your leave? Wouldn’t it be easier to say it under oath to Housefather and the gang?

  7. Gilbert says:

    I think Mr. Butts doth protest too much. Here’s a little bit of advice. If you didn’t do anything wrong, saying it again and again doesn’t convince us that’s the case. I wonder if Mr. Butts will continue to advise the prime minister in an unofficial capacity. Isn’t this the same guy who wrote part of the prime minister’s eulogy for the late Pierre Trudeau?

  8. Kinsey says:

    A headline is love to see: “Butts lands on his ass”.

  9. Mike Jeffries says:

    Mr. Butts says he did no wrong, and maybe not! He is no gullible victim nor dupe for sure to become the fall guy!
    So, someone did something wrong. The chaos is evidence! Then, that leaves Mr. Socks who has dug in. Maybe, all of it is his doing against the advice of everyone.

  10. the salamander says:

    .. believe he wrote..
    ‘categorically’ – I did not – nor anyone AROUND ME
    blah blah.. Love the odd soft generalization ..
    Did not specify ‘The Privy Council’
    Did not specify ‘IN’ or ‘WITHIN THE PMO’

    Does ‘around me’ include his family, friends..
    certain people (political people) he can trust..?

    I have lots of ‘people around me’ who I have never met & never will.. they live, let say, within approx 500 feet of our home. They live ‘all around me’ .. Same when I was a senior video producer at a huge ad agency office.. I had colleagues ‘all around me’ .. some of whom wanted to steal my job ! I guess Warren can measure how defendable such a phrase is down the road.

    But for fun.. imagine Stephen Harper having to cut Ray Novak loose.. So Ray, 2nd most powerful or important politician in Canada has to resign because.. say, Duffy affair, or Election Fraud or insidious Proroguing.. and he issues an identical Resignation letter, which Harper then tweets.. Ray writes I categorically deny.. blah blah.. ‘nor anyone around me’ .. what ? Like Laureen ? Steve ? Arthur Hamilton.. well you catch my drift..

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