02.20.2019 03:39 PM

Let her speak, Trudeau! Let her speak!

…and kudos to Nate Erskine-Smith and Wayne Long for being the only Liberal MPs to favour an inquiry into #LavScam.


  1. Matt says:

    Nate has some crazy ideas, but yes, good on him and Wayne for standing with the opposition.

    Also, did I read it right? Trudeau voted on the motion?

    Since he is the one who holds the privilege over JWR isn’t that a conflict of interest?

  2. Sean says:

    Trudeau and company know how dangerous her testimony can be. To put it in perspective , if they were a Mafia organization, Jody would need to be in a witness protection program. They fool no one and they will not find peace. I have never seen such unity of pundits who place the integrity of Canada well ahead of partisanship, especially of the ” law breaking ” kind. When our country is under assault, we as Canadians close ranks and stand shoulder to shoulder.

    You are a leader Warren, and I’m posting your information all over the place. And so are many others, such as Ray Heard and Lorrie Goldstein. Keep it up sir, and we footsoldiers will do our part.

    • Ron says:

      Isn’t it strange how the conservatives are acting now when the former Prime Minister Stephen Harper would not let anyone speak he spoke for everybody in cabinet various commissions he was the mouthpiece with this 24/7 video that was very costly to the Canadian taxpayers

    • Dean Propp says:

      I agree ,time for canadians to make our vets proud of this country again ,shoulder to shoulder we are still the toughest S.O.B.’S out there ,time to stop this hostile takeover of our great country !!

  3. the salamander says:

    .. was certainly a dramatic moment.. took some serious courage.. We heard she waited 2 hours to be accepted into the cabinet meeting prior. Nobody else distinguished themselves in QP .. Nathanial no surprise (a classmate & good friend of my son) props to Wayne Long aussi. Certainly in light of your previous post, Andrew Scheer did distinguish himself via a foolish question for Trudeau, but rather as an uninformed bumpkin along with his war room.. for not comprehending the law per your anonymous prosecuter’s 5 points of revelation re Director of Prosecutions – Minister of Justice roles initiatives and scope

  4. Steve T says:

    OK, so I’m very supportive of JWR in this whole thing, and aghast at what the Libs (and esp PMO) have done.

    However…. I hate phrases like “speak my truth”. What does that even mean?? If you intend to speak THE truth, then say it that way. Truth is truth – there is no “my” truth and “your” truth. Mine and yours relate to opinions, not truth.

    I wish she hadn’t used this terminology – it now makes me think we are going to get a lot less clarity than originally intended.

    • Will Purcell says:

      I would have preferred “the” to “my” as well, but don’t kid yourself: There are many truths out there. Most of them come in fractions.

      I suspect Trudeau was telling “the truth” when he said he did not “direct” JWR to give SNC a break. Cajole, plead and a host of other verbs — well, that’s another matter.


  5. Mike Jeffries says:

    “Let her speak”? Why doesn’t she? As a citizen I am trying to understand the complexity of her Solicitor-Client-Privilege (SCP) and Cabinet Confidentiality as Minister of Justice because the Prime Minister is her client. But, as AG her client is the citizenry wherein there is no SCP because we want to know her “Truth”.
    Why doesn’t she wear her AG hat and speak?

    • Vancouverois says:

      Can the two positions be separated so neatly? I doubt it.

      I do wonder about the claims of privilege, though. Maybe it doesn’t apply, and JWR is simply using it to excuse her silence while she waits for the correct time to speak openly.

  6. barn E. rubble says:

    RE: the salamander says:
    “. . . Lorrie Goldstein is not a leader.. he’s simply a shrill Conservative partisan . . .”

    Well, as long as we have one on the right side (vs. all those on the left &/or wrong). . . that seems fair.

  7. Do we live in a 3 th world country. I hope on the next election the so called democrats will remember this episode.

  8. David Peddle says:

    All Canadians have the right to FULL disclosure. Now

  9. John Zanolla says:

    Seems the more things change, the more they stay the same. Gangsters and thugs have taken over the political stage. The nature of politics is pressurized and life after politics seems to have its rewards in the form of job opportunity, appointments, and financial gain. How often has a court of law heard a “NOT GUILTY” plea from a defendant who is DEFINITELY GUILTY by the evidence presented. Where is the sting in perjury in regards to consequences?

  10. William Cronin says:

    let her speak

    • doug millar says:

      If I were Trudeau I wouldn’t let Wilson -Raybould speak again at the justice committee hearing. She’d reveal too much and would harm the PM even more. Better for him to take his licks without letting her tell us what really happened.

  11. Bruce Watson3 says:

    Isn’t it interesting that the Liberal appointed Ethics Commission suddenly became ill and is now off for an undetermined length of time merely three weeks into his supposed SNC investigation? In effect also shutting down that inquiry also, most likely at the direction of Justin Trudeau or someone in the PM, s office. I would also like to know if it true that Trudeau has hired an outside law firm in preparation for an R.C.M.P. investigation?

  12. Gordon Miller says:

    Bring on the Green party
    Liberals NDP Conservatives /Reform
    I for one am tired of the old school BS. Time for a fresh coat of Green to change things up Elizabeth May would mop the floor with Scheer and the rest of tired old boys club.
    Part 1: The Green Economy
    Part 2: Addressing the challenge of the Climate Crisis
    Part 3: Preserving and Restoring the Environment
    Part 4: People
    Part 5: The planet needs Canada (and vice versa)
    Part 6: Good Government


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