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Shocker: Why Jody Wilson-Raybould was knifed by Justin Trudeau

Is Justin Trudeau’s PMO corrupt?

And did they punish the first female indigenous leader for refusing to go along with a dirty deal for their cronies?

This Globe and Mail story strongly suggests the answer is yes, to both questions. If true, this is corruption at the very highest levels of the federal government.

I’ve known this story was coming, but didn’t know it would be this bad. It’s bad.

It’s now clear that Justin Trudeau knifed Jody Wilson-Raybould because she refused to protect friends of Justin Trudeau. Friends enmeshed in multiple corruption scandals.

This one has it all: racism, cronyism, corruption.  More shocking highlights below. Link here.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s office attempted to press Jody Wilson-Raybould when she was justice minister to intervene in the corruption and fraud prosecution of Montreal engineering and construction giant SNC-Lavalin Group Inc., sources say, but she refused to ask federal prosecutors to make a deal with the company that could prevent a costly trial.

SNC-Lavalin has sought to avoid a criminal trial on fraud and corruption charges stemming from an RCMP investigation into its business dealings in Libya…

Sources say Ms. Wilson-Raybould, who was justice minister and attorney-general until she was shuffled to Veterans Affairs early this year, came under heavy pressure to persuade the Public Prosecution Service of Canada to change its mind.

Sources say officials from Mr. Trudeau’s office, whom they did not identify, had urged Ms. Wilson-Raybould, Canada’s first Indigenous justice minister, to press the public prosecution office to abandon the court proceedings.

Ms. Wilson-Raybould trusted the judgment of the public prosecutor and did not believe it was proper for the attorney-general to intervene, especially if there could be any suggestion of political interference, sources say

Since the beginning of 2017, representatives of SNC-Lavalin met with federal government officials and parliamentarians more than 50 times on the topic of “justice” and “law enforcement,” according to the federal lobbyists registry. This includes 14 visits with people in the PMO. Those they met included Gerald Butts, principal secretary to the Prime Minister, and Mathieu Bouchard, Mr. Trudeau’s senior adviser on Quebec – whom they met 12 times. Mr. Trudeau’s senior policy adviser, Elder Marques, also met with company representatives.

This revelation, if true, is a clear violation of section 139(2) of the Criminal Code. Will the Conservatives, who have been lobbied just as aggressively by SNC Lavalin, do the right thing, and shut down Parliament until there is a Mueller-type independent inquiry? Will they, at the very least, swear a complaint with the RCMP? I’m not holding my breath.

If any of you wish to do so, however, you can here.


  1. Des says:

    Why the hell is this not the headline on National Newswatch instead of a puff opinion piece from the New York Times?

    • Warren says:

      You’ll note that I have been banned from National Newswatch, too. I think I offended a certain advertiser.

      • Duane Sharp says:

        Warren…you are bad!

      • Joey says:

        When you get banned that indicates those news media are corrupt too. So make a list of all the corrupt news media outlets. Canadians get a far better coverage from whistle blowers and blogs and comments then from news papers and news station on TV. All for free.

        The Globe and Mail will need to stick with the story. Every day and every step taken.

        Body language of Jody Wilson Raybould speaks volumes and her father pretty much has spilled the beans.

        The current AG that replaced JWR is from Trudeaus riding so doesnt that looked planned. So many crooked people come from Quebec and are rich. Find that interesting. These same people give money.

        Comments of people are the best way to discover the truth. Every angle is important and it was the Trudeau government that brought in the deferred prosecution agreements or remediation agreement as they call it. So its all been planned since obviously JWR refused to be forced to pressure even though there were fourteen meetings. Cant say there was no pressure. The fourteen meetings prove it. Any whistle blowers from SNC Lavelin with any knowledge that SNC Lavelin do what they do best….bribed the PMO office behind the scenes and figured they can get away with it. They have been caught bribing and made lots of money off of their bribes, Any money offered to the PMO or the present AG. Good question to wonder.

    • Matt says:

      Because National Newswatch is owned by the father of Trudeau’s Director of Communications?

    • David Jeffrey Spetch says:

      global compact

      • David Jeffrey Spetch says:

        and such as liberal and globalist policy long before they made such a compact, I suspect the compact was front lined to try and over shadow that they have already been using such sick method for years.

    • Sandy says:

      Because Trudeau’s has them in his pocket

  2. pat says:

    Wow! A inquiry, would be good, but the Cons boss has no balls!

    • Warren says:

      Then swear a complaint with the RCMP under s. 139(2) of the Criminal Code. Anyone can do it. Here: http://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/en/nation/rcmp-referral-complaint-check-sheet

      • Lorne says:

        Is it not counterproductive to swear a complaint and bring in the RCMP at this point? Doesn’t that have the effect of all PMO responses being “no comment while this is under investigation” “wouldn’t want to interfere with the work of the RCMP”, etc.?

        Probably best to take some time to hammer away in the House, and on the streets. Call for an inquiry and then eventually swear the complaint if no one else has.

        I think this one has “legs”.

    • Maureen Gow-Zelmer says:

      That’s really uncalled for. Andrew just made a statement and you can be assured he and the CPC will not let this go but because Trudeau is so corrupt and has so much third party money backing him, it’s an uphill battle. Don’t insinuate that another leader would do different.

  3. Tee says:

    Why the Cons why not Singh or May? Either of tem could make the same complaint to the RCMP.

  4. Ian says:

    Not quite seeing the racism. SNC Lavalin has always been able to run over any cabinet minister they cannot buy, regardless of race, colour, or creed.

  5. Montréalaise says:

    It seems that JT admires strong, independent women only as long as they do exactly what he tells them to.

    • Montréalaise,

      I’m sorely tempted to overly broad-stroke and call it L’Air du Québec. (Think Lola in the SCOC…)

    • Daryl Gordon says:

      Looks just like the US Democrats in demanding due process in the various and sundry scandals in Virginia. What happened to “I believe the woman” and college hijinks are a direct reflection of current character?

      Oh I must have forgotten, there is a different set of rules for the left on both sides of the border.

  6. I hope they have an industrial-strength vacuum cleaner in the PMO and that it gets used — if these allegations are founded.

  7. paul says:

    She needs to cross the floor and tell her story before this will have any credibility.

    • jim says:

      that would be awesome and certainly she should be respected for having the integrety to do so. make her deputy PM

      • Shelagh says:

        Respected? Not by a long shot. She and sockboy made changes to jury selection law when they didn’t get the verdict they wanted in the Bouchie case. Why weren’t those males who caused the whole mess in the first place prosecuted? The lieberals – all of them get no respect from me. They don’t represent my values, especially not the trust fund man-child who is the prime minister.

  8. Neil Bressey says:

    Why would the RCMP need a complaint? Are they not obligated to investigate on their own?

  9. KJQ says:

    Thank you, Mr. Kinsella. I seldom agree with your political views, but I’ve always respected your being a “straight shooter”. Really miss the days you were on SNN. The truth is more important than partisanship.

  10. Mike says:

    Being the seriousness of the charge would this also put the credibility of the media at stake a little bit here? They should commit to search this story out to its conclusion but if they don’t does that put them at odds with how they went after Harper (rightly so) for Duffy? This is a massive story but does it have those other dangers in it for the media?

    • Mike says:

      Charge wasn’t the word I should have used. Accusation is appropriate.

    • Chris says:

      Do you remember that time, right at the height of the “MeToo” movement, when the sitting Prime Minister of Canada was accused of sexual harassment against a Canadian journalist?

      Remember how that story dissappeared in about a week, never to be spoken of again?

      I don’t trust the Canadian mainstream media to seriously hold our leaders to account, especially during the times when our leaders belong to the Liberal Party of Canada.

  11. Mike,

    I’ll be watching The [Toronto] Star!

    Trudeau says the allegations are false.

  12. E.M. says:

    While it would appear that this story is damaging, I am still a bit sceptical of the allegations.

    SNC-Lavalin naturally has a lot of clout, but I suspect that they wouldn’t need the support of the AG to halt prosecution . Plenty of people in Public Prosecution who would have no appetite for the case based on difficulty and technicalities involved with prosecution canadian companies for a single count of corruption under Section 3(1)(b) of the Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act.

    The fraud under section 380 of the Criminal Code of Canada is an easier charge to prosecute, but it’s not something a company the seize of SNC feels is terribly endangering. They probably set aside contingency funds for this sort of risk, and would feel they can take their change in court.

    (Having seen thse prosecutions from the inside – RCMP IMET – I’ve seen how these things play out. Simply white collar crime doesn’t really amount to much in Canada, and SNC would probably not be that interested in drawing more attention to the case then or really want to play this card). Of course I haven’t seen the evidence or know how strong the case is.

    But, it would appear to also a case of sour grapes with JWR. The move seemed a long time coming after she lost the respect of many in the legal community – certainly the criminal legal community. (but that’s a whole other story). So shuffle seemed imminent anyways.

    Anyways, it’s certainly good fodder for the conservatives, but not sure if this is an accurate picture.

    Vice-Admiral Norman is probably more of a concernning case. I’m betting they will lose that one with Marie Henein as counsel for defense

    • LROB says:


      Good points as always. Also the new Remediation or Deferred Prosecution options are new to Canada and maybe the Givernment was not to far off side in asking them to explore that option. It normally comes with significant monitoring of on going business transactions for years to come and keeps a company employing Canadians. I don’t get offended if that was the “pressing” issue.

    • Fred from BC says:

      “But, it would appear to also a case of sour grapes with JWR. The move seemed a long time coming after she lost the respect of many in the legal community – certainly the criminal legal community. (but that’s a whole other story). So shuffle seemed imminent anyways. ”

      Agreed. I have to respect her for her handling of this particular incident (if the accounts are indeed true), but she was still out of her depth as AG.

      (sorry, Warren. I know you like her, but that doesn’t change the facts…)

      • Terence Quinn says:

        The fraud under section 380 of the Criminal Code of Canada is an easier charge to prosecute, but it’s not something a company the seize of SNC feels is terribly endangering. They probably set aside contingency funds for this sort of risk, and would feel they can take their change in court.”

        This gets to the meat in this issue. Also bear in mind that SNC cleaned up its act and remains a major Canadian exporter of services and goods through their supply chain purchases.

    • Duane Sharp says:

      Yes they will lose the Norman case…an innocent senior military officer who was thrown under the same bus which was waiting for Wilson-Raybould…Heinen will bury the prosecution…and when the truth is known on the SNC-Lavalin file, I sincerely hope we have TWO swords to skewer the Libs before the fall election!T

  13. Kelly says:

    Questions about the prosecution of Vice Admiral Norman have been “answered” with reference to the sub judice rule. If I understand the story correctly, the SNC prosecution is still proceeding. How can the Liberals answer questions about this without opening themselves up to criticism for not answering questions about Norman?

  14. Bill says:

    Thank you for a well reasoned psot!

  15. Mike Filip says:

    Mr. Kinsella, I’ve been critical of you in the past, but this is some damn fine reporting. If you’d like to be a guest on my show airing in Washington DC please shoot me an email.

  16. Greg Vezina says:

    Does anyone remember Justin Trudeau promising during the 2015 election to end PMO control, saying “we’ve seen the end point of that?”

    Justin Trudeau would loosen PMO control, reverse trend started by father #LiarLiar #cdnpoli

  17. Windsurfer says:

    If Warren will allow this comment, a well-known business commentator on BNN today, Business News Network, said the Attorney General should have just backed off. As in stop prosecuting/persecuting the issue…….. it’s dead, over and was committed by long-gone executives. He also said it’s just hurting CDN business. Take this comment as you wish, but the commentator was Norman Levine, a fairly sober type. I’m sure anyone wanting to see the clip can look at the BNN archive from about 8.25 am EST today.

    • Lyle says:

      The larger issue is the political interference &, if true, the denial of the same. At this point, the SNC case is only a back drop.

    • James Phieffer says:

      It’s not for the AG to decide. That was apparently JWR’s stance, and it’s the right one. If a Crown under her decided not to proceed, because reasons, then no problem. But she should never have been asked to intervene in the first place. That is where the law was broken.

    • Steve says:

      Interesting take on BNN. SNC isn’t all that good for business either. If people think that corrupt companies that make money should be left alone so we are all better off then they have a very strange view of how business works. SNC is taking business from ethical companies in Canada and therefor encouraging the creation of a business environment that requires companies to discard their ethics in order to compete.

      • Terence Quinn says:

        That’s overblown in terms of “taking business from ethical companies in Canada” . I am not suggesting SNC wasn’t unethical but its competitors play in the same league and win orders.

  18. Jim R says:

    Really want to hear what Wilson-Raybould has to say about this. If true, it certainly makes Trudeau’s talk of rule of law w.r.t. the Meng Wanzhou extradition issue look hypocritical.

  19. John D. says:

    Thanks for taking the lead on pushing awareness of this incredible story today Warren.

    If any of this is true, and even as a conservative I really hope it isn’t, then it is way bigger than Left/Right politics… It is fundamental to who we are as a nation and as a free people.

    It could be the biggest story of our time, and it needs a person like Warren Kinsella to lead the public outcry for The Truth.

  20. Miles Lunn says:

    This is not good. She was one of the more competent cabinet ministers and this could come back to bite them. Off course scandals take time to settle in the public minds after all sponsorship scandal didn’t hurt Martin in 2004, but did in 2006 so the question is are we too close to the election for this to take hold or not? This looks bad and will be interesting to see how this unfolds. SNC-Lavalin does have a bad record as didn’t they do a corrupt deal with Muammar Gaddafi when he was still Libyan dictator so not totally surprised, but you would expect our government being democratic to say no to this sleaze.

    Anyways as a BC Liberal supporter and just watching their campaign to make their team for next election more diverse and more representative of modern BC, I would love to see her run provincially where if the BC Liberals win next time she could be justice minister. Not sure what her provincial leanings are though as BC Liberals are more conservative than federal Liberals, but since the Trudeau guys seem to not want her, maybe she should go provincial.

  21. Matt says:


    Looking back at a statement made by Wilson-Raybould after her firing as Justice Minister/AG seems to suggest she was directed to do something illegal.

    “……it is a pillar of our democracy that our system of justice be free from even the perception of political interference and uphold the highest levels of public confidence.”

    • Terence Quinn says:

      If you recall she put out a message telling us what she had accomplished in her time as AG. What she didn’t say is that she was not competent in certain areas of criminal justice and there were legal community complaints about her. JT made the right move as it will eventually play out.

  22. Karen Gibbs says:

    This is just another reason to charge Trudeau with treason. Between taking away Canadians’ democratic right to vote on the UN Pact and not including Canadians’ in the ISIS Terrorist return, not taking away the ISIS Terrorists citizenship, and taking taxpayers money ($590,000,000) to buy the media, just adds fuel to fire of charging Trudeau with TREASON.

    • alan morgan says:

      hang the SOB

    • Terence Quinn says:

      Its election season Art, so there is no reality. Karen is way out there.

    • The Doctor says:

      Since when has any ordinary citizen had a right to directly vote on ratification of any UN Pact or Treaty or whatever? Get a grip. Your time to vote on stuff is general election time. At that time, vote for the party of your choice. That’s the way things work on the planet I come from.

  23. Jim R says:

    Paul Wells, who I have a lot of time for, has a good take on this here:

    Really puts Wilson-Raybould’s memo into context.

  24. Sam White says:

    What will be interesting is, how tenaciously the media will pursue this. Will it get the same attention as Duffy et all?

    It should get more, but will it?

    What do you think Warren?

  25. Walter says:

    If we look at history, this story should not be surprising:

    1) Trudeau announced charges in the Vice Admiral Norman case a year before they were actually laid,
    2) Trudeau violated Ethics Act on 4 counts by visiting Aga Khan island,
    3) Trudeau and team weighed in on jury verdict in Boushie case,
    4) Trudeau violated Ethics Act by accepting gift in Maritimes.
    5) Now this.

    How many strikes before your out in this game?

  26. Bob says:

    I wonder how the Chinese now feel about our “Rule of Law” Prime Minister?

  27. Ron says:

    This case goes beyond some ‘rogue executives’ and some foreign bribes. It is a case of who knew what and when. That means the board. A lot of engineers consultants and competitors are out for blood from this company. And all it’s been getting is the kid gloves treatment. If SNC wants absolution; it’s going to have to cough up more than a couple of executives. $30 million does not come out of petty cash.

  28. Bob says:

    Don’t forget the groping allegations

  29. Sean says:

    I hope liberals such as Warren, find the strength of conviction to speak out against this corrupt government. People will listen if they can find a way to be heard.

  30. High taxation, lower representation says:

    Am I the only person who had heard she was terrible to get along with and not a team player (and by this I mean, on just the mundane stuff)— I’ve heard it from females and males, political and bureaucrats who dealt with her.
    Admittedly, I’ve never heard it from a First Nations woman so perhaps I’m only in racist-mysoginist circles.
    New Justice minister has a great reputation, perhaps this made a stronger cabinet.
    As for SNC-L, they are crooks who lobby anybody who takes meetings. I love how our tight financing laws allows their $125K donations (that’s one midlevel salary at HQ) to even make this a feasible story. Ahh, Canada.
    The article seems to gain steam with JWR denying comment, and the whole thing may have come to the Globe from her people but maybe that’s just payback for an oldschool plain knifing? If so, this added hubbub definitely helps her cause.
    As said earlier, very tough timing with October.

  31. Bob says:

    How will the Chinese react now to our “Rule of Law” Prime Minister?

  32. Rob says:

    Is anyone really shocked? This is how the Liberals and their supporters have always operated. They are the party of graft and thievery. Lining their pockets with taxpayers money until they feel the heat and then retire and enjoy the golden egg of retirement, or double dip in the private sector while enjoying that pension. As much as SNC should be banned from government jobs, the Liberals should be banned from ever being in politics. Every single one of them.

  33. RWG says:

    Sorry, but between the media, police, parliament and our courts I don’t honestly believe anything will happen with this other than it being “swept under the carpet.

    Will people take to the streets in protest demanding Trudeau resign? Nope. Canadians don’t want to believe their government is corrupt. It’ll cause tongues to wag in the Ottawa bubble, but anything more will be brushed off as partisan political games and the MSM will drop it.

  34. Ed Simmons says:

    This issue has clearly defined what Trudeau and his Liberal party is all about. There is a lot of past history to back it up.

    Rob is so right, “the Liberals should be banned from ever being in politics. Every single one of them.”

    Canada would then prosper without the BS and thieving.

    • Fred from BC says:

      Not sure I’d go that far, but it *is* interesting that once again, Quebec features prominently in a Liberal scandal.

  35. Sandy F says:

    Because Trudeau’s has them in his pocket

  36. Glen says:

    Trudeau has cooked his goose and for anyone bringing sexism and racism into the conerdsatin re: Jody, all I can ask is– Why does “race” have to come into it??? If she were “Caucasian/White” would you have been so quick to point out her race or just disregard it because she may/may not be White?? Why the distinction? You are only fueling the B.C. chiefs claims of sexism and racism and more freaking division hatred for Whites!!!

  37. Floyd says:

    JT’s room mate and great friend at West Point Grey Academy, Vancouver, Christopher Charles Ingvaldson is another story.F

  38. The markets seem to think that this will fade. SNC stock was down when the charges were laid but recovered and then dropped again with the Globe story, but are now creeping back up. Why, because (1) they think that SNC will pay the fine and it will be business as usual (2) It’s just another Quebec based scandal (3) The Liberal are indebted to SNC and would pay dearly in the next election in Quebec if SNC jobs were sacrificed. Odd how a 100K jobs in Alberta don’t matter (no Liberal votes there) but 8K jobs in Quebec are the end all, be all. Time to buy SNC shares.

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