03.10.2019 08:45 AM

I’m [insert name] and I approved this message


  1. the salamander says:

    .. ‘feels free to be themselves’ ..
    the irony is deafening & laughable
    .. but not the elected MP of ‘insert riding here’ ?

    The dreaded um.. uh ah & ‘to be perfectly honest’
    is joined by cut n paste for political poll posturing
    a rabid infection via lazy MainMedia faux ‘journalists’

  2. Fred from BC says:

    As if ‘transphobia’ wasn’t ridiculous enough, we now have something called ‘biphobia’ as well?

    Keep it up, Liberals. You’re doing just fine at courting the extreme-left vote (what little there is of it). The Conservatives will happily take the rest…

  3. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    You’re wrong on this. Trans people are being deliberately beat up in schools. That’s one of the reasons there is a legitimate push for trans bathrooms. Their personal safety and security is being threatened by others, who are fellow students.

  4. Montrealaise says:

    I see two possibilities here with the cut-and-paste “insert here” fiasco: either the MPs who did this (and it’s more than just one) are careless, or it’s a passive-aggressive move, a way to express their true feelings about the PMO directives without actually expressing them.

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:


      Those of you on the Hill are either hearing additional serious caucus grumbling or not. I’m considerably at a distance and haven’t heard a peep other than CC, Long and ES.

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