03.14.2019 01:03 PM

#LavScam Leger shock poll: mon Dieu

The entire rationale for the SNC-Lavalin dirty deal – to risk obstructing justice, and give a corrupt Québec firm a sweetheart deal – was to win seats in Quebec. That’s why Justin Trudeau did it.

And it hasn’t won him support in Quebec – it has cost him support.

Check out this Leger poll. “TRUDEAU SCORCHED BY SNC-LAVALIN.” That’s the headline.

He’s down, Scheer’s bleus are up.

Poll here.


  1. the real Sean says:

    …by November JT will still be in high demand…. making balloon animals at children’s birthday parties.

  2. HarryR says:

    What’s this – do I detect a glimmer of principled conscience? Is the needle of the moral compass swinging back to point True North Strong and Free? Tell me it’s so!

  3. MitchB says:

    Also nice to see Elizabeth May and the Greens up to 9% since JT’s train derailed.

  4. Max says:

    Right about now, I’d vote for whatever party Kinsella is leading. Just sayin’. As an aside, can’t help but wonder what the public discourse would be if Mulcair was in the house. He was up there with both Lewis’. Avi and Klein, the armchair socialists, have left the scene.

  5. Mohammed says:

    Warren, I am huge fan of yours, but more than a dozen Muslims were just killed in a mosque in New Zealand,and Andrew Scheer didn’t mention their faith or their place of worship in his statement — just a bland “all lives matter” condemnation.

    We need to get to the bottom of Lavscanner, but not at the risk of another Islamophobic PM. Maybe you could pause for a week or two on this issue? Or until Leader Scheer condemns Islamophobia?

  6. hugh says:

    Curious if this is the “next big thing”
    or should we expect something even more interesting on the 19th (overshadowing the budget, and of course the reconvening of the Faux Justice Committee)?

    Early election, or is it something perhaps even more damaging to the Trudeau brand?

    Considering the ongoing machinations of the McGill “Happy Gang”, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to expect what comes next.

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:


      Let me put it to you this way: I’m already stocking up on booze and Belgian chocolate. Something tells me I’ll need both in industrial quantities.

  7. Gord says:

    Those NDP numbers are truly dismal. If they can’t even crack double digits I don’t see how they avoid a total wipeout in Quebec. We have to go back to 2006 to find NDP numbers this low in Quebec, and they didn’t win a single seat. Even winning 12.5% of the vote in 2008 only netted them a single seat (Mulcair in Outremont).

  8. Vancouverois says:

    I’m heartened to see that I was right – the average Quebecker isn’t *quite* as blindly pro-Quebec Inc as those in power would like to believe.

    • Fred from BC says:

      I must be more cynical than you….I expected the opposite.

      • Ronald O'Dowd says:


        That’s because you know us just about as well as we know you.

        Try doing a bit of inline skating on the Plains of Abraham. And where do you suggest pour moi?

  9. Pedant says:

    Lib 35% CPC 26% doesn’t seem that shocking. Libs down a bit and CPC up a bit. But with the collapse in the NDP, the Libs may actually gain seats in Quebec even with a lower vote share than 2015. It’s a shame Mulcair was forced out.

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