, 03.01.2019 10:31 AM

The Liberal #LavScam Jonestown Massacre

If, say, you wanted to now wipe out the Liberal Party of Canada – if you wanted to eliminate any chances it might have in an election that is just 200+ days away – what would you do?

Here’s what you would do:

  • You would continue a smear campaign against the most respected politician in Canada, Jody Wilson-Raybould
  • You would kick her out of your caucus, thereby proving everything she’d said about you, and turning her into a martyr at or about the level of Louis Riel
  • You would let it be known that her successor started plotting how to give a sweetheart deal for SNC-Lavalin before the ink on his new business cards had dried
  • You would let it be known that SNC-Lavalin – which is apparently the only construction and engineering firm in Canada – is getting their sweetheart deal after all

And that’s what the Trudeau Party are doing, or have done. All of it.


1. Here is a Liberal MP saying JWR isn’t “a team player,” that someone else (probably a man) is “pulling her strings” and – because she’s a girl, you know – she “can’t handle the stress.”

2. Here’s Trudeau openly musing about kicking JWR out of caucus – thereby (a) rendering her a martyr and (b) proving that he did want her punished for refusing to go along with what would amount to obstruction of justice.

3. Here’s her successor – whose understanding of the law means “nothing bad happened because Justin Trudeau says so” – meeting with PMO staff in Sherbrooke, right after he was sworn in, and scheming about how to cut a dirty deal for SNC-Lavalin.

4. Here’s another Minister saying, well, um, yes, giving SNC-Lavalin a deal to avoid prosecution for millions worth of bribery and corruption charges “is always in the table.”

You can’t make this shit up, folks.

Justin Trudeau is no longer the leader of a political party.

He’s the head guy with a political suicide cult.


    1. Pat C says:

      “which is apparently the only construction and engineering firm in Canada”

      I pull my hair out every time I hear a Liberal peddle this line and then have it go unchallenged by the media.
      The pool of skilled engineers and construction workers doesn’t change because a contract is awarded to a different company.
      Yes there would be disturbances but the line of argument about job losses is a red herring.

      • Nick M. says:


        As an engineer I see it as a net benefit for government contracts to be better distributed.

        I have seen it where home grown engineering giants in Alberta laid people off, and the laid off made their own company as a result. The work returned, just not to the engineering giant. 🙂

      • Andrew B says:

        You’re right and why isn’t anyone in the media making this point? In the extreme example that SNC goes out of business, wouldn’t all the other big construction/engineering firms rush in to fill the void? Wouldn’t this put them in a position dramatically expand operations and thus hire most of SNC’s former employees?

    2. Grant says:

      So Warren….what’s your take on Butt’s wanting to testify? You think he has “evidence” that will exonerate Trudeau? Or perhaps impugn Jody? Is he a bombshell waiting in the wings?

      • Ronald O'Dowd says:


        I think he will limit himself to his own role in this. I know that’s what I’d do.

      • Vancouverois says:

        Maybe he’ll take all the blame and say it was him acting alone, without JT’s knowledge or direction (or even in spite of it) in hopes we’ll believe that Trudeau is as pure as the driven snow?

        I mean, that would be stupid. But who knows? Some voters might actually fall for it. They did elect JT in the first place, after all.

    3. not 1st says:

      Where are the new polls? That will the tale.
      Meanwhile Trudeau is barricading himself in fortress Quebec and basically acquiescing to everything they want and more. A Quebecer who has probably never seen a farm for Agriculture? Cmon this is blatant now.

      Quebecers are going to ignore this corrupt govt just to get their goodies?

      • Max says:

        au contraire, polls will not tell the tale. The election will tell the tale. Expect Atlantic Canada to side the Liberals. Quebec media are burying this story, so too soon if Quebec will turn on Justin. Your second error is the cheapshot about farms and “the Quebecer”. Yeah, she’s seen a farm or 2. Her riding borders on the USA – lotsa farms.

      • Cory Arsenault says:

        Latest Angus Reid tonight is 38% CPC, 31% Libs.

        • T. Quinn says:

          the tory polling company doing on line polling. wow.

          • Cory Arsenault says:

            I guess the Toronto Star showing 56% feel their impression of Trudeau has worsened since LavScam is also just a Tory poll.

            Seems like partisans hate Tory polls as much as they hate Tory accountability laws.

          • James Walker says:

            T. Quinn is Terry Quinn, a well known Liberal troll on commenting sites.

    4. Charles says:

      What Trudeau is doing is either :

      -He has completely lost it, being out of touch with the departure of his mentor, Gerald Butts.

      -He knows that the Liberal sheep base will hold their nose and continue supporting him, as long as he maintain his social engineering agenda, throw them freebies (paid by their grandchildren), and warn against the “Nazi” Sheer alternative.

      Unfortunately, I think the latter option will prevail.

    5. The Doctor says:

      I read JWR’s speaking notes that were published in full in the Globe yesterday. Absolutely damning. Part of the problem for the Liberals is that it wasn’t just one or two incidents of interference; it was a whole bunch.

      The other thing that killed me was that on multiple occasions, somebody (including JT himself) would clearly pressure JWR on this matter but then say to her “but I’m not interfering”, or words to that effect. It’s like some mob enforcer sticking a gun in your mouth but then saying “hey, but I’m not threatening you.”

    6. Joseph says:

      The point that seems to be overlooked by the folks insisting that no law was broken I suggest they reread the part about how the AG is a portfolio that is not considered a cabinet position but of the legal branch of the government. This means that cabinet has no authority to direct the AG once they have made a decision. Up until the moment a decision is made a member of the other branches of government or anyone outside of government is free to discuss a matter with them with the caveat that the AG can stop the discussion at their discretion if they feel it crosses the line.
      Simpler explanation, the AG is not a member of the cabinet and therefore has no responsibility to them and the cabinet (including PM) has no authority over them except to fire them.
      As I am lead to believe per the act, the Director of Public Prosecutions has absolute authority. That word, absolute has a lot of legal weight or so I understand, that is sort of the same as sole discretion over a decision and nobody else.
      That once the decision is made, its not up for discussion and like any legal decision may be subject to judicial appeal (a day in court) but not to a debate inside caucus or the PMO.
      If I haven’t got the facts straight my apologies and I stand corrected. But if anyone tried to counteract that decision after it was made by pressuring the AG then a case can be made for interference in a criminal prosecution.

    7. Tom says:

      I will confess, I do like the parallel, that not long after Boy Wonder smugly told the press that he had to explain the law relating to Asylum Seekers to Doug Ford, that he was schooled on the law regarding Judicial Independence by JWR.

    8. Ronald O'Dowd says:

      not 1st,

      They are betting they will have comparable numbers going into the election. I expect them to begin dropping soon.

    9. RWG says:

      I get the feeling that Trudeau is about to try and “change the channel” by calling a snap election soon after the budget is tabled. Why?

      -make the cornerstone of your budget and election platform the “jobs, jobs, jobs…Scary, Scary Harper” mantra of your already well-rehearsed shtick
      -refuse to sign JWR’s nomination papers rather than
      have to boot her from caucus
      -focus the media (and your #KatiesKronies “op-ed’s”) on election coverage
      -this shuts down parliament and…more importantly committees
      -limit the time Trudeau has to bleed out before election day
      -beat the start of the Norman trial, potential RCMP investigation and ethic’s probe to the punch
      -the public perception can more easily be swayed into thinking this Lavscam thing is all just partisan electioneering by opposition parties during an election
      -it also forces your opposition to divert serious time, resources and efforts into an election campaign
      -don’t give Jagmeet Singh time to gain momentum

      The chance of them successfully winning a majority are (I would imagine) extremely slim. Minority? Uhm…maybe. But most importantly they have to avoid the Ontario Liberal “mini-van” caucus result and try to at least hold on to official opposition status.

      OK…I’ve convinced myself anyway 🙂

    10. M. Kilduff says:

      Does that mean the 6,943,276 who voted for this regime are about to drink the Kool-Aid?

    11. Nasty Bob says:

      When I read there was going to be a cabinet shuffle for a brief moment I thought the PM was going to say “ I’m big enough to admit we made a mistake and I’m going to re-appoint JWR to justice”

      LavScam would mostly be forgotten by Monday if he did that but then I remembered there hasn’t been much smart on display from the PM / PMO since he took his tickle trunk to India

    12. Robert White says:

      If Trudeau is at all inclusive he will keep JWR in caucus. If he boots her from caucus he will feel the wrath of the feminist/Marxist base. Harper would have booted her by now so I see Trudeau as much more mature than Harper would have ever been in similar circumstance.

      Liberals are entitled to curry favour with Quebec nearing election. Harper could never curry favour with Quebec on his best days. In my estimation the whole JWR debacle will peter out when the Norman trial fires up. Only the dedicated pundits will hang on to the JWR affair after that turns to yesterday’s news. People on talk radio in Ottawa are starting to complain about the media fixation on the JWR issue to the exclusion of other more pertinent issues de jour.

      I also think that JWR is pretty well the first AG that had issues with the PMO & PM with respect to jurisprudence.
      I don’t recall any AG ever stepping out on caucus in the past?

      All in all it’s a good learning experience so far on the curve for moi. Trudeau will scrape out of this by the time the Norman trial pushes the next shuffle on media. Scheer could not make the RCMP open a criminal file either, eh.


    13. whyshouldIsellyourwheat says:

      Who is the compliant former Supreme Court justice, Gerry and Katie own?

      Who are the editors and op-ed writers that Gerry and Katie own?

      They are like Vito (Corleone), who owned judges, newspaper reporters and editors, and some cops.

      Ben Rhodes, in his New York Magazine profile, explained how exactly this was done during his time as Obama’s “Gerry Butts”

    14. The Doctor says:

      The stuff in JWR’s relating to Katie Telford is just brutal. Some of the stuff attributed to Telford is like stuff that Frank Underwood would say or do in House of Cards.

      Also, the overriding theme of disrespect for rule of law and prosecutorial independence is positively . . . Trumpian. I were advising the opposition, I would have them use that analogy. It perfectly fits, and rightly craps all over the Liberal brand.

    15. Des says:

      Where’s the Wizard when you need him?

    16. Chris P says:

      Many Liberals in Toronto I speak to in Toronto are thoroughly pissed at Jody. View (right or wrong) is that she’s not a team player, only became issue when she was moved to Veteran Affairs.

      Personally, I’ve always taken the view that you try and fix what’s broken first before you napalm everything.

      Note: before the Globe and Mail article broke many Conservatives and NDP were in privately in support of SNC Lavalin handling. They likely would (rightly or wrongly) have done the same.

      • Warren says:

        I take it you aren’t familiar with the “Rule of Law” stuff.

      • Max says:

        Chris, how many meetings, by PMO staff, Privy Clerk, the Prime Minister, other departmental staff does JWR have to hang in there and try to do her job, and protect her staff? And so you feel she’s responsible to “fix” corruption at the highest level. I believe that’s exactly what she’s been doing the better part of the past 6 months. You wouldn’t happen to be one of those guys on Butts’ speed dial as it relates to “friendly Op Eds” would you?

      • Gord says:

        “Many Liberals in Toronto I speak to in Toronto are thoroughly pissed at Jody. View (right or wrong) is that she’s not a team player, only became issue when she was moved to Veteran Affairs.”

        Yes and we all know how much the Annex gang is in touch with the rest of the country.

      • The Doctor says:

        If that’s the view of many Liberals in Toronto, then many Liberals in Toronto are partisan buttheads badly in need of a moral compass.

      • J.H. says:

        Typical! TO Liberals think the country cares what they think.
        JWR knew exactly what she was doing. Her being there in cabinet prevented them from
        over-riding the prosecutor’s decision for fear of what she’d do and say. Same goes for move to Vets. She had the hammer & waited to see what he would do with justice. Soon as Trudeau tried to use her in Vancouver, she pulled the plug. Such a smart lady!

    17. Leo Fleming says:

      Trudeau threatened her and stabbed her in the back. She turned around and stabbed him in the front.

      The PMO is guilty of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

    18. where's waldo says:

      I think the Liberal powers that be have dramatically overstepped what is right and proper.

      Trudeau, and those in his office and Cabinet, have overplayed their hand. JWR is honorable and is publically showing the corruption of the Liberal inner circle for what it is. Rotten at the core. The Liberals are not pursuing Sunny Ways now, if they ever did. I.e., electoral reform, aboriginal reconciliation, the environment (pipeline insanity).

      If you want to chase what I think is the “bad guy” in this, look at SNC-Lavalin. IMHO, as bad as they come. IMO, the Cons are dirty with the Liberals and SNC as well. They got a sweet-heart deal to “buy” AECL for negative $60M and then still get hundreds of millions s year from “Parliament “.

      If SNC moves from Canada, all of the SNC/AECL assets and IP should be repatriated ASAP. If not, that will be the true theft and crime.

      Should Trudesu resign? Perhaps. Could he be defeated at the polls – I am hopeful. By the Cons – I am fearful.

      Where’s Waldo

    19. Dave Van Kerrebroeck says:

      Pierre Jr looks bad (as one does) – Pierre Jr loses election to very bad man – Angry Liberals and sane Cons etc get very angry – Trudeau punted from great job – Leadershiyof Liberal Party of Canada is won by JWR – Voters who want Electoral Reform and Renewable Energy leadership elect JWR as PM – Happy people applaud – world is saved from Apocalypse- Thank you.

    20. Ronald O'Dowd says:


      Am I the only unreasonable person to suggest that if they punt JWR from caucus, it ain’t to punt her from caucus?
      It’s to torpedo her future LPC leadership bid.

      • Vancouverois says:

        But will they? There are people openly saying that they’d vote for her as Prime Minister. And many Liberals have been trying very hard to have it both ways (what a surprise) by saying they have faith in the PM, but refusing to call JWR a liar – suggesting instead that she just perceived things differently, or was telling “her truth”, or similar garbage.

        I think Liberals care about holding on to power. If they believe that they stand a better chance in future elections with JWR – say, 2023 – they will be sure to keep her in the party. Or welcome her back in the fold once the current leader is thrown out after losing in October.

        • Ronald O'Dowd says:


          You know that I’m hardly an impartial observer, being a Liberal, but I think Justin has to take the hit for the team. He has to do what Ignatieff did to save the Liberal brand. In other words, the PM has to lead them into a losing election and then depart for educational pastures. If Liberals are truly smart, they will leave JWR alone and not remove her from caucus.

          The party needs to remain credible in the public’s eyes, especially if Scheer can only manage a minority. Then we must find our MacEachen and take Scheer down in the subsequent election under our new leader.

          Sad for all the idealists out there but politics will always be a cynical proposition.

    21. Delighted with your thinking Warren. 9,000 jobs lost?….Rubbish. Worthy Capital projects get financed and built regardless!!

      So with the jobs angle debunked, we Canadians want a ‘Rock’ for Attorny General.

      Justin Trudeau jumps too quickly to the pulling of strings. Seems not to be a real leader.

      First, the snap purchase of a pipeline that could have gone forward with a re-routing and a binding end date. That would have cost zero tax dollars.

      Second, the jump to please SNC Lavalin by pushing and then removing Jody Wilson-Raybould who is the best and most solid Attorney General that Canada could hope for. These immature political moves cause thinking Canadian voters to vote NDP or Green and signal the end of the Trudeau / Liberal run.

      Had Justin just stopped to think for a day or two, it may have come to him that saving the day would simply mean admitting that pressuring Jody Wilson-Raybould was an error and to restore her as Attorney General.

      Justin would then be seen as a leader and not a puppet dancing on SNC Lavalin strings.

      This is so obvious now to Canadian voters that the Liberal Party is doomed to failure this October.

      Jody Wilson-Raybould may eventually sue the Canadian Government for a huge settlement for crass unfair treatment and damages.

      Goodbye Justin. TG

      • doconnor says:

        The concern was the SNC would move its headquarters to London, England. That would mean the loss of head office jobs that Canada is sorely lacking in.

        • RWG says:

          More specifically….”that Quebec is lacking in.”

        • Jim R says:

          IMO the Quebec government and the Caisse de depot (which owns 20% of SNC-L) would not let SNC-L move its headquarters to London without a *massive* fight. Additionally, SNC-L cannot move its HQ out of Quebec until 2024 as per a loan agreement with the Caisse. As such, I don’t see a move happening regardless of the outcome of this affair.

          The threat of moving HQ is pure bluster.

          • Ronald O'Dowd says:


            I would argue that the Caisse has the short end of the stick. What are Legault and the Caisse going to do IF Bruce and the board decide to hightail it to London? Are they going to cancel those loans that keep Quebecers employed?

      • Vancouverois says:

        It’s still far too early to predict a Liberal loss in October. This is a step in that direction, but there’s far too much time between now and then to guarantee that the tide won’t turn in their favour once more.

        • Ronald O'Dowd says:


          I predicted Harper’s loss before pretty much everybody. Let’s see if I’ll be 2 for 2 in predicting a Scheer minority.

          But as a Liberal, I’m comforted by Scheer as an ALREADY potential walking-mistake-magnet. He goofed big-time with WIPM!

          • Vancouverois says:

            “When I am Prime Minister”? That’s certainly a mistake, but it’s more than half a year until the vote – if he abandons that tone now, I doubt it will be remembered by then.

    22. Martin Fobes says:

      What I fond interesting about all this is that ultimately it is all about a procurement policy. Why did they not quietly change the policy? Why sneak a law through and then pressure with respect to that law?

      It is interesting how laws are bent or ignored while policies are sacrosanct.

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