06.27.2019 08:18 AM


Got our local Liberal MP’s first election drop piece. Justin Trudeau’s name and photo is nowhere to be seen on it.



  1. Luke says:

    Last mailer I saw from my Lib MP Darrell Samson referred either very little or not at all to JT. This was weeks ago.

    • Luke says:

      Just got the newest one from Darrell Samson. Trudeau is on it. It’s a pretty good photo of the pair of them actually.

  2. duojet says:

    Conversely, I received a fundraising call from the LPC on the weekend, it was very much “Justin Trudeau …… and ….. the liberal party”

  3. They need a miracle — and they know it — and this strategy certainly ain’t it.

  4. Dork in East York says:

    A lot of solid candidates lining up in Beaches East York.

  5. Mark D says:


    Is the LPC mentioned?

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