06.04.2019 04:42 AM

Actually, Maxime, there is only one federal party leader who sounds like a white supremacist who hates women


  1. Jack B says:

    Haha, Trudeau with his fist raised like some tin pot dictator.

  2. Steve T says:

    While that is true in reality, the point Bernier is making is also true. Trudeau is flailing-about, in the death throws of his government, and is rolling out the usual bullsh*t tropes about everyone right-of-centre being misogynists and racists. Sadly, he says these things because there is a portion of the voting population who are dumb enough to believe him.

    • duojet says:

      Steve T. – Care to comment about Micheal Cooper’s recent actions?

      I’ll remind you:

      The vote comes a week after Conservative MP Michael Cooper named and quoted from the manifesto of the accused Christchurch shooter during an exchange with a witness.

      In response:

      Liberal MP Randy Boissonnault put forward the motion at the beginning of Tuesday’s meeting on online hate and it passed 6-0, with the THREE CONSERVATIVE MEMBERS OF THE COMMITTEE ABSTAINING.

      Maybe Trudeau has a point.

      • Fred from BC says:

        “Steve T. – Care to comment about Micheal Cooper’s recent actions?”

        He might not, but I certainly will.

        So there was this Liberal activist who was attempting to link terrorists to conservatives (seriously, he was) and Michael Cooper called him on it by quoting one of those supposedly Conservative-influenced terrorists, in his own words, saying that he wanted *nothing to do with* Conservatives. Slam dunk.

        The aforementioned Liberal did what all Liberals do when their arguments are exposed as inane: he tried to shoot the messenger (much in the same way as Liberals reacted when JWR tape recorded Michael Wernick’s veiled threats against her, remember?). To my major disappointment, Andrew Scheer turned cowardly in response ( just as Justin Trudeau has done with this “genocide” farce).

        Hope that helped.

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