07.23.2019 06:57 AM

Butts is back: my latest Sun video


  1. Doug says:

    Couldn’t the opposition parties push for disclosure of Butts’ severence terms? If he was paid out more than 4 months salary, he is in effect double dipping. Sure the GoC paid the severance and he likely returned to the Liberal Party payroll, but the Liberals would appear very arrogant by ignoring the bad optics.

    • Campbell says:

      Why would ignoring bad optics make the Liberals appear arrogant? I don’t even understand why that would be bad optics. If he was paid severance by the GoC – which isn’t at all clear – and is now earning a salary with another employer, how can that be considered double dipping? That would only “appear” bad to those who have already lost the ability to rationally consider the situation, and those people aren’t accessible voters anyway.

      • Doug says:

        Because the decision to hire to the Liberal campaign and to sever from GoC would have been made by the same people.

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