10.17.2019 07:59 AM

Also: he’s okay with Quebec implementing, in 2019, the same “values test” he opposed in 2015

My God, he is without a soul.


  1. Ontario John says:

    Another Liberal scandal at the Globe and Mail today.

      • Ontario John says:

        Robert Fife on twitter and in the Globe report on a former CEO accusing a Liberal cabinet minister of not resolving a procument issue. Perhaps scandal is too strong a word. But then it wouldn’t be the first time something with the Liberals has turned into something more serious.

        • Ontario John says:

          Looks like this story is getting more serious. Robert Fife on twitter reports that an urgent inquiry is being demanded on the Liberal appointed CEO of the Crown Corporation.

  2. Will Purcell says:

    I was a kid when the first James Bond movies came out; I recall being thrilled with that Aston Martin with all the specialty doodads in Goldfinger.

    One line that stuck with me through the folloing decades is this: “Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, three times is enemy action.”

    Yesterday, Barack Obama “endorsed” Trudeau. Coincidentally, not to mention concurrently, so did Bruce Heyman, Obama’s appointment as Ambassador to Canada. Later, Trudeau declines to ask if he solicited the endorsement(s).

    Good grief. Does that man have no shame!


    • Will,

      If I had the sense that I was rapidly going down the tubes, I’d probably be down on my hands and knees begging Obama for his endorsement.

      • Peter says:

        No, no Ronald, no bending down on knees. If you are a party leader today–doesn’t matter which party–you must stand up for:

        The West
        Small businesses and ordinary Canadians
        The middle class
        Human rights
        The environment
        Our children”s future…

        …and many other good things. I’m voting for the candidate who promises never to sit down.

        • Peter,

          Well said. In an ideal world, I’d like to vote for the one who promises to shut the hell up (since they are all liars) but that’s about as likely as another immaculate conception.

  3. Steve T says:

    Perhaps to state the obvious, Trudeau doesn’t have signs saying he “stands up” for other provinces because he doesn’t stand up for other provinces. In fact, in some cases, he actively does things to hurt them.

    Then again, most other provinces aren’t populated by the sorts of citizens that have been spoon-fed and pandered-to their entire lives, as has been the case in Quebec since the 1980s. And it isn’t even really their fault; when you create a system that continually tells a group of people they are special (or hard-done-by), inevitably they will come to believe it and demand that it continues and grows.

  4. Max says:

    The guy laments that this has been such a divisive and polarizing campaign, and his one big regret being he “couldn’t bring more people together”. And in the next breath, with furrowed brow and his grave tone of concern, warns the voter about Ford and Kenney, 2 premiers!
    Biggest. Phony. Ever.

    Even Raj, Barton and his journalism friends can’t save him now.

  5. Max,

    “Even Raj, Barton and his journalism friends can’t save him now.”

    As if they ever could. What a cred hit that journo gang has taken with the public.

  6. Ontario John says:

    John Ivison at the National Post has an interesting story on Groper today.

  7. Dan Blackstone says:

    Talking to some Albertan friends, many of them see the best case scenario right now is Scheer winning the most seats but Trudeau hangs on to power by going to the GG with Singh and May as coalition.

    This kills TMX dead & puts resource industry in death throes, Kenney has to give in to pressure to hold a referendum on staying in confederation before his term is up.

    Underestimate Albertan’s resolve in this at your peril.

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:

      Sorry Dan, but most of English Canada doesn’t give two-shits if you go, just like how they feel about us. You have some catching up to do: our next referendum will be number three, and it’s coming.

      • Oscoe Blauq says:

        Rest assured, the people of Alberta are okay with this. At the very least expect to see a firewall going up around AB and likely SK, perhaps MB. And a referendum on equalization fast tracked.

        If you think this will not have economic effects on the ROC, well, just keep thinking that.

        • Ronald O'Dowd says:


          I don’t think that it won’t but point is what does an equalization referendum solve? Sure, it’s great show and tell (a Kenney and Trudeau specialty) but Kenney can’t do diddly alone to get it modified. It’s high time that it got modified, but that’ll happen only in our dreams. That’s when Kenney’s crunch time will come: to see if he has the actual balls to hold a REAL separation referendum and pending results, walk if necessary. Then we’ll really see what Kenney is made of, or not.

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