10.22.2019 12:03 AM

Daisy Group election night in tweets


  1. Joe says:

    So, what does this mean for the SNC Laval affair? The RCMP is supposed to resume looking into that again, aren’t they? With a minority, the LPC will have a more difficult time covering it up, I would think.

  2. Don Johnson says:

    In other news, it looks like Jody Wilson Raybold and Jane Philpot got almost 25% of the vote of the entire People’s Republic Party. Just the two of them! Against 315 PPCs! So there is one bright spot in this election!

  3. Hugh says:

    Well, it is what it is.

    To those Trudeau supporters (and dare I say enablers) who worked so diligently towards this outcome, enjoy it for what it is.
    As you celebrate, realize that you have given tantamount support for the Canadian version of the man whom a great many claim to revile in the country to our south.
    -A barely closeted racist, with a penchant for treating women as objects of his amusement in his quest retain power.
    – Someone who will use any procedural loophole to prevent any investigation into his machinations.
    – The poster boy for malignant narcissism, it’s always everyone else’s fault.

    Enjoy the moment, you cannot ever cast aspersions on anyone else, ever again.

    • Jason says:

      That’s pretty bitter.
      A lot of us were holding our nose and voting for a real climate policy.
      Without any knights in shining armour, we have to make choices. Multiple long term conservative voters I associate with voted liberal or green because of that issue.
      Next time the Tories should consider that issue as one they can’t smirk about. And if they want to draw a contrast with a sneaky, dishonest leader, they could make sure their own guy’s secrets are out first.

    • Peter says:

      Sorry, but before you slam every Trudeau voter, this Con supporter, who likes Scheer, didn’t come across any friends or family who had much confidence in him. All I heard was wariness and suspicion. It’s unfortunate because I believe he is a decent guy, but there clearly weren’t enough of me, and politics is brutal. I think it was a mistake to go toe-to-toe with JT over leadership and keep his team in the shadows. As I said in an earlier thread, bad boys get more dates than bland boys.
      Plus I don’t recall one gripping idea he ran on–certainly nothing that got hearts beating in the major cities. I’m appalled the country chose such a feckless PM, but I think I’ll look to the Cons to account for it before giving up on the country.

  4. As for the CPC, I’m betting they will continue down major mistake road and allow Scheer to stay. B-I-G M-I-S-T-A-K-E!

    CPC strategists should already be sending political love notes to Ambrose, Moore and even MacKay.

  5. Fred from BC says:

    “Has Singh delivered enough seats to hang on? Or is he about to get the Mulcair treatment?”

    No matter what happens, it was worth it to see Jagmeet delivering a victory speech after losing half his seats. 🙂

    (I swear, NDP brains are wired differently than the rest of us…)

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