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Election 2019: it’s even shittier than you thought


  1. the real Sean says:

    I’m really sick of all the citizenship b.s. / cheap shots / gotcha stuff from all parties.

    Sir John A. MacDonald was an immigrant. Figure it out people.

    • TRS,

      Was John Turner any less prime ministerial because he was born in the UK?

      On my mother’s side, we’re loaded with dual citizens (Canada-United States), American-born living in Canada and my Canadian-born mother who lived in Wisconsin for a time.

      All of this goes to show you how low politicians will go to get and keep power. Think about that. Under the skin, most of them are all the same, regardless of party. And then they wonder why people don’t vote…

  2. John says:

    Groper was ranting about how he stands up for human rights in Canada and around the world, during the debate last night and today. Maybe he can explain the National Post story that his government has given hundreds of thousands of dollars to organizations in Canada that are buying ads supporting the Chinese government against protesters in Hong Kong.

    • Samantha Banks-Quills says:

      I mean, how is the PM supposed to allocate his time? Chasing every penny of his administration?

      • Chris says:

        If Trudeau can’t remember wearing blackface as a 29-year-old then you are correct. How can he be bothered to think of such petty little issues like supporting a Chinese dictatorship that hold two Canadians hostage and that has destroyed large swathes of Canada’s agriculture industry?

  3. Curious voter says:

    It’s even shittier than you thought? It is alleged that Frank Iacobucci drafted a confidentiality agreement dealing with Justin Trudeau’s dismissal from WPGA. Does this explain Frank Iacobucci meeting more than 60 times in the PMO, drafting DPA legislation, and Trudeau going to the mat for SNC? Is Trudeau compromised?

  4. Are Liberal desperation addicts also going to attack, their natural ally, Elizabeth May, for being born in the U.S.????? Somehow, I think not.

    How about that Terence?

    • Campbell says:

      Why would they? May doesn’t have a history of criticizing or questioning others for being a dual citizen.

      I’ve seen many of your comments here Ronald, and I’m pretty sure you know the Liberals aren’t attacking Scheer for his dual citizenship , but rather for bei g a hypocrite while calling JT one.

      • Campbell,

        Thanks. It was my impression that it was a combination of both. I stand corrected. (I’m getting too sloppy. Better get it in first gear, with only two weeks + left.)

      • Jim R says:

        AFAIK Scheer did not criticize anyone for being a dual citizen. What he did was ask his constituents if it bothered them that the then GG was a dual citizen.

        If there’s actual information on Scheer directly criticizing someone, it would be useful to hear it.

        As for May, IIRC she’s no longer a US citizen.

        • Fred from BC says:

          ” AFAIK Scheer did not criticize anyone for being a dual citizen. What he did was ask his constituents if it bothered them that the then GG was a dual citizen.”

          That’s right. He asked if it bothered them that she had Canadian-French citizenship, then he asked if it would make any difference if she held Canadian-American citizenship instead (and yes, it would ).

        • Vancouverois says:

          Come on – that’s more than a little disingenuous.

          Just asking the question is a criticism. It implies that there IS something wrong with dual citizenship; otherwise why raise it as an issue?

          Surely you aren’t going to pretend that Scheer asked that question neutrally, expecting that the answer would be no.

  5. Des says:

    Does the dual citizenship stuff move he needle? Stephane Dion (Canada/France) did not renounce (I think) his citizenship but I think he was unelectable in Anglo-Canada (the majority of Canada, I believe) because he had bad English. Michael Ignatieff (Canada/USA) is primarily an Anglophone (not in Quebec’s taste) combined with Jack Layton’s popularity surge. Yes, I’ll be voting for the CPC (my candidate kinda sucks but, hey, I’m a partisan) but just wondering if this stuff really matters?

  6. Derek Pearce says:

    I’m just actually dying laughing about this Seinfeld election. The election about nothing. But how fucking stupid is Scheer to not have seen this? (Yes Trudeau is the worst and dumb and yadda yadda yadda I agree and am not voting for him.) I love the delicious stupidity of this whole campaign. For now, until I wake up and cry the morning after election day. This is actually more of a thing that Cons want it to be.

  7. Chris says:

    The rock band Iron Maiden tours the world, flying their entire arena stage set, musical instruments & amplifiers & speakers, full road crew, technicians, band members and family all on ONE JET.

    Trudeau needs two. Hypocrite.

    Bruce Dickenson, Iron Maiden lead singer, is also the pilot of said jet. He is licenced to fly Boeing 747, 757, and 767 aircraft.

  8. Martin says:

    All the people getting excited about the dual citizenship need to brush up a bit on the rules. It is something you can’t control. It, and the requirement to file US taxes, is something FORCED on you by the US. Many of the people accidentally caught up in this nonsense would be happy to renounce if it was easy thing to do. Some don’t even realize they have a problem. It isn’t easy, especially if you have business interests. One very small example. Pregnant Canadian married to another Canadian crosses the border to go shopping for a couple of hours. Delivers prematurely over there because mother goes into labour. That kid has an obligation to file US taxes for the rest of his or her life. That isn’t really an extreme example but there are many that are actually unbelievable and go to the power of the IRS. Hopefully Scheer is getting good advice from his tax people because renouncing is not easy.


    • The Doctor says:

      You seem to think that we live in a political universe where facts matter. They don’t. Just look at our neighbour to the South.

  9. Bill says:

    OMG!!! The Evil Andrew Scheer!!!

    Liberals have dug up this scandal in Scheer’s past: Scheer was given detention while in grade 5 – he was guilty of sticking gum under his chair – can you imagine the horror!!!

    Meanwhile, Trudeau is generally getting a pass from MSM for blackface, groping, lying, breaking the law, bullying women, hypocrisy….and on and on….

    “A Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian” (Justin Trudeau)

    Trudeau gave dual citizen terrorists and a convicted murderer tens of million of dollar$

    Half of Trudeau’s front bench are immigrants and one with dubious nationality and with ties to anti jewish group.

    Full disclosure: I’m also an immigrant.

    If Trudeau gets re-elected, he’ll undoubtedly be even more emboldened to do whatever he wants. My dear departed Mother always said “Put the Devil on horseback and he’ll ride to hell”……

  10. Max says:

    This is the LPC (and by extension, the MSM) version of the US “birther” conspiracy theory. Imagine, Sheer is not the crackerjack Insurance Broker Canadians thought he was. And he’s American to boot! The horror! White noise. Move on boys and girls. There’s a difference to being hypocritical and being a hypocrite at your core.

    • The Doctor says:

      I’m waiting for the Liberals to dust off their cheesy 1988 “erasing the border” ad. Be very afraid . . .

    • Jim R says:

      I differ in opinion here. Apparently in Saskatchewan one can’t call oneself an insurance broker if one isn’t licensed as one. Scheer would have known this, as he worked in the industry. So, by putting “insurance broker” on his resume, Scheer was at best padding his resume, which isn’t a good look, to say the least, for someone who wants to be PM and is criticizing the current PM for being untrustworthy.

  11. John says:

    I think Rex Murphy has the best story on Trudeau’s two planes, at the National Post website today.

  12. Mezba Mahtab says:

    This guy is a Scheer hypocrite. Which is why he will not be elected PM of Canada, hopefully.
    In a 2005 blog post, Scheer questioned the appointment of Michaëlle Jean to the role of governor general.

    “I have a few quick questions for anyone who thinks that Michaëlle Jean is a good choice to be our next GG [governor general],” he wrote.
    “Does it bother you that she is a dual citizen (France and Canada)? Would it bother you if instead of French citizenship, she held U.S. citizenship?”

    He then stayed silent on the matter of his own dual citizenship repeatedly as his party and former prime minister Stephen Harper attacked both former Liberal leader Stephane Dion and former NDP leader Thomas Mulcair for holding dual Canada-French citizenship.

    • Fred from BC says:

      “He then stayed silent on the matter of his own dual citizenship repeatedly as his party and former prime minister Stephen Harper attacked both former Liberal leader Stephane Dion and former NDP leader Thomas Mulcair for holding dual Canada-French citizenship.”

      Yes, because there is a big difference between France and the United States. We are all but indistinguishable from Americans, that’s how close we are to them. France has nothing in common with us and every reason to support Quebec separation, as well.

      • Canada and France both have universal health care and a strong welfare system. The both spend modesty on the military. France has a much better public transportation system that we she aspire to.

        Of course, it is a matter of opinion on whether thoses are good things or not.

  13. Bill says:

    Apparently in Canada you CAN call yourself the leader of the liberal party and the PM after severe ethical violations, painting your face black, groping a young woman and bullying women. Lying and cheating, flying two airplanes while calling yourself the saviour of the planet.

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