10.15.2019 08:24 AM

One more thing for Trudeau to worry about


  1. A. Voter says:

    The best outcome in this election would be for the Conservatives to be one seat short of a majority and Jody WR elected as an independent.

  2. Peter says:

    This past weekend I was at a family dinner where all was sweetness and light. Then someone mentioned the election and a young woman blurted out “As long as anybody but Scheer wins!”. I decided this couldn’t go unanswered, but I’ve been through enough of these incidents to know that a soft touch and a sense of humour was needed, and so I challenged her lightly with a smile and with all the obligatory disclaimers (“I’m not a party member, I’m not crazy about Scheer, I like Singh, Bernier is disgusting”, etc.). It didn’t really matter, they all went quiet and squirmy and looked like the drunken uncle was telling his old dirty jokes. I find it all great fun, but it would have killed an American party today. The thing that intrigues me is I suspect they would have had a grand old time arguing about whether Trudeau, Singh or May deserved their votes and still remained good friends and potential lovers. But Scheer and the Cons? That’s the dark side.

    I’m retired and old enough not to care much what anyone thinks, but in the workplace or social settings the stakes are higher. So, yes, the syndrome is real and many cons and con-leaners will just keep quiet and put on, in the words or Gilbert and Sullivan, “a smile so bland”. It’s no accident that we are starting to see more and more articles from progressive Americans questioning whether democracy is such a great idea after all.

    • The Doctor says:

      I do notice that in a lot of social interactions this campaign, to the extent that anyone blurts out an actual opinion or preference, that “anybody but Scheer” thing is the most likely sentiment to be expressed. That said, I’m in Vancouver. I’m sure it’s different in Calgary (I was there last month and it was a sea of blue signs).

      That “shy Tory” thing does exist, but it gets overstated by some right-leaning people. For example, Trump supporters down south use it as an excuse to diss any poll result they don’t like. Polling has its challenges these days, but polls by and large are still fairly accurate. And people mischaracterize what polls are and what they’re supposed to be. They’re not meant to be modern-era crystal balls.

  3. Ontario John says:

    So according to Katie Simpson at the CBC this morning, the two most important issues facing Canadians is Scheer’s stand on abortion and gay marriage. Just ignore that those issues were settled by the courts and parliament years ago.

    • Steve T says:

      Yep. If you want to get even more enraged, take a look at CBC’s online stories. Political lobbying disguised as “person on the street” discussions.

      If you target the people on the street that you know will support your viewpoint, it’s easy to concoct a particular narrative.

      My favorite is the recent story, here in Manitoba, that the most pressing issues for Manitobans were indigenous issues, immigration, and agriculture. They came up with this list by… (wait for it…) talking to an indigenous activist, an immigration consultant, and a farmer. Now that is crack journalism!

      • The Doctor says:

        I’ve always been a bit suspicious of the CBC’s “person on the street” political stuff. They seem to dig up an inordinate number of wokebots. I know a lot of people and work at a very large office, and I’m sorry but wokebots do not comprise 95% of the population.

    • The Doctor says:

      It’s a perfect reflection of the general vacuousness of this entire election campaign.

  4. Harry Belafonte says:

    This is true for me I would never put a political sign on my front yard it’s none of your business. I would also not answer a call from a pollster, they’re becoming too partisan like the media.

    Speaking of which it didn’t take long for the Star to pump another possible strike on the front page even though if you read it the votes will take a month to happen. Election in a week so have to get the story out now.

  5. Sean says:

    Anything can happen in a minority and with Trudeau wanting to sit on the fence rather than lead, he’ll soon find out what it’s like to be a hockey puck -slapped about by the Bloc, the Dippers and a few of the others.

    • Full Retired Rambo says:

      My cynical/dark humour side would love too see this outcome if not for the fact he’d actually have to demonstrate real leadership in the midst of a unwieldy hot mess (LPC/Green/NDP/Bloc collation). It may make certain people feel good, however, my practical/boring side believes Canadians require better options that solve real problems which effect us in contrast to appearing to solve problems that may affect us.

  6. Ontario John says:

    What is this story of the Liberals holding a private fundraiser in New York City. And who was there?

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:


      Can’t be. After all Trudeau is against political interference and financing by foreigners in our elections!

  7. Shane says:

    I think Trudeau may also have problems with young voters who are polling Liberal, but not as motivated to show up on voting day as they were in 2015.

  8. Paul says:

    Yes we do

  9. Martin says:

    Told a bunch of leftie USAnian friends after Brexit that the result would bode well for Trump. I was dismissed out of hand.

  10. ktron says:

    Hey Warren,

    Here’s an article I think you’d enjoy. Dealing with the band who released a track titled “Don’t Worry About The Government”, it deals with many of the weird sub-texts that have lead us to our current bi-polarized narcissism. It’s written by someone who can actually write songs, and write articles . . . kinda “Silence of the Lambs” meets “Psycho Killer”


  11. Ontario John says:

    So Groper’s Toronto Star is excited that their hero Justin said he would finance the proposed Ontario line that Doug Ford wants in Toronto. Nothing to do with the election of course. And just ignore that Trudeau was giving Ford a hard time about financing projects in Ontario, including the Ontario line before the election. Remember the rants about not getting proper applications?

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