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Random, contextless links about #elxn43 and #cdnpoli and punk rock

So.  First day of October.  Here’s bits and pieces, this and that:


  1. Bill says:


    While agree that the Conservatives should be 110% in the lead, given the examples you stated. This is no fault of the Conservatives per se – this is the fault of our electorate. Us in other words. It would appear in the words of Donald Trump’s now infamous statement. Trudeau could walk down Young St and shoot someone and his supporters would still vote for him. What would it take to sour Trudeau’s support? The world is going (if not already) mad!

    If Trudeau is re-elected, it means that we have hit a new low when it comes to the morals of the electorate in Canada. The bar was fairly low to start!

    • Peter says:


      Blaming the electorate is on a par with blaming the referee because your team lost the final. Righteous and soothing at times, but in the end always totally irrelevant and forgettable.

      • Bill says:


        I’ll make this simple for you, both relevant and memorable.

        Who votes other than Canadian citizens in a Canadian General Election?

        You get the government you deserve!

    • Bill…

      You should know how CPC turnout is going to eclipse LPC turnout. That’s what we have to keep in mind here. It’s the main point of reference for this election. CPC votes, LPC not so much.

      • Bill says:


        I can only hope you’re correct? However, that would depend on the under 25 vote, that came out in droves in the last election, to vote for legal dope, from the Dope in Chief!

        Luckily, Trudeau is falling from grace – Greta may have done him more harm than good.

      • Douglas W says:

        Ronald, in the 416 + the 905, Liberals do turn out to vote. This is why they’re going to win. They’re going to carry the GTA.

  2. Peter says:

    Many Canadians like to see themselves as worldly and intellectual, especially compared to our neighbours to the south, but this election seems to be a good illustration of how small-minded and parochial we and our political leaders can be. No major discussion about the economy, investment, technology, etc. Deficits and debt are downers, so let’s pretend they don’t matter or even exist. Nothing about foreign policy (and imprisoned Canadians), defence or American relations. No major tax initiatives or concrete social policy proposals from the two major parties. Not a word on immigration, refugees, etc. Nothing on crime and public safety. The provinces must all be happy because nobody is talking about federal-provincial relations. Hey, remember electoral reform? Pharmacare and daycare predictably are dusted off for the election and will no doubt be put back in their boxes when it’s over. Healthcare must be ideal in Canada because nobody thinks it’s worthy of mention.

    Pretty much just an endless succession of unrelated tax credits and giveaways that obviously haven’t been costed, silly tax hikes that won’t raise much (rich peoples’ toys), bromides about climate change and a fixation with the leaders’ personalities and backgrounds. They are all lightweights and I’m starting to grit my teeth when I see their smiling mugs on all the posters. The Americans are proving themselves razor-sharp policy wonks compared to us.

  3. John says:

    So is Groper supposed to be dressed up as an African wearing a kilt in that picture? That is so diverse!

  4. the real Sean says:

    PMJT news conference this morning:

    – all the mayors + all the doctors who appeared on stage want me to do something. I’m going to do something else instead because I don’t understand the topic being discussed and my staff doesn’t care what they think.

    – I will always fight for human rights. Except when it matters, in Quebec because it might tip five seats to the Bloc if I accidentally take a stand on something.

    vote accordingly.

  5. Joe says:

    Justin can’t do arithmetic, how could he teach math?

    Imagine Justin teaching: “Now students. You make $100 a week. Your expenses are $60 a week. How much can you spend on the weekend party? Answer $500. Someone else will pay for it.”

  6. Joe says:

    The poll results describe a small sample of decided voters who are assumed to be telling the truth about their voting intentions.

    I know lots of people who won’t answer polls. Others simply lie to pollsters. Yes my sample size also suffers bias and is small.

    Pollsters never tell you how many they call who don’t answer.

    • Joe,

      That’s precisely why the CPC is really leaps and bounds ahead. Many are not telegraphing their CPC voting intentions.

      • Warren says:

        “Leaps and bounds.”

      • Fred from BC says:

        “That’s precisely why the CPC is really leaps and bounds ahead. Many are not telegraphing their CPC voting intentions.”

        I think you’re right, Ronald….the very same thing seemed to happen with the election of Donald Trump. I wonder if this is a new trend, and can we expect more of this in the future? I’m also noticing a definite decrease in the number of lawn signs in my area (although most of the ones I see are for JWR); are people now afraid of vandalism to their property for displaying the ‘wrong’ sign?

  7. zing says:

    The Cons are narrowly ahead, and they may be more than narrowly ahead in a two weeks if the trends continue.

    “They should be WAY ahead!!” How exactly? Was anyone expecting a Mulroney sea change election with 50% voting Con? Me neither. Trudeau didn’t work out, but there have been Libs who made poorer cases for their election, such as Ignatieff in 2011.

    All to say, I think about a 10% difference in voting intentions between Libs and Cons is about the maximum we should be expecting. Maybe that will come on election night, but for now, it is about 5%. Maybe good enough for majority , maybe not. But I suspect as of now, the cons are in the lead for seats.

    • zing,

      Only told Warren how many seats I think the LPC will get.

    • Fred from BC says:

      “Trudeau didn’t work out, but there have been Libs who made poorer cases for their election, such as Ignatieff in 2011”

      Maybe, but Ignatieff was a blank slate and didn’t have a record of scandal and failure to overcome.

  8. Leo Fleming says:

    It would be nice if Scheer did something other than walk around looking unoffensive and promising billions to everyone. However, based on the number of law signs I’m seeing , nobody is really interested in this election. And perhaps that is the point for the Tories. People who despise Trudeau will come out and vote. Everybody else stays home.

    Apparently 32% of this country backs the Liberals regardless. Just make the election a referendum on Trudeau by virtue of doing nothing. Depress their voters.

  9. Hugh Whalen says:

    He’d probably be much farther ahead if he didn’t suffer from Resting Smirk Face…

  10. Vancouverois says:

    In order to rip Scheer and Trudeau a new one on Bill 21, Singh would have to have a better policy on it than they do.

    He does not.

    • Fred from BC says:

      “In order to rip Scheer and Trudeau a new one on Bill 21, Singh would have to have a better policy on it than they do.”

      I know, right? He presents himself as ‘principled’, but only demonstrates any when it’s convenient for him. Doesn’t help much that most of what he says is meaningless virtue signaling, and the rest is ill-conceived attacks on the perceived enemies of progressiveness.
      Just STOP TALKING, Jagmeet…it’s your best shot at this point.

  11. John says:

    Groper and the unbiased Toronto Star are complaining that Doug Ford is ruining the education of Justin’s children. What, they don’t have blackface painting classes at their school?

  12. Richard Stephen Guyatt P. Eng. says:

    Warren….I agree 100% with your spot on comments about Trudeau Jr., whom most of us know is the brain dead idiot son product of a former “brainy” Prime Minister (supposedly and not Fidel Castro) and his father’s ill conceived marriage to a drug using hippie party girl, also brain dead like her son.

    I cannot understand WHY you still support the LPC today.

    I used to vote for the Libs..Yes I got sucked in too during Trudeau-mania in ’68 like a lot of us did back then. Here was a Quebecker who said he actually was a Federalist who stood for strong Central Gov’t on behalf of all of Canada – not just for Quebec’s interests. Quebeckers were being conned again (yawn) by the separatist sentiment and ploicies during the the chain smoking Rene Leveque, Jacques Parizeau years.
    But after Trudeau’s double talk during the elections, after the 1973 Arab Oil Embargo had fuel prices shooting up into space with supplies rapidly dwindling under very tight control, he conceived the Petro Canada farce for “blended made in Canada” prices. Do you remember the fights between Trudeau and Alberta’s Peter Loughheed?
    Trudeau Sr. won support and we got shafted yet again at the pumps along with uncontrolled inflation and Trudeau Sr’s runaway spending……….. just like his son.
    During this time, I actually made 19% the first year I cashed in a coupon from one of my Canada Savings Bonds!!!! I was one of the lucky ones to be able to lock in a mortgage for 12% back then and to be able to fit it into my Budget at the demise of course of something else in the family budget.
    Lots of people lost their houses under Trudeau because they could not afford to pay the ridiculous mortgage rates in the Trudeau Sr. years.

    A great number of people who remember Trudeau Sr. and the LPC’s policies at the time have commented that Trudeau Jr. is just adding to a fiscal deficit mess he created and is making worse day by day not to mention the interest on the debt to be paid and he is “leading” Canada us to the same policies of socialism and/or communism, the same footsteps that his father started!! And yet. MOST CANADIANS DO NOT WANT ANY PART OF THIS!!!!


    I started voting Conservative (except I didn’t vote for either Mulroney or Kim Campbell, his lackey, who took over the reins after Mulroney sold out Canada’s manufacturing sector et al to the Americans and Mexico). Campbell was annilated along with the PC party in the next election as you will recall. After the Conservatives and Reformers settled their differences Stephen Harper rose up the ranks to leader of the new CPC.

    Stephen Harper, although he didn’t seemingly come across as an individual well, at least in some people’s opinions, was probably the best Prime Minister this Canada has had in a very long time, if not since Confederation. He was a shrewd economist during the time of the worlds’ financial crises including the States under Obama. He kept spending under control much to Liberals chagrin, during this world period of doubt and kept Canada’s Budget situation in extremely healthy condition despite the rest of the worlds’ fiscal problems.
    So then so called “progressives” and some very stupid Canadians out there voted in the Elistist spoiled little rich kid sockboy, selfie crazed, me first idiot, who blows Canadas’ good name in the world and Canada’s fiscal stability, along with breaking virtually ALL of his 2015 promises in his first 4 year term!!!!!
    God (all religions that believe in one and others who believe in something or someone else) help Canada and Canadians from the Liberals.

    So Warren, tell me why you are still a Liberal in this day and age?

    Do you really believe that the “Elitist,
    rich people who are in the LPC should come first and the rest of the country can “Just eat Cake”.

    Should Liberals be running Canada Federally along with all their lap dog bureaucrats in power positions within the numerous departments in the Federal Gov’t? I think NOT as all of the various Provincial Elections voting for Conservative gov’t. has shown this year. C’mon Warren….perhaps it’s time YOU gave your head a shake or two, and come on over to the “FORCE” and leave the “Dark Side” to fall apart into history on its own.

    Sorry Warren, its still supposed to be a free country with free speech but I cannot understand WHY you still stand with Liberals!!

    • Warren says:

      I don’t support any political party. Anyone who reads me knows that.

    • Robert White says:

      If you honestly believe that Warren supports the LPC you have reading comprehension problems, P. Eng guy.

      Warren supports Punk Rock parties as long as he gets to play bass, and the gig ends before 9:00pm so he can get home to watch the news at 10:00pm before lights out.


  13. MikeTO says:

    My children can’t afford secondary education without going into serious debt, will never be able to afford a house in ANY one of Canada’s cities nevermind Toronto where they grew up and most politicians seem fine to let the corps and banks pillage people and planet. Politics in Canada has nothing for me.

    • Joe says:

      But Trudeau will see that your children get camping skills… so they’ll be able to live in tents.

      Don’t worry about electricity, it won’t be running after dark.

  14. Roger B says:

    Not sure about where Andrew Scheer should be in the polls but Justin Trudeau sure shouldn’t be above 30%. Surely NDP or Greens would be preferable to his performance, which is neither competent nor moral. Who are these 1/3 of Canadians who still support Trudeau?

    • Fred from BC says:

      “Who are these 1/3 of Canadians who still support Trudeau?”

      I don’t know, but I’m pretty sure they aren’t happy about doing so. I’ve never seen so few lawns signs as I have this time. The people who are voting Liberal are probably doing it to keep the Conservatives from winning. The Conservative voters are likely feeling just as uninspired by Scheer as I am, but will vote Conservative just to defeat Trudeau (who, let’s face it, is just becoming more and more of an embarrassment the longer he remains as leader).

      I’m lucky this time that I can vote for JWR (who is poised to win) and not be forced to support someone who doesn’t deserve my vote.

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