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No Globe story coming, notwithstanding the grilling their reporter gave Trudeau on Friday afternoon about his past.


  1. John Smith says:

    There is this, Warren, however!


    • the real Sean says:

      what is this? can’t make it out…

      • Warren says:

        Sounds like a member of the Liberal caucus saying that Trudeau referred to Singh as Marge Simpson.

        • Ian says:

          if I heard correctly, the person said it three times I. This recording.

        • Pedant says:


          I can believe it, but unless there is corroborating evidence of Trudeau saying it, it’s a non-story. He will simply deny it, and without evidence one has to take him at his word.

          • joe says:

            “one has to take him at his word?” You must be joking!

            Remember this?
            Trudeau said during the Globe and Mail’s televised leaders’ debate on the economy in 2015: “I am looking straight at Canadians and being honest the way I always have. We’ve said we are committed to balanced budgets and we are. We will balance that budget in 2019.”

            Justin Trudeau lies. He’s unethical.

            He’s like a little child who learned he could lie his way out of trouble.

            He has a sense of unbridled entitlement (two planes, unethical vacations, two nannies, etc.) and when called to account, just says sorry, and moves on to continue his lies and egregious behaviour.

          • Pedant says:

            You’re comparing election promises to an anecdote about Trudeau allegedly making an offensive comment?

            The rest of your comment is irrelevant. Of course Trudeau is an entitled child, duh. Has no bearing on whether the media should bother reporting on an alleged offensive slur without evidence to corroborate it.

    • Dom Deluce says:

      My false name is Dom Deluce, at IP and Opusdei@gmail.com. I’m into little kids and I live near Dieppe, N.B.

  2. John says:

    Doesn’t matter. Teflon Groper could molest a woman in downtown Toronto wearing blackface and singing Da Oh, and the media would make excuses for him. And people would still say he is so cute and wonderful. Then blame Doug Ford.

    • Derek Pearce says:

      I think you mean opinion columnists would make excuses for him. I’m sick of “the media” being portrayed as evil. Reporters report facts– separate them from columnists who express their opinions. Modern society has become media illiterate and can’t distinguish between these things.

      • J.H. says:

        Ok. But how many times have you heard Evan Dyer and Katie Simpson for instance express their opinions while covering the campaign. It’s not only them, but they are the most obvious since we see them every day on TV. It’s one of the reasons for less and less trust of the media all the time.
        Be glad to supply lots of direct quotes if you give me a place to send them, other than filling pages here.

        • Derek Pearce says:

          Evan Dyer I’m afraid I don’t recognize the name. Katie Simpson I can’t think of any time she expressed an opinion. Perhaps I’m blind to this? When has she editorialized?

      • Joe says:

        Reporters report facts?

        Today’s reporters tend to provide sound bites or notable quotes. They are predominately in the entertainment business.

  3. whyshouldIsellyourwheat says:

    The fixer(s) got to the victim/accuser, and made an offer they could not refuse?

    There are not called fixers for nothing.

  4. Joe says:

    Well Nixon found out that the cover up was more costly than the original event.

    • David Murrell says:

      Joe, yes but that was then, and Trudeau’s coverup is now. Our media cartel are not that all concerned about the Liberal coverup. Unfortunately.

  5. Barry says:

    Where are the media when it comes to digging into Trudeau’s past? They’re laying down on the job. Covering up for him while trashing Scheer. The media is in Trudeau’s pocket and helping his election instead of holding him accountable.

  6. Kevin T. says:

    I’m just wondering what Eva Nassif said to get kicked out, must’ve been so much worse than Battiste ore Hehr. She must’ve said something extremely vile and unforgivable. That or Trudeau is as fake a feminist as he is a decent human being.

  7. David says:

    I’m confused… your comment about a big story was based on that question from a reporter?

  8. Herb says:

    Two possibilities:

    1. G&M is affiliated with LPC in some way and feel the need to as permission from Butts to publish a story. Butts wouldn’t let them.

    2. Supposedly they had a copy of the NDA but were having difficulty in getting the former student to cooperate. It’s possible that the Liberals paid her off.

    3. They are holding on to it for later.

    I would love it if someone could name me just one media outlet in this country that doesn’t act as a subsidiary to Gerry Butts’s twitter account. Just one.

    • Jason Craig says:

      You’re perhaps forgetting that G&M / Robert Fife broke the LavScam story.

      • Tod Cowen says:

        “Broke”? Although I have zero specific knowledge, it looked to me like the reportorial technique used was more like “answering the phone when someone called with a really good story.” The Globe’s follow-up was solid after that.

        That aside, this “injunction” story seems more InfoWars than G&M. Does anyone really believe that a sitting PM can stop a media major outlet from reporting a story of that magnitude via an appeal to the courts, without there being on-the-record confirmation?

        • William says:

          The problem with the injunction angle is whether there was a super-injunction which prevents the knowledge about not only the original information from being released, but also whether there is even an injunction ostensibly since the mere knowledge of an injunction would be as damaging as the information itself. One has to wonder what judge in his/her right mind would think that the potential damage to Trudeau’s reputation would surmount the public’s right to know about Trudeau’s character to warrant such an injunction.

    • Gord P says:

      The Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Global and the majority of newspapers are Unifor shops. Gerry Dias, now the most powerful Canadian, will not permit a CPC victory. It’s as simple as that

  9. Derek Pearce says:

    I’m sure in the next two weeks there will still be a confirmed story published. Unless the Libs have bought off every victim of his behaviour, which is not the media’s fault. I think someone will have enough fortitude to go public though.

  10. Christian says:

    Bottom line is that the Conservatives need a better leader. Blandy, is slippery and has divided loyalties (sorry, you can’t be PM of one country while declaring allegiance to another, I’m n total agreement with Andrew Coyne on this – and Scheer had had plenty of time to fix this issue but he was too busy attacking others for their duel citizenship).

    I will also say that ALL the parties need better leaders. Hypocrites, racists and climate change deniers need not apply.

    • sj. says:

      You do realize he is an American Citizen because that is where His DAD was born, right? He did not pursue to become an American Citizen. He was born in Ottawa to an American Citizen, therefore has
      Dual Citizenship.

      • Aurelia says:

        He filed for citizenship and a US passport. It’s not automatic based on US parentage, it requires an action, and to stop being a US citizen, he needs to file formal renunciation papers.

      • Dawn Mills says:

        My dad was born in Detroit. I don’t have had American citizenship as I was born at good ol’ Wellesley Hospital.

        Scheer didn’t automatically get to be a US citizen because of his father…his parents had to do the paperwork. Fortunately my parents didn’t bother.

        • Ian says:

          You are in fact incorrect, and would face years of backtax penalties if the IRS ever connected the dots. The fact that a Notice of Birth Abroad was never filed means they don’t have a clear path to do that, but the US citizenship law is grotesquely unfair, and has imposed US citizenship on thousands of Canadians who want nothing to do with it.

          • Dawn Mills says:

            Nope. I checked years ago with the US Consulate in Calgary and was informed that I would have had to file paperwork before I was 18 to take up American citizenship. I didn’t so I am not.
            My father was quite diligent about citizenship matters as well and took legal advice to insure his children didn’t have to march to the IRS drummer.
            My sister in law was not so fortunate and has had to pay thousands in back taxes.

    • Pedant says:

      I think the Conservatives were headed for a minority win until the dual citizenship story broke. I agree it is damaging, probably fatally. It looks slimy that he waited until he was consistently ahead in the polls to begin the process of renouncing his US citizenship.

      I now think it will be a Liberal minority propped up by the NDP, which will translate to a very stormy period ahead of us. Not only will Canada almost certainly fall into recession during the next mandate, but the likely cancellation of the pipeline will be like rocket fuel to Alberta separatism. Expect the brain drain out of Canada to reach the levels of the late-90s.

      • No one with a brain is going to move to the US with Trump in charge.

        • Pedant says:

          LOL Oh Darwin. Most people care about money and cost of living and opportunities for themselves and their families. They don’t give a rat’s behind who the current president happens to be. Leftist activitsts actually believe everyone thinks like they do. Trudeau has systematically removed benefits from the middle class in order to load up even more goodies on the “poor” (not really poor…) who pay zilch in tax but, surprise surprise, vote Liberal in large numbers. This will only increase in a Liberal-NDP coalition; Singh now wants the middle class to pay for the lower class’s dental cleanings! If you think talented, educated people in Canada will sit idly as their taxes continue to increase to support society’s dead wood, you are in for a surprise.

  11. Grant Bowen says:

    I’m into little kids.

  12. Harry Belafonte says:

    The only thing Twitter seems to have taught me is that those on the far left are some of the most vile people in the country. That 2/3 of the country and the msm seem to be with them is really disheartening.

  13. Pedant says:

    I’m still waiting someone in the media, ANYONE, to ask Trudeau if he is still personally opposed to abortion, as he said he was in 2011. I don’t expect much from the CBC or the Star, but it does surprise me that nobody from the Post or Sun has mentioned it given the grilling dished out to Scheer on the issue.

    • Michelle says:

      Trudeau has been clear that he personally opposes abortion. I have never heard or read anything contrary to that position. The difference between Trudeau and Sheer is that one has been clear that he also believes in a woman’s inalienable right to autonomy over her body and one has not. Sheer is not direct and straightforward in answering whether he supports a woman’s right to choose. As a woman, well past childbearing years, that’s problematic for me.

      • Pedant says:

        He’s said he won’t reopen the debate. I’m not sure what you expect him to say? Does he have bring out the pompoms for post-birth “abortion” like the Virginia governor? I have a problem with leftists trying to force everyone else to love abortion as much as they do.

  14. John says:

    After flying into Belleville with his two jets yesterday, Groper is spending time today with Ontario teachers ranting about Doug Ford. Just ignore that education is a provincial responsibility. And feminist Trudeau’s loyal media is finally asking why he hasn’t dropped his candidate for making sexist remarks in the past. The National Post also reports that a second cabinet minister has attended communist party celebrations for China.

  15. Joseph says:

    Warren did you know for a fact there was a story? Is it “no story coming” i.e. coverup, or “no story coming” i.e. nothing burger?

  16. Tom Joad says:

    Perhaps at some point we could discuss the issues … You know, climate crisis, massive debt, housing shortages, immigration levels, electoral reform, etc.?

    • Joe says:

      Climate crisis? There is none. Otherwise two jets Trudeau wouldn’t fly to much warmer places to vacation.

      Massive debt? Trudeau the spender doesn’t think it is a problem.

      Housing shortage? Well after Trudeau replaces 24 Sussex Drive, he does need a palace fit for His Entitlement, he’ll use a massive increase in the carbon tax to finance shoe box carbon neutral buildings for the peons er middle class.

      Immigration levels? Trudeau wants lots more immigration.

      Electoral reform? Why? Do you want Justin in power forever? We’ll get electoral reform only after Justin figures out how to get enough support for a weighted ballot; first choice, second choice, etc. All designed to keep the Liberals in power

  17. Bill says:

    Trudeau himself told Don Martin (CTV) that he had “too many secrets to be PM” while he was sitting on the back bench. An open invitation for the media to dig it up, wouldn’t you think? They couldn’t find a photograph in a year book – why? Or report Trudeau’s friend and roommate who was found guilty of distributing child pornography and pedophilia. Both of them roamed the halls of West Point Grey private school in BC.

  18. John says:

    So instead of asking Scheer about his announcement this morning, Groper’s Unifor journalists asked Father Scheer a number of questions on why he met with a Catholic organization and is he a member. So glad reporters are asking questions important to Canadians. Maybe they can make a Tom Hanks movie out of it. Nothing would surprise me in this stupid election.

    • Bill says:


      I’m surprised there’s still as many people who would vote for him. Low information and/or low morals knows no bounds it would seem.

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