10.17.2019 03:57 PM

Vote now in the Daisy Group election pool!

Aaaaand all the ⁦Daisy Group folks have all voted. Have you?

Post your prediction in comments now, so we can all be wrong together! (Whoever is closest to the final tally will get ⁦signed copies of my⁩ books!)


  1. WestGuy says:

    I always enjoy renting a pizza and settling in to watch election night coverage.
    Libs 137
    CPC 149
    NDP 18
    Green 2
    Bloc 30
    PPC 1
    Ind 1

  2. Gilbert says:

    Here’s my prediction: Con 163, Lib 111, Bloc 34, N 24, G 4, Ind 1, PPC 1.

  3. Pedant says:

    Lib 146
    CPC 131
    Bloc 33
    NDP 25
    Green 2
    PPC 1

    Sadly I don’t think Jody or Jane will win their seats, much as I’d like them to. I also think the Greens peaked way too soon and will only hold the two seats on Vancouver Island that they already have. Disappointing night for the Greens who seemed poised to win 8-10 seats a month ago.

    • Vancouverois says:

      May’s foolish attempt to justify separatist Pierre Nantel didn’t help. She deserves to lose.

      • Ronald O'Dowd says:


        I take it you mean in her riding?

        As far as I’m concerned, it’s nothing more than water off a duck’s back. Don’t sweat the small separatist stuff. Save your fury for either the third Quebec referendum, or Alberta’s first, cause BOTH are coming.

  4. Based on a CBC poll tracker prediction from a couple days ago:

    Liberal 134
    Conservative 134
    NDP 33
    Bloc 33
    Green 4

    I got a signed copy of one of James Bow’s books through his pool during the Orange Crush election. Still waiting for him to become world famous so I can sell it and retire.

    I’ll also take Oct 22 on the Trudeau resignation pool.

    • Walter says:

      How do you expect Trudeau to resign when he maintains his job as PM?
      The only way to get Trudeau out is to have a CPC gov’t.

      • A Liberal Prime Minister doesn’t have to be Trudeau. They have no reason to keep him as leader.

        • Walter says:

          Would the Liberals not have a constitution and rules related to ditching leaders?
          or is that another one of those rules that don’t apply to Liberals.

          • Ronald O'Dowd says:


            All parties have leadership review mechanisms but all it would take is a verbal expression of non-confidence in the leader right after an election loss.

            Point is, in the Liberals’ case, they quite likely don’t even have the balls to do that, even if Scheer gets a majority.

        • Ronald O'Dowd says:


          That is, if there’s still a Liberal Prime Minister. Maybe Scheer can build on a minority win, just like Harper did and maybe not. They need at minimum, in that context, to set the NDP and BQ dials at neutral. That can be done if played right, both can be turned agnostic toward a Scheer minority. Not so for the GP. (Remember when Michael said Canadians didn’t want another election right away and so…)

  5. Gord says:

    CPC 138
    LPC 132
    NDP 33
    BQ 30
    Green 3
    PPC 1
    Ind 1

    In short – an unholy mess, with no clear path to cobble together the magic 170 votes short of some “rainbow coalition” of everyone except the CPC and Mad Max.

  6. Phil says:

    Liars 135
    Cons 135
    Separatists 33
    Communist 34
    Independent 1

  7. Max says:

    Ok Warren. First thing is I’d fire you ’cause you’re short 2 seats. I’d take you back, but only as an unpaid volunteer because I admire your ruthless, take-no-prisoners approach. My prediction:
    CPC 150
    LPC 13o
    BQ 28
    NDP 28
    Gr 2
    Inp 0

    What say yea?

  8. CPC: 175

    LPC: 72

    NDP: 50

    BQ: 35

    GPC: 4

    IND: 2

  9. JIM Johnson says:

    Here is my prediction

    Conservatives 138
    Liberals 126
    NDP 33
    Bloc 37
    Green 3
    Ind 1

  10. PoliticallyCorrected says:

    LPC 106
    CPC 156
    NDP 32
    BQ 37
    IND 2
    PPC 1

  11. Geoff says:

    Here are my predictions.
    Con 180
    Lib 97
    NDP 34
    Green 1
    BQ 25
    Ind 1

  12. Doug says:

    Both the Liberals and Conservatives will be in the 120 to 140 range. Probably another election in early 2021 with most of the parties under new leadership. Surprisingly Singh is the most likely to survive. Biggest prediction of all: a round of Constitutional battles not seen since the early 90’s as TMX will stall out again, nothing will be done to adjust the equalization formula and Quebec will be emboldened by weak federal leadership. The Conservatives will have learned the lesson thar nice doesn’t win and choose a new leader accordingly. It will be too soon for Jason Kenney to make the leap. Peter MacKay was unimpressive in Cabinet. Brad Wall would absolutely be the best leader but sadly the Laurentian Elite has built the narrative that a PM must speak both languages, in effect cementing its stranglehold. The new leader will be a dark horse.

    • Doug,

      While I don’t necessarily agree, any serious politician who aspires to fill the highest political position in the land is already bright enough to do what it takes to become as rapidly as possible functionally bilingual. Harper, Day, Scheer, Kenney, MacKay, Ambrose and others have already done so…what’s Wall’s excuse?

      • Doug says:

        The Conservative party will always be challenged to find a strong leader who also speaks both languages:
        -French is uncommonly spoken outside of QC and parts of ON and NB
        -people with private sector experience are less likely to know French than those you have worked in government
        -people with business and STEM backgrounds are less likely to know French
        -people who lean right of center are less likely to know French

        • Ronald O'Dowd says:


          In the end it’s about proactive action after entering federal politics. Here’s another thing that gets my goat: a smart leader would automatically choose to run his or her office, as much as possible, in French to create a natural éponge environment but you don’t see Scheer, Singh or May doing that…

          And Trudeau should be running his PMO in French. I just cringe when I hear his spoken French errors. My French is Justin-Calibre but I’m not the goddamned PM.

    • Gord says:

      Cutthroat? Bilingual? Dark horse?
      Pierre Poilievre, come on down!

      In all seriousness, they’d be stupid not to pick Michelle Rempel or Lisa Raitt. Everyone thinks Rona is waiting in the wings but she’s a bit of a lightweight. If they’re hell-bent on picking a male, Erin O’Toole would be a safe choice. Maybe James Moore could be enticed back out of retirement?

      • Ronald O'Dowd says:


        A wee bit premature wouldn’t you say to be already writing Scheer’s political obituary?

        • Gord says:

          I can’t see Scheer forming a stable government. Even if he gets the call from the GG, I foresee a re-run of Joe Clark, except the Liberals dump their leader for someone else before the next election.

          The Liberals are a trainwreck. It’s quite possible that we will re-elect a prime minister who can’t remember how many times he wore blackface. The fact that Scheer is not running away with this election is a pretty damning indictment of his electability, if you ask me. Not to mention Hamish Marshall is no Doug Finley.

          • Ronald O'Dowd says:


            Yeah but even with Finley, it still took three kicks at the can to get that majority.

    • The Doctor says:

      Rona Ambrose please!

    • Chris says:

      What’s Bernard Lord up to these days?

      • Ronald O'Dowd says:


        Didn’t work out too well last time when two certain Conservatives were hoping to replace Harper with Lord. Somebody did a lot of crying leaving a PMO meeting. If you’re nodding, you’re already in the know. Congrats!

  13. Douglas W says:

    Liberals: 135
    Conservatives: 133
    New Democrats: 34
    BQ: 34
    Greens: 1
    Independent: 1 (JW-R)

  14. Craig Williams says:

    CPC: 154
    LPC: 100
    NDP: 38
    BQ : 38
    GPC: 3
    PPC: 3
    Ind: 2

  15. Robert White says:


  16. Dawn Mills says:

    Cons 166
    Libs 120
    NDP 22
    BQ 23
    G 4
    I 3

  17. Dork in East York says:

    Tom’s been drinking the kool…urgh.. kambucha.

  18. A. Voter says:

    DART has the Conservatives leading in Ontario and running third in Atlantic Canada. Angus-Reid has the Conservatives leading in Atlantic Canada as of Oct. 15. Which polling firm had the best results in 2015?

  19. RH says:

    Green ..2
    NDP …21

  20. Gord says:

    The final polls from Nanos and Forum were pretty close to the final result. EKOS got the CPC and NDP vote right but (surprisingly) low-balled the Grits by almost 4%. Ipsos overstated the NDP vote.

    I generally trust Nanos the most, as they are (I believe) the only firm that does daily rolling polls, and they seem to be the best at picking up last minute swings (in both 2006 and 2015, they captured signifcant movement in the final days from the NDP to the Grits).

  21. Tod Cowen says:

    Cons 140
    Grits 125
    Bloc 40
    Dippers 28
    Green 4
    Ind (JWR) 1
    PPC 0

    Shy Tories and shy Trudeau-phobes push the race towards the CPC. Bloc gains at the expense of the Grits and Dippers. Small Green wave in BC yields 4 seats, and the anti-JT trend comes out for JWR. And Rick Perkins picks up South Shore–St Margarets for the Tories.

    The numbers for the Grits and Dippers are too low for a coalition, even with the Greens. JT tries to hold on, but loses a confidence vote on the Queen’s speech. Scheer takes a whack at governing, but won’t get any Dipper or Green support, and he doesn’t do the right deal with the Bloc.

    So, a winter election coming up?

    • Walter says:

      If Trudeau is kicked out and gets investigated – he will be charged and eventually found guilty of Obstruction of Justice – thus, he will want to retain power.
      NDP and Bloc have the most influence on a Liberal gov’t in a weak minority situation – they will not want to upset the applecart.
      If Trudeau is removed as Liberal leader, NDP and Bloc would fear that the replacement will be better and they would lose their power as the Liberals move towards a majority, or the replacement will be worse** and then the CPC will move to a majority. Thus, the minor parties must prop up the Liberals and insist that Trudeau stay in power long enough to ensure that he destroys the country enough so that the NDP (or Green) become the progressive alternative.
      With any type of minority, Scheer cannot step down for an election could be imminent at any time.

      Thus, this election (as projected) ensures that there will be no change in any party leadership and Canada will accelerate towards self destruction.

      ** – although nobody can be worse than Trudeau, I suspect that the new leaders hair may not be as good – resulting in all Liberals who vote based on looks to abandon the new leader.

  22. Johnny One says:

    Cons 169
    Libs 118
    NDP 16
    BQ 32
    G 2
    I 1

  23. Paige says:

    Last time I publicly made an election prediction I was working for a national Port Authority. I predicted the rise of the Reformers to within 2 seats. Embarassed the hell out of the career civil servant types. Almost got me fired . Now I’m retired so no fear…here goes:
    CPC: 168
    LPC: 108
    NDP: 26
    BQ : 32
    GPC: 2
    PPC: 1
    Ind: 1

  24. brahmabull says:

    Predict – Jason Kenney to be the David Cameron of Alberta after allowing a Leave Canada referendum next year, Westexit, but campaigning (and losing) for the Remain side. This after Trudeau strikes an alliance with the NDP and Greens to govern instead of the CPC which would have the plurality, killing all pipeline projects.

    Finally, we can break up this farce of a country and all its regional enmity.

  25. The Doctor says:

    I won’t do specific numbers, but as much as I dislike him, I think JT will still be PM once it’s all said and done. What nags at me are those Ontario numbers for Scheer, which are lousy last time I checked. And he’s sucking wind in Quebec too. Maybe we’re in a new world here, but since when did anyone win a plurality or majority of seats when they lost both in Quebec and Ontario?

    That said, I suck at election predictions. See 2016.

    • Warren says:

      No, you are right. Scheer’s talk about winning has spooked some progressives, and the impact is being felt in Ontario. He is falling behind in Ontario.

      • Vancouverois says:

        It was extraordinarily foolish of him.

        You’d think he’d remember how the same thing happened with Harper back in the day when he also started speculating that they’d get a majority, but no. Some people never learn.

        • Ronald O'Dowd says:


          Conservatives, as a rule, have an unnatural affinity with bravado and bluster. Some people just can’t help themselves, it’s in their political DNA…

    • MF says:

      2006, 1962.

  26. CPC 146
    LPC 136
    NDP 21
    BQ 29
    Green 3
    PPC 0
    Ind 1

  27. A. Voter says:

    My prediction based on reported advance poll turn-out and organization + money.
    Lib 140
    Con 130
    NDP 29
    Grn 3
    PPC 1
    Ind 1
    BQ 34

    My prediction based on seat projection sites and thing going well for the opposition parties
    Lib 121
    Con 139
    NDP 37
    Grn 3
    PPC 1
    Ind 1
    BQ 36

  28. Chris says:

    CPC 164
    Lib 85
    NDP 42
    Bloc Q 42
    Green 3
    PPC (Max) 1
    Ind (JWR) 1
    Conservative support under-reported in polling. Max’s 2.3% national numbers enough to prevent CPC majority. Major civil-war battle amongst Liberal insiders as to Trudeau’s survival. Blocked highways, railroads, and pipelines on BC-Alta border if Trudeau stays.

  29. the real Sean says:

    I won’t be able to make up my mind until Blanchet debates Bernier over the Canada Food Guide in a live televised debate.

    Also I think we are in for a King / Byng affair type debacle starting Tuesday morning.

  30. zing says:

    I think Warren has it nailed.

  31. N.A. Boily says:

    Cons: 130
    Libs: 132
    NDP: 36
    Bloc: 34
    Greens: 4
    PPC: 1
    Ind: 1

  32. Andrew Kulin says:

    LPC – 121
    CPC – 142
    NDP – 33
    GPC – 3
    BQ – 38
    PPC – 0
    IND – 1

  33. joe says:

    Conservatives 173
    Liberals 101
    BQ 38
    NDP 23
    Green 2
    PPC 1

  34. Leo Fleming says:

    i don’t believe any of the polls
    cons – 149
    libs – 126
    ndp – 42
    ind – 2
    green – 2
    bloc – the rest

  35. lyn says:

    Cons -185
    Lib – 106
    NDP – 20
    Green – 2
    Bloc – 20
    PPC – 1
    IND – 2

  36. Vancouverois says:

    Oh goody – a Conservative-Bloc coalition.

    Can’t wait. >_<

  37. Elizabeth B says:

    Libs 137
    Con 135
    NDP 28
    Green 5
    Bloc 31
    PPC 1
    Ind 1

  38. Cany Scott says:

    CPC: 173
    LPC: 82
    NDP: 38
    Bloc: 40
    Greens: 2
    Independents: 2
    PP: 1

  39. Gord says:

    I think Scheer has blown it in Ontario – the polls are moving the wrong direction there. At this point, the Tories have to hope the polls are wrong. The Grits will likely be able to carry on with NDP support – the question is whether Singh demands a full coalition government or just a confidence and supply arrangement. In either case, get ready for a round of Western alienation not seen since the early 1980s.

  40. Mark says:

    Liberal 139
    Conservative 128
    NDP 33
    Bloc 33
    Green 3
    PPC 1
    Ind 1

  41. Hugh says:

    There is only one prediction of which I feel confident,
    Independent: 2
    Remaining seats: Squirrel!

  42. Martin says:

    NDP jumped overnight. Will hurt liberals

    CPC: 139,
    JT: 132,
    NDP: 24,
    BLOC: 42,
    GRN: 1

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