10.29.2019 06:21 AM

We get letters: a Winnipeg fan writes in


  1. Peter says:

    Ah, yet another dispersal of information through the miracle of social media.

    • Pipes says:

      Sounds like a threat to me. How about handing to the cops. Looks like he is easy to find and then if he/she is charged they will need a $500 per hour lawyer…….

      Then we can pray for this miserable low life

      • Brian says:

        Legally speaking, making wishes like this, while in horribly bad taste, aren’t, I believe illegal. If someone wishes publicly that Donald Trump didn’t exist, some would not only condone it but many might cheer such a statement on. “Wishes, after all, aren’t illegal and I’m not condoning the words but I do think that “Loose Nut Liam” chose his words very, very carefully to avoid impeaching his character.

  2. Sean says:

    This proves that the ghost of Hitler has found sanctuary in the mind of an imbecile.

  3. Ron Benn says:

    What does his mother think of his outburst? Will she put him in the time out chair until he cools down?

  4. Annette says:

    I wonder what the real Liam Halligan would think? Telegraph jorno.

  5. Dawn Mills says:

    We need to build homes in Canada without basements so these folks can get some fresh air.

  6. Michael B says:

    Well, I live in Winnipeg and really enjoy reading your opinion pieces and hope you continue to write them.

    Thank you, Michael

  7. Normally, guts is said to have a natural affinity with smarts.

  8. Al Price says:

    No worries, scratch one less Christmas card of your list..

  9. the real Sean says:

    good luck handing out resumes after that.

  10. Brian says:

    Correction… His character is obviously impeached… I don’t understand how it is that people don’t understand how stupid it is to brain dump on social media.

  11. Ed Brooks says:

    Twitter and Facebook will destroy civilization long before Warren destroys democracy

  12. Robert White says:

    Methinks this is an Irish guy looking for potential donnybrook combatants that are also Irish, eh.

    Who in their right mind would pick a fight with an Canadian Irish lawyer that likes to fight too? Only another Canadian Irish guy would send a note like that to a lawyer.

    Gotta love the Irish fighters IMHO.


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