11.15.2019 10:45 AM

Wolf trap


  1. I think you have to factor in the kind of dissent before making a blanket statement — George Conway’s dissent has been about as Uber Public as you can get. He goes out of his way to get under Trump’s skin.

    It’s not like his dissent has been private and generally off the record. I would agree if his dissent was private — even if widespread — but the extent of his public pronouncements makes this fair game IMHO.

    • The Doctor says:

      Good point. George Conway has been about as public as you can possibly get with his dissent.

      It’s also par for the course for the Trump White House — claim victimhood at any and every opportunity. Goes hand in hand with the pathological narcissism (which is George Conway’s main point about Trump, interestingly).

  2. Hobbes1970 says:

    I agree. Would Wolf ever say the same line to George Conway?

  3. Mike Jeffries says:

    It is disgusting. But that’s what CNN is! Who would waste a minute of a good day to watch that soap?

  4. Eastern Rebellion says:

    It was off-side, plain and simple.

    • Fred from BC says:

      “It was off-side, plain and simple.”

      It absolutely was (at least to anyone who doesn’t suffer from a bad case of TDS). Sexist and wrong, as noted above….but at least she slapped him down immediately and hard enough to embarrass him.

  5. Pedro says:

    Glad you pointed this out. The fact that this kind of thing, across all media types – i.e. print headlines, TV interviews and stories – of attaching basically non sequitur yet emotion yanking tid-bits, particularly to right of centre interviewees and commenters, has been going on for years, needs to be pointed out IMMEDIATELY as they happen.

  6. Peter says:

    Good for Kelly, although her calling-out was pretty garbled. I was amused by Wolf’s efforts at “how-dare-you” indignation. Do you know who I am?, etc. But then I thought, what’s the poor man to do? There’s hardly anybody else who CNN has ever been able to find to criticize Trump.

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